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My Zoo Outtings Synopsis - Sunday March 30, 2014

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> March 30. 2014 - Tiger Tummy Tickles!  Silliness just because. 

> March 29, 2014 - Trash Update.  Good Grief, Seriously?  YES people, seriously!  The trash I reported over two months ago, was still there on my Visit this week.  Again, as I questioned in an earlier item, what's everyone so busy doing, that after telling several people, that pile of trash in the Pelicans Lake was still there. FAIL!

> March 28, 2014 - European Zoo Murders Continue. 

> March 26, 2014 - This one is for reader @Ellicruu ...  New Birds!  Well they have been streaming in for a few months now, but we FINALLY have signs for them all!  I just don't understand why it takes so long to get stuff done there. What's everyone so busy doing?  Seems like a whole lot of not much sometimes.  

Well, looks like I didn't upload the videos I had made.  Check back here (or on my youtube channel) and I will post the links.

> March 25, 2014 - Howler Monkey Update!  After losing her Papa, our Precious Bosco, in January, I hadn't seen Sweet Little Baya up and mobile since.   I was lucky to catch her enjoying some Yums :)  Thankfully I am told that the Zoo is planning to get her a mate, and one may have even already been found.  Let's hope.  It breaks my heart to see her alone.  Last year she lost her Mama.  Her Sister and Brother both went to other Zoos.  They were a very close Family, always seen cuddled together.  Hopefully her companion will arrive soon.  

> March 24, 2014 - Brown Pelicans out!  Not sure when this happened, but I just noticed it today!  I was wondering when they would be out, but kept looking in the Lake area where the American White Pelicans are. The Brown ones aren't there, but sharing the Lake area where the Eagles live.  Kudos to whoever built the perch, it looks nice!

> March 23, 2014 - Congratulations to Skylar/"Leanne", who became a Grandma again!  AND to Son Jae-Jae and his Mate Melati at the London Zoo.  Melati gave birth for the second time to a litter of three Cubs on February 3rd!  ... For some reason my notifications for London Zoo got turned off (when Facebook made one of their most welcomed changes) and I just read about this.

See the awesome video of Melati and the Cubs.

European Zoo's Thirst For Murder

As you can see, I have many posts in "coming soon" mode.  Sometimes I just don't have time, other times, I just don't have the energy it takes. Writing about Animal issues is a real drain, sometimes, so it remains on the to do list.  I apologize.  This post will be the first I've written about this Event, even among personal Friends.  This is not related to the SFZoo, but is something that affects all of us who love Animals, especially touching those of us who are Zoo Visitors.   As the week is closing and posts about this tragedy are still being made, I'm going to post these thoughts for awareness.  

Much like the post I did on the Murder of Marius the Giraffe by the Copenhagen Zoo, this post will be a place to vent my heartache over the way Animals are perceived and treated in general.  You can use the search option to read my Marius post if you'd like to.

By now most have heard the reports that the Copenhagen Zoo has Murdered not only another, but a group of Animals in its "care".

I came home to this news after my almost daily visit to the Park (Golden Gate).  I am very attached to the Ducks that live at a couple of the Lakes there.  Some I have Friendships with, as I've known them for years, named them and they not only know me, the name I've given them, but know my car and come running when they see me.

The continual disrespect and lack of Empathy for the Wildlife, especially the Ducks that live at the Lakes in our Park, is painful for me to witness.  And YES I'm the person out there calling people out at every turn when I see something being done against them.  The disrespect is present each time I visit the Zoo, and when I'm home, the constant stream of posts via Facebook sources is overwhelming.   The crimes against Animals are not just what I see local, in the Park and at the Zoo, but Global.  Its really disheartening the extreme of feelings shown toward other Beings.  A range from unthinkable pains to wholehearted compassion.

I have been moved many times to start a blog about Animal issues beyond the Zoo, but that overwhelming sadness and anxiety it causes has always put it on hold.  Recently, I did start an FB page to share for Awareness the posts that come through to me.

As of this past Tuesday that too was put on hold.  Monday, late afternoon I was at the Park.  One of my Duck Friends saw me drive up and started to walk towards me.  THEN three Dogs off leash ran up and surrounded him and one bit him in the butt.  He ran to get away and then flew off.  Tuesday morning, per usual drivers speeding around the Lake and one hit one of my Duck Friends in the butt. You know I jumped in my car and took off after them!  Gave them the what for and called the Police. These issues are an everyday occurrence at Stow Lake and the Dog issue everyday at Lloyd Lake.   I have a blog about the Park issues to publish, and will post the link, but til then, the bottom line here is that people just don't give a shit about other Beings.  AND that blatant disrespect and uncaring is reaching epidemic proportions, on so many different levels.

