Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Maggie and Minnie! - Chimp Girls Birthday!

Yesterday Maggie and Minnie added another year to their lives!

Happy Birthday Maggie!

Happy Birthday Minnie!

The Zoo has their Birthdays listed as April 24, 1963, but the Chimpanzee Studbook has it listed as April 25, 1970.  Either way, since they were wild born, the right info date would be an estimate, as well give or take two years.  I go by the Studbook which would make them between 41 and 45.   According to the Zoo info, this would have been their 50th Birthday.  Even that milestone didn't get them a Birthday Party :(  Another Big Fail on the Part of the San Francisco Zoo.  

I have posted before about the disrespect I think not celebrating the Zoo Friends Birthdays is.  Additionally for these Chimps, not only do they love a party, they need extra and varied Enrichment.  Their boredom hurts me the most because of how smart they are.   They have lived at the Zoo at least 40 years.  Tallulah who recently passed, was (I believe) the oldest Chimp in a North American Zoo.  As well Cobby ranks up there in stats.  Still they get no celebration.   I'm sure the Staff celebrates their Birthdays.  Tsk Tsk.

View the Happy Birthday sing-a-long
(well it was just me but still :)

Google "Zoo Chimp Birthday" to see what other Zoo's have celebrated their Chimps special day.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Happy Birthday YouTube!

Yesterday YouTube celebrated its 8th Birthday :)  Have to say, YouTube is one of the greatest forums on the Internet.  Not only for Sharing, but Learning and Laughing are among other wonderful things this site can bring you.

The first video ever uploaded to YouTube was called Me at the Zoo, uploaded by one of the sites co-founders.  (Note that this article states its the San Francisco Zoo, but I have now also seen another article that says its the San Diego Zoo, which is more likely as this exhibit doesn't look familiar.)

I started my channel in 2009, to share videos (listed private) with friends of my new Kitten.  I now have 391 videos, with 33,871 views!  291 of the videos I've shared are of the San Francisco Zoo Friends.  You will find other Wildlife videos of Animal Friends who live at the Park and at CuriOdyssey
among other places.

My first Zoo Friend video, uploaded October 17, 2009 was of course of my Beloved Bairds Tapir Goober!  Its called "Goober Splish Splash"  featuring him playing in his pool, acting silly and goofy and having a wonderful time!  Basically being his cute, adorable self :)  I loved this guy and really miss him.

My video with the most views (3,635) is called "the big cat nip" and was uploaded May, 22, 2010
It features Jahari the African Lion also acting silly and goofy while playing with Rhino scented hay.  

Check out my YouTube Channel
for the Most SFZoo Friend Videos on the Internet!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Its Earth Day at the Zoo! - Now Maybe the Churro Girls Can Go Back Home!

Today is the Zoo's Earth Day Event.  They are having activities in their recently created "Nature Exploration Meadow", which is where they have the Navajo Churro Girls (Sheep) penned up.

In Mid-February I wrote a detailed post about the situation with the Churro Girls, please read it for more information.

In short the Zoo moved these Girls to this area to have "something" there when the Reindeer left.  They allegedly masked the truth about the reasoning and duration of this "temporary" move, that was supposed to be two months and is now indefinite.  First it was the "Reindeer" thing, then it was "Earth Day", now its til the Playground is done.  I heard the playground allegedly isn't going to be done on time, so what does that mean for these Girls?  The Zoo continues to add stuff to the area that shows they intend on it being a permanent "exhibit".   

There are many issues with the Girls being there, mainly, this is not the home they know.  They have lived at the Childrens Zoo Family Farm since arriving at the Zoo.  Their Friends are there.  Their life is there.  Being penned up here is like putting them in prison.  They are bored.  They don't get any exercise  which they got when they were able to roam free at the Farm panhandling for treats.  The only time I see them up is when a Keeper is there or I walk up.  Since they know me, they sometimes get up and come over to me and they start talking!  They are asking me if I'm bringing them home and sadly I'm not.  Its heartbreaking to see them there behind bars.

