Wednesday, August 6, 2014

San Francisco Zoo Illegally Uses My Photo ... AGAIN!

As noted many times before, I am very behind on blog posts.  I usually like things to go in order for chronological and flow purposes, but the further I get behind that is probably going to be something I have to let go of.  What I can't let go of, it the subject of this post.

Long over due as I first noticed this over three months ago.  I just haven't had the time or energy to deal with more Zoo BS.  

The Zoo has gone and used My Photos once again without permission.  This happened two years ago when Photos taken by myself and a friend appeared on the San Francisco Zoo Website, under "Enrichment".
You can read my post from that time here:

This time they have used My Photos in their current Big Cat Video that plays on loop in the Lion House.  

I hate to be a Bitch about something like this, but with the way Management has treated me in the past, I would not give the Zoo anything, unless it was for the Animals.  AND I take this particular action personally because the Assistant Carnivore (Big Cat Department) Curator Debbie Marrin, who I was "friends" with at one time, has allegedly bad mouthed me to many.   

When I was friendly with everyone, I shared My Photos. The Big Cat photos were shared in a few ways.  I made CDs, emailed and gave hard copies of My Photos to Curator Debbie Marrin and then Keeper Barb Palmer.  I let Barb use one of My Photos of Sukari in her Lion House Video.  She asked.

Anyone who I have shared photos with, should have known this was for their own personal enjoyment, NOT for any other use.  Unless they asked for permission.

I know for a fact Curator Marrin knows this, because she asked my permission to share My Enrichment Photos with her friend who was doing an Enrichment Workshop at Oakland Zoo.  Why she would think this would be any different, I do not know. 

I will say, I do not know who made this Video or how they sourced the photos, but if it wasn't Curator Marrin, I probably got no beef with you, you used what was made available to you.  That said, if Curator Marrin didn't make it, she sure as hell has seen the Video and knows where they came from.  

There is text at the end of the Video that says, something to the effect, that these photos are Staff's and one of their named Volunteer Photographers.  Ah, no not all of them. 

Bottom line, Using someone's photos Without Permission is ILLEGAL.

Let this be notice:  
San Francisco Zoo needs to Remove My Photo from that Video, effective immediately.  

I plan to be at the Zoo Saturday, and I sure hope I don't see My Photo being used Illegally.

There are Three Photos in question.  But, since I have near 100,000 Zoo photos, I can only find the Original for one, I will only post that one.  One of the others is a friends and she too can not find the Original.  They know all the ones they have No Ownership or Permission to use.  

My Photo

Lion House Video Monitor

AND considering I have a real issue with the name changing,  it really pisses me off that they got poor Shastyuh's stupid "Martha" moniker on a Photo I took!   Sorry Shasty!

Oh and FYI, the photo you have used here:
Is NOT Amanzi, its Sukari.  Would really be nice if the Staff knew which Animal is which.