Upset after seeing that woman hit my Duck Friend, I come home and first post I read on my feed is about the DEMONs at the Copenhagen Zoo once again Murdering Animals, this time four Lions.  I just felt numb.  I've never felt non-reactive before.  I'm the one who gets very worked up, very vocal, enraged over Human behavior, but that action, just paralyzed me.  

After all the public outrage over the Murder of Marius, they go and do it again. Seriously, I have no words, they've all been expressed by myself and many others,  in many ways via Social Media.   I can only hope at some point eye for an eye justice comes to those involved (with any Animal mistreatment) and that they live long painful lives. 

The DEMONs at the Copenhagen Zoo are going to continue this barbaric tradition, because its legal in European Zoo's to do this.  DEMONs at Longleat Zoo Murdered a Pride of Lions during the same week as Marius was killed.  I'm not sure what the lack of logic is via the EU AZA , but this type of culling is obviously outrageous.  They do not use birth control and THAT there is the problem.  I can only guess that they want pregnancies and babies, to boost gate admissions to their Death Camps.    

I am not a fan of Humans in general, but there are so many wonderful ones out there all around the World trying to help Animals in all different threatening and vulnerable situations, and then you have these DEMONs. As well all the other DEMONs who are Murdering Animals in Trophy Hunts, Sourcing for Products like Palm Oil, Body Parts for Bullshit Medicinal purposes, and these are just the ones based in Greed.  There are also those who are cruel and torture Animals because they are Evil, Bullies, Psychopaths, whatever.  Sadly I'm feeling a bit defeated as part of the Species that has Empathy for the other Beings who are breathing the same air as we are.  I feel like the DEMONs are far more numbered and sucking the air from us all.  

What can we do to end the pain for these Animals and for those of us whose Hearts break for them?

My Zoo Outtings Synopsis - Sunday March 23, 2014

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> March 21, 2014 - Bongos are here, but you wouldn't know it, they are never out :(   I happened to catch them within the first couple days, they are beautiful!  Since then, the Exhibit has been closed.  No one seems to have an answer as to why.  So see them here, because who knows when you will be able to see them in person.  Zoo should post an update, but I guess its another bit of info they keep under-wraps. 
The Male

The Female

> March 20, 2014 - Zoo Atlanta posted this photo and text to their FB page :)

"For our fans who don't remember Bahagia, she was the daughter of Sekayu and Jalal and was born in late 2000. The staff didn't know Sekayu was expecting, and one chilly night in November, they saw her out in the yard inspecting what appeared to be a small animal. That was Bahagia! Bahagia was cared for in a nursery at first -- she was very much a favorite here and as you can see from the photo below, has gone on to grow up and be a mom herself!"

SFZoo Connection: Bahagia now lives at the Sacramento Zoo.  She is the Mother of our Male Taymor/"Larry" :) , and the Grandmother of our Cub Jillian :)  

Another Relation at the Atlanta Zoo is our Skylar/"Leanne"'s Sister and Littermate lives there.  They have some great updates about her litter from 2011 on their awesome website.

> March 19, 2014 - Babie G comes face to face with her BFF! 

Please watch this space or my other blog for Link to my extended Savanna Update post.

> March 18, 2014 - Red Panda Update.  Below is a recent photo of the progress being made.  Note the cool Tree House!  It was added by Nelson Treehouse and Supply.  Owner Pete Nelson is of Treehouse Masters TV show.  One of my fav shows!  If you haven't seen it , check it out! ...  This Exhibit is going where the Wild Turkeys used to live.  They now live at the Family Farm.  ... The Red Pandas have not arrived yet, but will be a Male/Female pair with a Breeding Recommendation.

> March 17, 2014 - Happy St Patricks Day!

Please watch this space or my other blog for Link to my extended Patty's Day post.

Savanna Update - March 19th Visit

Coming soon

St Patricks Day - SFZoo Style

coming soon

Global March For Lions - Blood Sport of Canned Hunting

coming soon

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My Zoo Outtings Synopsis - Sunday March 16, 2014

Missed posting some items during week of 3.3.14, so combined past two weeks.
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> March 16, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today!

Happy 34th Birthday Boomer!

> March 15, 2014 - Churro Birthday Party! ... All three Churro Ladies got Cakes today, to Celebrate their Birthdays!  Mole and Chalula, Celebrated with their Mama Salsa and all their Friends!