The Zoo pats themselves on themselves on the back talking about Animal "Wellness" so much, MY shoulder hurts.  Yet they do things like this that are not in the best interest of the Animal.

Call to action San Francisco Zoo, Take the Churro Girls back to the Farm!

Your little experiment failed.  They are bored, they need their friends.  They want to go home.   

Earth Day will be over tomorrow.  Keep your little play area til the playground is finished.  All the kids do when they go up there is get sticks from your "nature" piles and beat things.  Let it be a picnic area.  The Peacocks like it, the Sheep need to be on the Farm.  Do the Right Thing!

I will also note that in the months they have been there, the Zoo didn't even have the respect to put up a sign that says the Sheep are back there, yet they have put up a sign for the area.

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Goat Babies Have Arrived! - San Clemente Goat Gives Birth!

In case you missed my original post about the arrival of the new Goats to the Family Farm, you can read about it, as well as see photos (and a video link) of their arrival at this link.

As I wrote in that post, three San Clemente Island Goats have joined the Family at the Farm :)  This breed is new to the Zoo.  They are three females, Twin Girls, Rosa and Rita (Two years old) and their Mother, Ramona (Five years old).  The Twins both arrived already pregnant, so that their Kids (what babie Goats are called) could be born at the Farm.

The exciting news is that Rosa gave birth to Twins on Thursday morning! The Keeper came in and there they were!  Little wet babies, a Boy and a Girl, who she named Brooks and Shania :)  They are doing wonderful! ... Rosa's Sister Rita is due to give birth at any moment!   I can't wait for all the cuteness, fun and joy they will provide!   

 Kids at 6 days old

Here are some photos of the Girls I took recently and have been meaning to post!

 Congratulations Rosa!



To keep updated on the Kids and all your Family Farm Friends, like my Fan Page on Facebook

I will post some videos of the Kids over the next day
you can check my YouTube Channel
or get updates on the Facebook Page  :)

Happy Birthday Rigel! - Snow Leopard Birthday

Rigel celebrated his 19th Birthday on Tuesday (the 16th)!

Happy Birthday Rigel!

I came by and saw you, but you were in a trace staring at your reflection :(   I wish they would fix that for you.  Would be a nice Birthday Present. ... Hope you got a special treat on your special day my Friend!  I Love You!

Belated April Birthdays - Howler Monkey & Reticulated Giraffe

 I missed two Zoo Friend Birthdays :(
It makes me feel bad.

April 9th, Bosco turned 21!
 Happy Birthday Bosco!


 April 13th, Carolina turned 11!
Happy Birthday Carolina!

Hope you both got some special treats,
you are treasured Friends.

Signs Regarding Barrier Crossing = Curious

Well, I know the title says "signs" plural, but I couldn't find the other photos I took.  No worries this is a good one for the head scratchers out there, and there will be time for the others.

So as documented in many posts, Barrier Breaching at the Zoo is rampant, and signs Not To are near non-existent.  This puts the Animals at risk on a daily basis.  There are still no answers as to why this is.  With all the posting I do about this, as well the obvious issue it is, the Zoo continues to do near nothing and I say near, because as posted, they did put some small signs up at Black Rhinos.  Sadly they are so small that no one pays attention to them.

While I have admitted that signs are not the fix, they could help deter.  I have suggested other things but none have been implemented.

YET we have this, in front of a non-living Animal.  I get (as I've seen) that the Zoo does not want to be responsible for people climbing on this and falling.  

But, the sign here is bigger than that at the Black Rhino's AND forget about the exhibits that don't even have signs.

