Sunday, December 25, 2011

Hats That Celebrate!

The San Francisco Zoo Management may have taken away my Membership, accusing me (and my friend) of untrue actions, spread those untruths in a way that some Zoo staffers treat us like we are public enemy number one, and try to make us feel like we aren't welcome there, BUT we remain the same people we have always been.  We care about the Animals who call the Zoo home and regardless of the prior mentioned, we will always be there to visit them.  One keeper told me I was "Goober's enrichment."   THAT was one of the greatest things anyone has ever said to me.

While watching the Royal Wedding of Prince William, I was taken by the sensation surrounding the topper that is, the Fascinator!   In case you aren't hip to it, the Fascinator is a small head piece that seems to be a must at social events.   Being crafty, I said to myself, "I want to make one!"  This was April, I thought it might be for next years annual Deyoung Museum event Bouquets to Art, where floral artists arrange displays inspired by certain art pieces on display at the museum.   That quickly changed when I realized my Zoo friend Ming Wah, the Snow Leopard was having her birthday in a few weeks.   

From then on making a Fascinator that reflected honoring my Zoo friends in some way, became a weekly event.   It has been great fun, thinking up themes and designs and creating mini art pieces to wear on my visits.  I think its festive and I feel good that I'm doing something to celebrate these precious Animals.

This will be an ongoing post updated with each week with a photo of Fascinating Me!   

For Ming Wah's Birthday, I celebrated both Snow Leopards, Ming and Rigel!

Hat for the Cause THAT is Project Get Wishbone Grass!

In celebration of Shastyuh (new Siberian Tiger) being out of quarantine!

Celebrating June Birthdays, Sukari (Lion), Orkney (Grey Seal), and Goldfish (Fishing Cat)! 

Celebrating  Amanzi and Sukari!  I had recently discovered via my own research they were Sisters!

Celebrating Mishaki (Black Rhino), Leanne (Sumatran Tiger) and Cobbby (Chimpanzee) Birthdays!

In celebration of July Birthdays of Jonesy (Gorilla) and Shastyuh (Siberian Tiger)!

Celebrating my fellow Leo's!  Pokemon (Blackbuck), Shastyuh (Siberian Tiger), Goober (Bairds Tapir),
Jonesy (Gorilla) and Busby (Giant Eland)!

For my Goob's Birthday!  Goober's bday is the day after mine!

Celebrating Gorilla Birthdays, Zura and Nneka!

In celebration of our Seal friends,  Silent Knight, Orkney, and Henry!

Still feeling the theme of the Sea a week later :)

First of my Halloween themed toppers :)

If we had Bats I'd be celebrating them, but I'm just plain celebrating!

For Wishbones's (Andean Bear) Birthday!  

Still working the Halloween theme!  

A little Fall festiveness :)

For Padang's (Sumatran Tiger) Birthday!

For Pike's (Polar Bear) Birthday!

In celebration of Thanksgiving, Barnyard Pilgrims,
Nataani (Sheep), Seamus (Goat), and Wakoda (Sheep)!
 For Ulu's (Polar Bear) Birthday!


  1. I love the blog and have loved being part of the facinators. I will never change and will always be a voice and show my love for these precious friends. The big cats seem to be "facinated" with the hats probably remembering the enrichments we used to make. Gosh, I can't even pick a favorite hat, they are all awesome!!! Yes, you are precious Goobs enrichment and that's a wonderful honor. He's a very special guy. Looking forward to another year of "visual hair enrichments for zoo animals" !!!!

  2. I just love the fascinators, and love all you care you have for the animals, kim. Have had trouble commenting "on the blog" in the past, let's see if this works. I am posting as Anonymous because it seems to be the only way I can post, but it's Joanne.

  3. @andiecattt- I'm glad when I thought of doing this you were in! When we are there and festive we ARE the most fascinating people there! I love how people comment on them, sometimes calling out from a distance, "Love your hats!" Even people taking our photos :) ... Gosh in the beginning Tunya would look at me like "Why are you wearing my Enrichment toys on your head!" lol! Sukari seems to be intrigued :) She stares at them alot when we are in the LH. Its just been a fun way to celebrate the Zoo Friends, esp since we aren't making Enrichment toys for them. ... Thanks for the kudos! I love al my creations as well. Also if you want to post your photos let me know. ... YES it is an honor to be precious Goobs enriching friend :)

  4. @anonymous joanne :) - I don't know why you sometimes have a problem commenting, but appreciate that you keep trying! Thank you for always recognizing how much I care about the Animals. That support means alot. ... You have been one of the biggest fans of the fascinators! I'm glad that you love them too! Its fun when something you create is enjoyed by others.


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