Wednesday, September 23, 2015

New Petition! - San Francisco Zoo - STOP Doing for New Animals & DO For The Chimps As Promised!

I started this Petition about the Chimps Situation.  Please Sign, Share, Tweet.  Be a Voice for Our Precious Chimps.  Help them get what they were Promised!  Thank you!

Six Months ago, San Francisco Zoo Director Tanya Peterson, Promised to Keep the Zoo's Three Senior Chimpanzees at the SFZoo, the only home they have ever known. That Promise included an Upgrade/Expansion to their current home (while waiting for funding for a New Exhibit). This would allow not only extra space for them, but an additional holding area to eventually bring in more Chimps to add to their Group size, which is a future Key Factor in Securing them a Forever Home at the SFZoo.

Since this announcement, under Peterson's direction, the SFZoo has committed to Acquiring a New Animal (and allegedly others), the Sifaka Lemur. This New Acquisition will require a New Exhibit to be built. This Exhibit is moving toward constructionBEFORE the Chimps!!!   The opening projected for Spring 2016.

Like the past Eighteen Years, the Chimpanzee's Needs have been back-burned. Their Need was acknowledged by Director Peterson in February, as Immediate, Yet they have been Denied Immediate Action. The projected completion of their Expansion is Fall 2016. Nineteen Months after being Promised.

Why is their situation Time Sensitive? If their Group Size reduced, and there was not available space to bring in more Chimps, the Two Surviving Chimps would be Vulnerable to still being Shipped Out. They must have available space, either in the Expansion or a New Exhibit, before their Group reduces to Two. I hate even talking about that, but those are the facts. 

Their need was immediate when they were Four. Now with Three, they desperately need to create a Social Group with different generations, in order to not end up as Two or One.

I outlined their situation in detail on my previous Petition (and my blog linked below)

This is a Call to Action for the San Francisco Zoo Director Tanya Peterson to: 

*Halt Any Plan to Acquire New Animals that would Require New Exhibits to be built, with the exception of Rescue Animals in Dire need.

*Defer Construction of Sifaka Lemur Exhibit, until After Chimpanzee Upgrade is Complete. Ideally, until After all Current In Need Animals are Attended to. The Komodo Dragon the Next In Need.

*Escalate Fundraising for New Chimpanzee Home, as Promised.

By signing this petition, I hope we can shine light on this situation and Stop The San Francisco Zoo from Acquiring New AnimalsUntil They Take Care of the Animals Already there. The Chimps Are Not The Only Ones In Need. Please Sign, Share and Help Our Chimps Be a Priority!

Thank you ... 
also find us on Facebook - San Francisco Zoo Chimps Update 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Joint Zoo Meeting - 8.27.15 - Chimpanzees Shafted Continued

Director Peterson gave a presentation on the Sifaka Lemur Exhibit. Not the Primate Expansion, not the Chimpanzee Upgrade.  Exclusively, the Sifakas.  

Since I didn't get answers from Tim Wu and I hadn't been able to direct questions/comments to Director Peterson, at the last Meeting, I had to do so at this Meeting.  Not something I wanted to do, but someone has to and that someone is me. I tried a few months ago to get an answer via email, but she refused and replied that I would have to bring it up at the Meeting.  

I got up and addressed Director Peterson, who immediately looked down at the desk, never making eye contact with me while I spoke.  Only when she replied did she look at me.  Then when I responded, she looked down again.  Very rude behavior for a professional head of this organization. But, I'm not surprised.  Guess its appropriate, as she should be hanging her head in shame.

I asked, "Why was the decision made to build an exhibit for the Sifaka Lemurs, an Animal we don't even have, before following through with the upgrades for the Chimps?" She said something about it always being a (multi-primate, I think she even included Orangutans) area,.. and then said, that they were doing everything they could to make sure that the Chimps were comfortable in their existing enclosure.  I really should've videotaped it because I just can't remember verbatim some of the exact words used by her, but there weren't many, and this is either exact or close to what she said.  I started to speak again and she looked back down.  I continued, noting that "the Chimps are a time sensitive situation.  If we lose one of them, and I don't even like saying that, the remaining two will be vulnerable to still being moved away, because you've not done the upgrade that you said you were gonna do, which would have allowed for the extra holding area to bring in additional Chimps."  She said, that "the upgrade didn't include extra holding areas."  I reminded her that when I spoke to her at the March Meeting, she told me that the layout of the new upgrade would include an additional holding space".  