SO of course we have this 
& the question begs

RIP Kiwi - Nigerian Dwarf Goat Passes

Forever Loved
Forever Missed

RIP Kiwi
Precious Sweet Girl XO

I didn't see my Little Friend when I looked for her Monday to say Hi.  I asked, only to hear the sad news that we had lost her the day before.  With tears streaming, I remembered my chat with her on Friday, while she enjoyed the sun.    In recent years she had some physically uncomfortable health issues, but despite that she always seemed like a Happy Girl :)  She was one of the Sweetest Goats on the Farm.  A very Gentle Soul.  

You will be missed by all those who knew and loved you.
Love you Honey Girl

Friday, April 19, 2013

Photographing the Tiger Cub - More Zoo Fails

I was very bothered by actions while viewing the Tiger Cub yesterday.   

At the upper level viewing area, the Zoo's volunteer pet photographer Marianne Hale was once again poised in the Bamboo planting that has been placed in front of the fencing portion.  I understand that as she is basically their "house" photographer and is documenting the Cub.

My issue is, when she left, these two guys then took her place.  The one guy only moved after I said something to him.

I initially heard that no one is supposed to be beyond the barrier, and certainly not in this area, at this grotto, for what I assumed was the protection of the Cub.  Is that not what the plants were put there for?  Maybe I'm wrong in thinking that protecting the Cub is the priority?  

I asked a Docent and she said, "Marianne told them they could."    So, the curiousness and irresponsibility of THIS statement stands alone, I need not say more.  

I asked them if they were Media and they said, "No."   So I told them they shouldn't be there and the planting was there for a reason.   The one guy moved, the other ignored me.   The one who ignored me was whistling and making other noises at the Cub to try and get it to look.

Upon further investigation, both asking and overhearing, apparently the Zoo allows "photographers" to allegedly do as they want, and doesn't bother them.  That said. what are their guidelines for this?  Who enforces these guidelines if they are any to begin with?   Bottom line this is crap and with no one up there monitoring, it will become a literal Monkey See, Monkey Do.

Call to action San Francisco Zoo, put some signs up there pronto, saying that is an unauthorized viewing area.  No photography through fencing unless authorized.   Otherwise people will constantly be in the bushes and at the fencing, and putting the plants there will have been for nothing.

Also they have many "Meet the Cub" signs posted, with information and a few viewing guidelines.  The guideline portion of the signs are per usual for the Zoo and so small that they are probably missed by most.  Why is the Zoo so afraid to tell Visitors how to behave? 

The Zoo's sign with the Guideline info in smaller print than you are probably reading this post at.  Looks like point 9 font.

(photo to come)

This is what the sign should look like.  With large font noting quiet zone in addition to not bang on the glass.

Friday, April 12, 2013

"Cubbie" Proofing - Tiger Yard Adjustments Made

I've been meaning to post progress updates on this and never got to it.  It might be moot at this point but since I documented it and its relevant to both learning how adjustments can be made adn how they worked out, I'm posting it.

As the weeks moved on from the Cubs birth, I have kept an eye on the Yard at Grotto A, what will be the Cub and her Mama's outside home.   In my first post after the Cubs birth I noted concerns I had about this Grotto and scratched my head at what the Zoo would do to "Cubbie proof" it.

The main concern I noted was the ledge at the window viewing area, where the heated rock is.  The other perimeter edge at least has a gutter lip, the rock is a straight drop.

Soon after my blog post I noticed the Zoo placed a good amount of hay down the concrete below it and along the ground.

As the weeks continued and we were reaching the point of time when Leanne started bringing her previous Cubs out, I wondered what the plan was.  Then last Friday I saw them building a platform to act as a stair.

 It looked fine in theory, but I wondered if some wires and such bolted into the rock was enough to hold an adult Tiger, who may or may not use it while in leap force.

 Watching Leanne use it yesterday at least nine times, I can see that it does indeed hold her and she did not use it to leap down or as a way back up.  Only to bring the Cub down.  I will note that it did seem a bit fluid and moved while she was on it.  That made me a bit nervous, so hopefully this route doesn't need to be used too often.

The Cub doesn't seem to go near it or the other edges on its own.  It was funny, every attempt Leanne made to bring the Cub down, as soon as she got her to the moat, she ran to the stairs and went back up!  It was very cute!  ...  It did appear the Leanne was teaching her to go down the stairs.  She must have decided that is the way she wants her to go down.  She was almost forcing her at one point to learn.  You could see her vocalizing to the babie in a coaching manner.

I think the proofing done will be fine and safe.  The only other thing I can say is I hope they add some additional hay to the rest of the rock siding and area below.  The Cub is a feisty one and was very wiggly.  One time Leanne picked her up the Cub wiggled free while at the ledge and fell.  I couldn't see, but from what I could it appeared that Leanne picked her up about half down the rocks.  Staff was watching so they saw and i hope they will get some extra hay in there.

Much to photographers dismay, the Zoo added trees to block the fencing part of the upper viewing area.  I actually give them kudo's for this because I think the fencing is dangerous.  I have blogged endlessly about Visitor misbehavior.  I want all the Animals safely enclosed.  Recently while at Snow Leopards I thought there needs to be plexiglass over the fencing, not only at them but everywhere it can be. So to avoid people "bothering" the Cub I think this is a great idea.  I would even suggest the plexiglass add.

Tiger Cub Cuteness Continues!

 With each day there is a new blog post that swirls in my mind.  Anyone looking at the blog in full, will see there are more than a few posts that promote a "coming soon" teaser.  That said, there are different reasons for getting behind, but for now those in draft will have to wait, as I want to share all the joy that is this little cubbie :)

Gotta say, I am a lucky girl!  As a Native, I have been a Zoo Member my whole adult life, but the start of my passion for the Zoo Animals began when Leanne gave birth to her last litter in 2008.   I was lucky to have had the time flexibility to be able to visit them almost everyday for the first year of their life.  Watching Tiger Cubs grow was one of the top experiences in my life.  I look forward to the same with "Little Padang" (as I've been calling the Cub), "LP" for short :)

Since LP's birth I have been anxiously waiting for this time to come, the start of the adventure :)  I wrote two earlier posts about seeing her inside the Lion House.  Of all the available days (the first couple with no sighting), I was lucky to be there the first time the public saw her.  ...   Made a pin to wear that documented my first glimpse : )

Today marked the first time Mama and Daughter had access to the outside during visiting hours.  I was once again lucky and was there among the first to see her outside, playing in the yard with her Mama.

Check out how they both
have the same back footie up :)

You can view my video here

Note:  In the video you will hear me comment about "karma" in response to the gal next to me saying she should sell her photos to them (Media).  The story with that is when Visitors (myself included among the first) showed up to see the Cub, as advertised "Outdoors Friday", the Zoo was holding a Media Event on the upper viewing area, and since I was the first there, I was asked to go to the lower level window area til the Media was done.  The viewing is fine from the window area, so not the issue I had.  I actually shouldn't use the word issue, because the joy of getting to see her was not dampened, but for the lack of a better word...  The "issue" is that the Zoo is notorious for their Media Event timing, among other curiosities.  In this case, if there wasn't the option of the window viewing, the public would have had to wait, like with other Media Events (first viewing of Tucker/Hippo), making their public view advert another untruth.  Anyway, as luck would be with me, the viewing from the window, was much better than the upper level!  So the view I got was better than that of the Media :)  Sweet!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Edna! - Chinese White Goose Birthday

Edna celebrates her 22nd Birthday today, April 6!

Happy Birthday Edna!

I love knowing when the Zoo Friends Birthdays are, so I can wish them for their Special Day :)   Barnyard Keeper Amber puts the Birthdays up every couple months in the Barn.  