The space I'm referring to is in the Pachyderm Building.  You can read about it in this post.

When we spoke at that March Meeting she even mentioned that the Girls could be shipped out (her assuming that they would be the surviving two).  I said, "No they can't.  You committed to keeping them."  To which she then said, they could look at bringing in additional Chimps.  ... Readers, my ears are pulsating just writing this.  This is why its hard for me to be timely on posts.  They are very upsetting.  There is too much BS being both said and done at the Zoo, it really is hard to deal with.

That said, I ended my words at the Meeting to Director Peterson by saying, "I think its very irresponsible to build new exhibits for Animals we don't even have, before taking care of the Chimps."  Still she did not look at me. And I sat down.

A panel Member quickly ended the Meeting by saying, the Meeting was adjourned.  I will note that it was 5:20p and time still has not changed to allow for Keepers to speak at the Meetings, since they get off at 5:30p.  

Additionally, not one panel Member had anything to say about what I consider a serious issue.  Not one curiosity as to Why they are building for new, while old are in need, out of any one of them. Shameful!  What good is the Committee?  I have never once heard them Nay anything.  They seem to be Yes Mam'ers and agree with everything Director Peterson and Management says and requests.  At this Meeting, David Bocian, VP Animal Care & Enrichment, noted that two Animals had died of Pneumonia.  Did anyone question that?  No.  Not even Dr Spinelli the panel Vet.  Good Grief.  There really needs to be a shake up in this whole structure.

So, where does this leave these poor Chimps?  No upgrade til Fall 2016.  At the very minimum, that's Nineteen Months after Director Peterson committed to upgrading their current home and noting herself that this was a time sensitive situation.  Not sure what that means to her, but to me, near Two Years later is not proceeding as time sensitive.  She made a promise to these Chimps and is knocking them down on the priority pole again.  THIS SHIT IS NOT RIGHT!  

Last week Chimpanzee's received Endangered Status and this Woman is still back-burnering their needs.  Its been Seven Months since her commitment to them and their home still has paint peeling off it.  That right there tells you the level of Caring that is going on there.  

Not sure what my next plan is, but I can tell you this, I will be a THORN in this Woman's side until she does right by the Animals starting with those Precious Chimps.  She will not silently dis them, because they can't speak.  I will be their Voice through this.  She thought I was a peasant. Typical of her kind.  Used me and my friend as her Scapegoat and thought taking our Memberships would get rid of me and my opinions.  All she did was raise the beast.  She picked on the wrong peasant.  Bet she wishes she never got on my dance floor.  

If anything you read moves you,
Please contact the SFZoo Director
Tanya Peterson

Attempt at Seeking Answers - re Chimp Upgrade and Fundraising

Below are screen-caps of an Email exchange that I had with the Zoo's VP of Philanthropy, Tim Wu, following the July Joint Zoo Meeting.

I had these in my blog folder and realize after reading them, they needed to be posted after my Joint Zoo Meeting - 7.23.15 post.  That didn't happen first time around, so good I'm doing this Repost, so it can all flow.  

I failed to remember to mention that I did ask (at that Meeting) how much had been raised for the Chimps in addition to the One Million Dollar Donation.  I was told, $1.5 Million was the total for the Chimps to date.

The details I was seeking are clear in the correspondence.  The last one is where it ends.  He would not answer any further.  

I am left to assume that aside from the Million donation, that the 500k are from the website based effort?  And that nothing except that one mention of the website donation page, on the Zoo's Facebook, is the only effort that has been made for the Chimps.