I was happy to be able to go by yesterday and sing to my Sweet Friend Edna :)  A little girl took interest.  She called over her mother to tell her that it was Edna's Birthday :)  So I sang again along with the girl and her mom AND Edna!  Check out the video and hear the lovely vocals of Miss Edna :)

Love You Edna!  You are the Queen of the Barnyard!  .... You can see Edna keeping things in order at the Family Farm :)

Friday, April 5, 2013

New for Friday April 5 - SF Weekly Feature - Wonderful Photo Slideshow!

Despite the title using the most irksome used (overused) Zoo term "Wellness", this Thirty-Five Photo Slideshow of the Zoo friends is wonderful!  I particularly LOVED the photos of my very special Friend Wakoda (Navajo Churro Sheep) getting Acupuncture!   I've been missing seeing him since his barn has been closed while the new San Clemente Island Goats are still getting acclimated.  So waking up and seeing his precious smiling face in these pix made me smile :)

Photos were taken by my Park pal David Cruz who captures incredible photos of San Francisco Wildlife and other on the scene happenings around the Westend.  Check out his Flickr Photostream

Wednesday April 3 - Free Day at the Zoo - NOT!

This was a coming soon, but then too much happened after and before I could get this post done.  It was basically more of the same old crap, so if you read any post on barrier breaching and stupid stuff the Zoo does, you will get the drift.

I will make a few notes in that on Free Days, as well as Holidays  anytime larger than usual attendance is a given ( I don't say expected because I often hear "they didn't expect it to be this busy" )  the Zoo does not prepare for the extra crowds.  They do not employ the extra Security needed, as well on those  high attendance Days that are not the Free Day,  they do not put up the much needed additional barriers at Hot Spots, specifically the Chimps.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

RIP Milky Way - Nigerian Dwarf Goat Passes

Forever Loved
Forever Missed

RIP Milky Way
Precious Sweet Little Boy
You were a Special Friend XO

Today when I went to the Farm, I heard the news that we lost this Sweet Little Friend yesterday.  I hate hearing this kind of news when I'm there because I always start crying.  I am so sad about my Little Friend.  He was adorable.  He would hang out right next to you for hugs, sometimes walking with you.  Just Precious.  He was a spunky little thing, despite having some recent health issues he was always right up there front and center, butting for the treats :)   

You will be missed by many whose hearts you touched.
I love you Sweetheart.
You are daydreaming with your Papa now.

News Article for Sunday March 31, 2013 - SF Examiner Article = Glorified Press Release

I meant for this to be more timely, but with the article the following day and the loss of our precious Zoo Friend Milky Way the next. 

I have been enjoying our Cubbie and even though I am irritated on a daily basis about things that go on at the Zoo, so I just didn't feel like writing about the "issues" I have.  But, it is now two weeks later and I need to do so to keep things moving forward on the blog.

On Easter I was having quite a pleasant day and then this new article came through on Google News Alert.  Seeing a photo of the Director was enough for me to put it aside and read it later.  

The article is titled "SF Zoo Showing Signs of Bright Future Years After Setbacks".   ... You can read it in full at the link below.

Blah, Blah, Blah.  This article is ridiculous.  I'm tired of hearing Director Peterson pat herself on the back. Time, has healed the Zoo in many ways, not her guidance. In fact there are many among Staff who think she has no management skills. As someone who is in the know with what goes on at the Zoo, I completely agree. There are alot of untruths, curiosities, and frankly BS that come out of the Zoo at her direction.   

Where are the days of actual reporting?  Is there no investigative reporters anymore?  I wish News Reporters would do some actual reporting, which would include research and asking questions, instead of relaying what is basically a one-sided opinion that equals a Press Release.

Learning about the issues at the Zoo are not hard to find for anyone who cares enough about the place to find them.   Any reporter could with one Google search find my blogs and pick any one of the issues I bring up and use them as a more interesting angle.  This actually happened once and at least it showed some skill and thought about the subject.  

For one, the lead about the Pachyderm Building: 

>>>On a recent Saturday at the San Francisco Zoo, families ambled through the art deco entryway of the Pachyderm Building. But they were not heading in to see the zoo’s rhinos or hippos. In fact, there were no animals at all behind the red doors.
Instead, the building housed a temporary exhibit about dinosaurs — one of director Tanya Peterson’s first efforts to create an exhibit not directly involving wildlife. It signaled more plans for the zoo’s future, which Peterson wants to take from “good” to “great.” <<<

"Not directly involving wildlife" ???  If anyone had any sense, Director and Writer included, the question should be asked, how has the renovation of the Pachyderm Building affected the "wildlife" that lives there?  Asian One Horned Rhino Gauhati's character has visibly changed since this renovation took place.    Rhino's have sensitive hearing and the amount of noise that comes out of the area that houses these rotating installations, is awful.  (filmed with only six kids in there)

Gauhati lives on the other side of those walls.  The acoustics are horrible and even when he's outside I'm sure he can hear whats going on in what he only knows to be his home.  If the Zoo's "Wellness" for their Animals was priority, renovating the Pachyderm building would have been for the "Wellness" of Gauhati.  But things are continuously done without being empathetic to the Animals.  There are ways to showcase these other ideas (previous was a Movie and Bat Gallery), without them interfering with an Animals home space.  The Zoo (Management) is just too lazy and uncreative to think of them.

Bottom line, there's a question that goes with her statement.   There are alot of questions.  Why is there no articles asking these questions?   I'm asking them.  Other Visitors who care are asking them.   Yet every time an article about general Zoo update (not Animal Birth or Sports related Naming) comes out, its the same old fluff?   There's the "pat" on Peterson's back, there's the stale Tiger event, its the same old.   I challenge someone with a byline to write something meaty about the Zoo.  You don't even have to go further than my blogs for research.

Another classic quote -  

>>“Zoos are the last haven for a lot of endangered species. So if you care about global conservation, you’ve got safe harbors in these zoos.”<<

"Safe Harbors"?  This would be comical if it weren't so sad.  There is Human trash there everyday tormenting the Animals. Yet the Zoo under Director Peterson lets this happen by ignoring these incidents. People are constantly over the barriers, yelling at the animals, throwing stuff into enclosures.  Does she address how she's going to fix these problems? NO!  Instead she spews her dreams of grandeur while waiting for another tragedy to happen.

I want to read an article and have these questions asked and answered.

*What's being done to deter Visitors from breach barriers at the Animal Enclosures?   With so many instance of such, why isn't there more Security on the grounds? 
*Why is the Zoo's Mission to Educate, yet there is no Education on how to behave in the Zoo = A place Animals live?

*Why are choices to spend money on such rotating installations a priority over upgrading Animals enclosures? 

This article mentions how old the exhibits are, well 
*Why hasn't anything been done about them?

Allegedly there was money in place years ago for both a new home for the Chimps and for the Bears.  Who knows where those funds went, but that's a gone-by as the future of the Zoo seems to be building new areas to bring in new animals and screw the ones that have lived there 30/40 years.

*Why do we have a new Playground under construction, yet the Animals rarely get play things and live in homes that scream for upgrade attention?

The Oakland Zoo built a new state of the art Animal Hospital.  The San Francisco Zoo is building a Playground.
You tell me which facility has Animal Wellness as a priority?   The one that doesn't keep shoving it verbally down the public's throat, but shows it in actions.

I am hurt everyday by the decisions that are made at the Zoo that don't have the Animals who live there's best interests as priority.    I'm tired of everything they say these days is Wellness this, and Wellness that.  In my opinion its all patting themselves on their backs and blowing smoke up ours.   FYI Wellness is a given and one that hasn't been proved in so many ways.  Ask Wishbone.   