If anything you read moves you,
Please contact the SFZoo Director
Tanya Peterson

Joint Zoo Meeting - 7.23.15 - Primate Expansion, Chimpanzees Shafted - REPOST

Bumping this post, because I feel like it was the first of three that go together to create the full pictured of what the status is of the Chimps situation is.  I haven't had the time or energy to complete the trio, but goign to press publish on this and hope I do now!  Can't stay this far behind on stuff!

Repost of this, original post date 8.31.15

This meeting was the first opportunity I would have to ask about a Chimp Update. As noted in a previous post, Director Peterson would no longer entertain my correspondence and suggested I, "bring it up at the Meeting."  Unfortunately, Director Peterson was not there, but I was prepared to bring it up anyway.

Deputy Director Joe Fitting, did a presentation called Primate Update.  This presentation focused specifically on the plans for the Sifaka Lemur, Chimpanzee and I'm pretty sure he mentioned Orangutans.  Note, we do not have Sifaka Lemurs or Orangutans in the current Animal Collection. He went through the layout of the exhibit using a photo that I think was a repeat of this one I've posted before.  

At the end of this presentation, I asked What the Timeline for the Chimp Upgrade is.  He answered that he thought it would be Spring of 2016.  I was about to question further, but then VP of Animal Care, David Bocian interjected and said that the projected completion for the Sifaka's was Spring and the Chimps, Fall 2016.  

I was pretty livid at this answer, but didn't go further in the Meeting time.  After the Meeting I approached Bocian to question further.  The next text I add will be a share of what our conversation covered.  I apologize for not formatting it in a dialog, but I don't have time for that.

I asked him Why the Chimps were being done after an Animal we don't even currently have?  He said that a Donor came forward with funds for the Sifakas.  I said, but the Chimps are in need, and without doing the upgrade to bring in more, they are still vulnerable to being moved, if we lost one.  He said, that they are all healthy.  I said, that's great, but my concern is still, if something were to happen and we got down to two, and no place to house additions, they could still be sent away.  He said, that the Zoo was committed to keeping them, and that it was "something" that they were even staying.  I reiterated that the Chimps should be the priority.  He said that when a Donor comes forward, you don't say no. I said, you don't have to say no, but you could say, thank you and when we finish for the in need Animals that already live there,  we will look at building for new Animals.  He again repeated, that is was something that they were even staying.  

I then questioned him about the suggestions for the state of the current enclosure that I had sent to Director Peterson, who said she forwarded them to the Curators.  He didn't seem to know what I was referring to, so I went over two things I felt were most important.  The addition of a tree lined barrier, to filter direct eye contact from the Chimps viewpoint and a foraging mound.  He didn't think a tree lined barrier was necessary, and denied that Cobby is upset by Visitors.  I described many instances, and supported this idea by quoting the AZA habitat guidelines.  Mr Bocian's opinion was that I didn't know the difference between Male displaying and being upset.  I assured him that I indeed knew the difference, as one example is when Zoo Shitheads are heckling him and another is when he see's the Keeper coming.  He then noted that Visitors complained once (seriously how many years a go was this?) that the tree's were in the way of viewing the Chimps.  I noted that I don't believe that to be true, as the Chimps are rarely on the ground which would be the only part of the enclosure that would not be directly visible, but yet not completely shielded.  I used the potted bamboo plants at the Snow Leopards as an example.  I then challenged him to bring down some of the many potted plants in holding and give it a try.  Moving on I asked why they still use that old metal twigging box, when several foraging mounds have been fabricated for other areas.  Why can't they have one?  Didn't really get an answer on this.  

Those suggestions and others were noted in a previous blog post, if interested in further details.

I very much appreciate that he took the time to talk with me about these issues and some other things, but there were a couple things that irked me.  I don't think I've ever directly spoken to him, but in light of the News story on the Chimps, I'm pretty sure he knows who I am.  So it was a bit odd that a few minutes into the conversation he asked me who I was.  The thing I had to bite my tongue on was when he twice said, that is was something that the Chimps were even staying.  I'm sorry, I don't in anyway mean to sound pompous, but I literally felt like saying, No thanks to you or anyone else on the Animal Staff.  I don't need accolades, but those Chimps would be gone, and possibly dead if I didn't launch a Crusade to save them.  Not one person on the Zoo's Staff who knew about this, especially at Animal Management level, that is he and Primate Curator Corinne MacDonald, did anything to help them.  I was their sole savior. Yea, there will be nay-sayers, but a fact is a fact.  My Crusade and the public outcry it generated with the help of the KGO I-Team, are why those Chimps did not have to leave their home. I know from my Media adventure in that effort, that there is an open Anonymous communication between Staff and Media.  At any point, anyone who knew about this could have contacted Media anonymously and done exactly what I did for them.  And the fact that I just happened to get wind of the situation, and it was late in Director Peterson's game to kick them out, they should be ashamed of themselves for not doing a damn thing.  Sorry, but I'm not going to sugar coat the fact of it.

Two other topics covered at the Meeting that I want to comment on.  

Fitting was all a glee about the high attendance for Zoo Camp this Summer.  Why is a Zoo representative more excited about Zoo Campers than the Animals?  I'm sorry but I understand the need for all these other things to bring in money to the Zoo, but not at a higher priority than the Animals.  

Fitting also brought up the Terrace Cafe renovation into a Pizza Place.  I questioned how much this renovation would cost and was told $30k.  Before I could ask, I was told that the Zoo was not paying for it, that the Concession Co. was.  I don't know if this is true, as I did ask several Employees in Concessions about this and was told, they were sharing the cost with the Zoo.  Regardless, I don't think this is a priority.

So, there you have it.  Chimps will not see a Upgrade until Fall 2016 at the earliest.  Nineteen months after Director Peterson made promises to them.  Were those actual promises or just smooth talk to calm public outcry?

If anything you read moves you,
Please contact the SFZoo Director
Tanya Peterson

Crackle the Disrespected Capybara

My Weekly Visit posts that I'm months behind on, include a photo near each time, of poor little Crackle. This guy came to the Zoo to be a companion to our now passed Female.  Turned out they didn't like each other so Crackle lived alone on the Puente.  He was chased by the Rheas and Guanacos from the get go.  He took refuge down in this ditch that borders the Visitor walk way above. I've posted about this before, which included a video:

That was a year ago.  So, for a year, this poor Animal has been living in fear.  Everyday he is let out on exhibit and has nothing else to do but run to his safe spot.  Huddled against the wall, the farthest he can get.  You noticed in the above video that a "creep" area was created, by lining up tree branches. That's the least that could be done, until a better situation could be created.  Well, a year later the only change in his situation came only a couple weeks ago, when the "creep" line has been moved back a few feet and a doorway added.  You can see here, the other day, he was resting ok away from the wall, but a Guanaco was stalking him, until he got up from his peaceful position.

A couple times over the past month, I have seen him out, but that has only been when the Guanaco's or at least one,  have been kept in the back.  I don't think its right that for the most part, he is left to seek refuge on a daily basis.  There doesn't seem any reason why further steps to create a better living situation for him can't be taken.  I have made a video showing that it is possible.  An unused area within the Puente can be fixed up for him, that should also include a pool and doorway that only he can fit through.  SFZoo Make it happen!  ... As well, he needs a Companion.

If anything you read moves you,
Please contact the SFZoo Director
Tanya Peterson

Finally! Hercules Gets A Proper Home!

Well, THIS wonderful sight, has been along time coming!  For the past couple months, I've been going by this enclosure, hoping to see Hercules in it and Thursday was my Lucky Day!  So Happy for Herc!

the video!
I wrote about this disrespect two years ago. 

For years, this huge Bird has been living in a cage that just barely meets requirements for his size. He could never free fly, only hop from top to bottom. His needs like other current Residents have been disregarded by Management, in favor of bringing in new Animals and building homes for them. While expanding his previous home, wouldn't have taken much.  The space was cleared out two years ago, as some hoped an expansion would happen.  I heard those in Animal Staff were allegedly told they could do it, if they paid for it themselves!