Another quote:
>>> "Peterson may not seem like an obvious choice to run a zoo since she has little training with animals. She said her respect for animals comes from her mother’s side of the family, all of whom were ranchers. Her animal-caring skills were the basic 4-H and cat-and-dog rescue type." <<<

She is not the obvious choice.  The obvious choice would be someone who actually cares about the Zoo and the Animals that live there.   I could name a handful of people who could run the Zoo better, myself included.  I know some will laugh at that, but at least I have the passion and obviously the brains since alot of what I write about seems to make its way into the Zoo.  Being able to raise funds (mostly not even for the right things) does not make someone a good Manager, which is what the Director position is about.  BUT it seems that becoming Zoo Director is about who you know and not how much you care.  Which also goes for other Management Staffers.

Director Tanya Peterson is a fundraiser with social and economic status.  Those who support her doing anything more than fundraising, specifically being the Director, apparently are of the same.  They are those that don't care, or those who fear her.  It is allegedly common knowledge that the layoffs she refers to are people who have worked there for many years.  People who probably had ideas or know more about the Zoo than she does so she's demoted them or gotten rid of them.  There's a lot of house cleaning to do there and sadly no one with authority over the Director wants to sift thru the issues and do it.

She says "Respect"?   This is a woman who (among other things) allowed Wishbone the Andean Bear to continue to live on a concrete surface (as he had done for 20+ years of his life) when it was known that he had bone and joint issues.  He continually fell because of the pain from these issues, eventually having to be put down after becoming paralyzed from the literal pounding to death his bones took daily on concrete.  An Animal who was completely there mentally, yet lose use of his legs due to the "habitat" he was forced to live in.  He would still be alive today if all these so called caring people in authority at the Zoo gave him a soft surface to live on.

UG,  I could go on and on, but I can't re-read anymore of this to even make many more comments.  The whole thing makes me sick.   I'm not the only one who feels this way.   I'm just one of the only ones who actually says what I think.   

So many of us who care about the Zoo, long-time Visitors and those I've talked to on the Animal Staff, want the Zoo to be all it can be for the Animals.  We know that in doing that, the Zoo becomes all it can be for the Visitors as well.  Those of us on the outside would love to be in the inside, working to make the Zoo all that it can be.  Those who are on the inside want to make what they have better.    Building new areas and other costly things before "taking care at home"  is not better.  Its ignoring instead of fixing.  

I also believe that there are alot of people who buy this fluff that the Zoo and Media is selling.  Not only the Public, but the San Francisco Zoological Society and its Board Members, Donors and the San Francisco Recreation and Park.  No one questions anything.   Why?   Apparently its as simple as they just don't care.  Because if they did they would see.   Its because of those people that the Zoo will remain mediocre, never reaching its potential AND most important, the Animals who live there will never be the priority.

To those people I say, at the rate its going the Zoo will be one of a few things in the future.  Non-existent because it never reached its potential.  Non-existent because they couldn't recover from another tragedy.  OR  because they continue to waddle in mediocrity it will remain just the same, a place people come and don't really care about, because they were never taught to.   

This article ends with a quote from the Zoo's leader

>>“This is firstly a preserve and a park, a beautiful park,” she said. “And it is a unique way in an urban environment to connect with wildlife.”<<

Well all I can say is, this is how I see the Urban's Connecting with Wildlife.  Good Luck with THAT!

I will also add these links to a posts I made in regards to the caring words the Director puts forth about the Animals who live at the Zoo.

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if you want your voice heard.
Thank You for taking the time to read
about things that matter to me.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Hallelujah! The Chimps Got Easter Enrichment Toys!

Unbelievable!  Yet so exciting!  I nearly shed tears of joy seeing the photo of Minnie holding her Mache Egg!   Photo was posted to the Zoo's Facebook page, follow the link below to check it out.

Whoever made this happen, the Chimps thank you!

Now, can we get the Girls a Birthday celebration?!

UPDATE 4.3.13  .... Three days later and there has been no answer to my question of which other Animals got Easter Enrichment.  No additional photos posted either.  Did the Easter Bunny visit other Animals?