The recent turn of events, that sent the poor Southern Ground Hornbills packing to Florida, allowed for Hercules to move into their old home adjacent to the Komodo Dragon.    I am so happy for him, but it also would have been great if the Zoo would have kept all the Hornbill Species they had.  In addition to Hercules, a Great Hornbill, we also have a pair of Wrinkled Hornbills.  They are all wonderful and interesting Birds. ... Finding a place to build another free flight area would have been a great thing to do.  Even utilizing the area attached to the Tropical Aviary, instead of putting in yet another "play" inspired area for Kid.

This all said, I hear the plan is to move the Wrinkles to Herc's old home.  WTH?  The Wrinkles have a nice expanded area, that allows them flight.  Its already been established Herc's old area is not sufficient for that and I do not hear of any plans to expand it.  

Anyway, stop by and see Hercules enjoying his new home!  He really seems to love it and was all over the place while I was there. :)  They did a good job with perches.  I would love to see some kind of tree in there.  I saw this photo of Our Winnie in her new home, in a tree!  Looks like a great addition to a habitat.  

screen-capped from 
White Oak Conservation Facebook Page
Check in with Wilbur and Winnie 
at their new home

Amazing Amanzi Deserves Respect. - Attn SFZoo, Please Educate!

While on the Subject of Our Wonderful Lions, this has been bothering me for several weeks. Everyone who reads my posts, knows I've been trying to catch up in chronological order, but at this point, I'm so far behind, I have to just put things down as they flow or come to me.

About six months ago, I started noticing Our Amanzi getting very fluffy around the collar.  I would say to her, "Manzi, you are growing such a beautiful shawl!"    I was told it was probably due to hormone changes with aging.  Our Lovely Lady turned 18 this year!  As the months have gone on, her fluff has continued to grow, looking much like a mane in training :)

Sister Lions, taken in Feb 2015
you can see Manzi's bit of fluff starting :)

The last month or so,  I have been hearing Visitors refer to her as a "Boy".  This really hurts me. Amanzi has always been one of the most stunning Female Lions I've ever seen.  While yes, her "mane" is making her look like a Juvenile Male, her Femininity should not be Disrespected.  

Again, for a facility that claims to Educate, for the most part they do no such thing.  In this instance, a sign should be put up noting that Our Pride consists of Three Adults, Two Female and One Male, and our Newborn Cub.  Noting that, With age Our 18 year old Female has started to develop "mane" like growth. 

Instead, the Zoo has chosen to say nothing.  They have even posted two photos last week (in lieu of posting about the Cub?) and with both, there were comments about Amanzi's Shawl, to which a Docent had to answer the questions.  Shame on the Zoo for not being more proactive to Educate about this unusual occurrence with Our Beautiful Lady.  People are obviously interested.

 screen-cap from 9.8.15

screen-cap from 9.12.15

San Francisco Zoo Lion Cub Update! - Can We Get One?!

Again we have a birth, much like with the last Tiger and Gorilla babies, where we don't get any updates.  Why?   

Our Lion Cub was born two weeks ago yesterday.  Happy Two Week Birthday Little One!  So far, we have only been given one update, shown one photo.  That was three days after its birth.  This is a Joyous occasion, why aren't those of us who care, allowed to be a part of this event?   The only photo to be released is this one below, screen-capped from the Zoo's Facebook Page.  

The News article noted that the Staff watched the birth via video cam from the Den Box.  There are definitely additional photos, as well as video.  Why can't they be shared?  I for one would like to see a photo of the Cub with its Mother, as opposed to just lying solo on a piece of wood.  

Hoping to see something of the Cub soon.  As well, getting with technology, why doesn't the Zoo do webcam's?  They did set-up a live stream for both the Tiger and Gorilla babies, hoping they will do that at some point soon.  

Until we see some photos and video of Our Cub, here's some from other Zoo's, who don't have a problem sharing their good news.

Cubs at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
(these are our Cubbies Cousins)
video just after they were born:

Mama and Cubs at Columbus Zoo

Monday, September 7, 2015

HOT TOPIC! - Komodo Karnival - Nothing For The Dragon To Celebrate

I've been sitting here all weekend trying to get mental ambition to tackle the posts I have in draft. The upsetting situations at the Zoo that I'm drawn to write about, continually swirl in my brain.  So many words, and yet I am too often paralyzed to get them out in this forum.  So, here we are, the weekend over, and the close of another Komodo Karnival at the Zoo.  This screencap I've been holding since Memorial Day Event to write this up.

In putting together this post,I realized most of my thoughts have already been written in another post from January.  That's right, Poor Falcor is sitting in the same situation as he was eight months ago. In a Barren Pit.  Will link or paste at the end of this rant.

Does the Zoo realize that another word for Karnival is Celebration?  Of course they don't , they haven't even realized (or maybe they have and just don't care) that the Donor who ReNamed him did so by dubbing him Big Daddy Language, since Bahasa literally means language.  Idiots.  Anyway, I digress. This poor guy is not having any kind of fun.  He's got no greenery, oh excuse me, two little plants were put in last week.  I haven't seen any Enrichment for him the whole time he's been there, except his first Halloween and a ball that is too big for him, several months ago.  Can't they get him Dog size treat balls?  Don't they google Lizard Enrichment?  I have.  This guy has nothing and gets nothing.  Maybe he'd like to have a Komodo climbing Wall?  Or this, that I found over a year ago and suggested.

Why doesn't he have Greenery?  Why doesn't he have Enrichment?  Why doesn't he have a home he actually fits in?  < THAT is the current big question? 

I'll tell you why.  Its just like with the Chimps, the Zoo only cares about New and Shiny.  It really pisses me off the way they have pimped him for this Event (as well have started to pimp the Chimps, but that's another post!), yet they can't even provide a proper home for him.   He was supposed to get a new home within two years.  He arrived in August of 2013.  He has grown so big, I doubt he even fits through the hole to his back area, which is smaller than his body length.  Stretched out, he is now about a third of the length of the exhibit.  I took this photo the other day of him cooling off in his pond.  That white square behind him is the doorway to his back area.  So big now he barely fits in his pond and is forced to lay against an open drain pipe.

There are already plans to bring in New Animals, that will need New Exhibits built.  This is Bullshit! They Zoo Management claims that New is needed to keep people coming in.  More Bullshit.  If people coming to see the New, knew that other Animals, like Falcor and the Chimps, were being neglected, most would be outraged.  Many are.  I listen to Visitors.  The Zoo doesn't, because they don't care.  It's all personal agenda for Management, and the San Francisco Zoological Society Members.  I think they think the Zoo is their own big ass Country Club, where they throw Cocktail Parties, instead if a place where Animals live.  

Director Peterson not only digs herself deeper and deeper into a financial hole, building things that allegedly aren't even 100% funded, but she's dragging the Animals down with her. No wonder there's no funds for Falcor or the Chimps.  Its heartbreaking and disgusting.

If anything you read moves you,
Please contact the SFZoo Director
Tanya Peterson

I was going to add the link to the above referenced blog post from January, but I decided to paste it her in full to make sure its read, because this lack of attention is important to keep documenting.

I had been pissed for months about the state of Falcor the Komodo Dragon's Home.  I was really enraged when I went to Zoo Lights and saw that the outside of the exhibit was fancied up with Christmas Lights, while the Komodo Dragon himself sit in a barren pit.  The gall of the Zoo is shouldn't, but continues to surprise me.  

Just another Disrespect of Animals by Zoo Management.  

As I said, this has really bothered me for months and I was hoping since I brought it up to someone there, that the situation would change, but it hasn't.  At this point its been at least four months (and I'm being generous because I've lost track) that Falcor has had not one bit of greenery in his home.  This is not only Disrespectful, its possibly (I haven't researched it yet) an improper environment.  

When Falcor arrived he was the "favorite son".  He got a fancy new enclosure with tons of greenery.  Hoopla ensued, Komodo Dragon this, Komodo Dragon that.  

First they disrespect him by changing his name, a name that his previous home, the Memphis Zoo where he was born (hatched) told me he responded to.  At near two years old when he arrived at the SFZoo, he was given the name Falcor soon after hatching.  Named after the Dragon in the movie The Neverending Story,  some dumb donor tried to be "native" I guess, using the word Bahasa which means Language, literally the word Language in Indonesian, but then also had to be an ass by adding in Big Daddy.  SO the poor little guy was disrespected with the name Big Daddy Language, and par for the course, Zoo Officials could care less what anyone names an Animal as long as the check clears.  Now the poor guy has been here over a year, and he sits in a home that is barren of any vegetation.   The statue outside has more landscaping than he does.  

Poor Falcor just sits and stares out at green. 

I hear there was a change in Curators (from the one I talked to) for this string of Animals.  I don't know who the new person is, but I can say this, the guy straight off isn't doing his job.  If this new guy can come in and not see that this is a problem that should be a priority to fix, then he isn't qualified for this job.

Falcor is also quickly outgrowing this habitat and plans for his new home that were supposed to be in motion soon after his arrival, to be started for a move-in within two years, have been back burnered because of all the other new additions to the Zoo's collection.

I guess everyone is too busy building 2nd and 3rd tree houses for the Red Pandas who continue to be the "favorite sons", literally since only the male Kodari who they renamed (Tenzing) is the only one to get any fanfare.  The male has a sign with his new name, while the female Grace doesn't doesn't have a sign.  I'll also note that Grace, who is over ten years old, had her name ripped from her as well. Kodari also got a Birthday party, and Grace didn't.   

Falcor is one of my fav Zoo Friends.  I love this guy and feel awful that like too many others, he has been disrespected and slighted.  Its Sad, Disgraceful and downright Embarrassing.

San Francisco Zoo, get this poor guy some greenery!  Give him a proper environment and get started on his new home.   Stop bringing in more Animals and take care of the ones you have.

I got no problem with the Zoo prioritizing building homes for Animals in need of Rescuing. My issue is, bringing in more Animals just to grow the Collection and/or try to pull in extra gate sales by doing so, is a Fail unless you take care of the ones you've already committed to giving a home to.

Please view my video taken a couple weeks ago
that shows the whole habitat.

Also, one taken shortly after his arrival

Thursday, September 3, 2015

We Got Cub! - African Lion Sukari Gives Birth!

Got home last eve and the first thing I read via a google alert was that Sukari had her babie!  Sooo Happy for her!  Congratulations to Our Lion Family!  

The article noted that she had one Cub, born on Saturday and that she was nursing the Cub :)  I am tearing up again, as I did when I read that, because she never got to be a Mama to her other two Girls (born at the Tautphaus Park Zoo). They were both hand raised.  I don't know the circumstances, but I do find it curious that she had two litters and both surviving Cubs were hand raised.  So, with this birth, I am full of Joy that she will finally get to be a Mama <love>!  

Wish I had a photo handy of our three Lions together, but I don't.  I did have this Lovely photo on my Flickr.

The article said that the Keepers watched the birth via camera.  It would be Awesome if the Zoo made that Video available online, so those of us who care about Suki, as well as others who might be interested, can also view this Wonderful event.  Many Zoo's have live feed webcams, that you can watch births on.  Most recently the Giant Panda and the National Zoo.  So, it would be nice if the public could view this Video, as well as other early peeks!

Yay suki-licious!  Enjoy your Cubbie, I look forward to watching you be a Mama and the Beauty your babie will add to Our Pride, Papa Jahari and Auntie Amanzi!

Here's a link to the news article.  I didn't see mention of it anywhere else, not even on their Facebook page.

Update:  Just in (screencap) from the Zoo's Animail Newsletter!

LOVE!!!  I also love that they mention Our Precious Amanzi, who will not just be a quote "aunt"  but an actual Auntie, as she and Sukari and Half-Sisters :)  Yay, for Amanzi!  This is just a Joyous event all around!  Will be fun to watch Jahari be a Papa, since he thinks he's still a babie himself!  Good Times!

Thank you to the Zoo for putting this out.  Hope to see some video footage soon!