Snickers tries to inspect the Cakes :)

View all the Fun in my Video

Thank you to the Family Farm Keepers 
for Recognizing and Celebrating
these Wonderful Zoo Friend Birthdays!

> March 15, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today!
Happy 9th Birthday Salsa!

> March 14, 2014 - Well, lookie here, either the Zoo read it on my blog or went by the FB post by my friend Paddy (after I told her of the stupidity), but they have now changed the information to Pike.  Of course without apologizing and noting their "mistake".   No surprise there.  Its one thing to make a mistake and an entirely different thing to not admit to it.  Says alot about the kind of morals some Staff at the Zoo have.

Some might ask, why am I picking on this?  Why does it matter?  It matters because these are people who are lucky enough to have jobs at a place where they can be surrounded by these Wonderful Animals, yet they don't take the time to even know much about them, at the very least who they are as individuals.  Bottom line, too many people on staff at the Zoo, Just Don't Care.  I Care and I want the people there to Care.  TO DO BETTER.  The Animals deserve it, the Zoo deserves it.  To thrive at Optimum, not Mediocrity.

> March 13, 2014 - UG.  Looked at the Zoo's Facebook page and they posted this photo, which isn't even the right Animal mentioned in their post :P  ZooFoo's!  You ask what's a ZooFoo?  Its my own coin and is a combo/cross between Fools and a snafu!  .. This photo IS of Pike (Polar Bear)!  It always amazes me that the people who work at the Zoo, don't even know which Animal is which. Especially when you're job is posting photos.  There are only two Polar Bears, get it together people. I even herd one  of their photographers tell someone that Ulu was a "he"!  WTH!?!?!

           (screen-cap SFZoo FB page)        

> March 13, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthdays Today!

Navajo Churro Twin Sisters :)

 Happy 6th Birthday Mole!

Happy 6th Birthday Chalula!

> March 10, 2014 -  Seven Weeks of Trash!   This trash that I posted about on my other blog in the post about my Jan 21st visit, is still friggin' in the same spot! UNbelievable!  < Well it should be, but I guess nothing should surprise me, even something this simple.  The "grass" is growing up around it and new stuff has been added :(   I reported it to Security, and they alerted Janitors.  I've reported it twice more since. Major fail.  Glad the winds didn't kick it up (my original concern) and the plastic didn't blow into the Lake and harm any Waterfowl.

> March 4, 2014 - Mardi Gras Greetings from Salsa :)

March Zoo Friend Birthdays!

Behind here as usual.
All the Zoo Friend Birthdays, for March
except Boomers whose is today! have happened.
Please follow my other blog
for as they happen Birthday alerts!

1/2002- Trent/Otter
13/2008 - Mole/Navajo Churro Sheep
13/2008 - Chalula/Navajo Churro Sheep
15/2005 - Salsa/Navajo Churro Sheep
16/1980- Boomer/Emu

Missed too many last year, so going to try something new 
and post a Collage photo and the List, on this blog 
and the individual photos as their special day comes up on my "short" blog
Check there for todays!

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Zoo Loses Young Giraffe Mom

After the loss of my Precious Friend Wakoda, I stopped posting Memorials.  There have been many losses since, each one Hurts my Heart.  I write about the passing of Female Giraffe Carolina, because I am shocked and very upset by things I witnessed over the past couple weeks.  It is not my intention to sensationalize by writing about this, but I feel strongly about documenting my personal observations.

It is no secret within my writing that I have little faith in the ability of the Hoofstock Staff (except for one, Keeper Ingrid who took care of my Precious Friend Goober).  Decisions made about the care and housing of the Duikers, Blackbuck and Black Rhinos are issues I have written about the most.  Once again, Hoofstock curiosities surround this Sad news.

I still haven't written about my Valentines Day Outting, but I was lucky enough to be there that day, which was the first day Willow and her Calf were out of the Barn.   All the other Females came by the Corral to see them.  I immediately noticed Carolina's Ears were way down, almost flat to the side of her Head.  I took photos because I thought is was unusual.  Two days later when I visited, the same thing.

Over the next two weeks, I visited five times and each time, her Ears were down and for the whole extended visit I was there.  I don't usually talk to the Giraffe Keepers as none are very friendly to me and a few times gave complete lies as answers to my questions.  I did note this concern to those I was with, as well as a Volunteer in the Animal Dept.  Friends thought it was odd, others either didn't know or didn't think it was of concern.

Last Monday (the 24th) Carolina was off the Savannah and in the Corral with Willow and her Calf.   Isolating her made me think there was an issue.  In hindsight I should have sought out a Keeper and asked why, just to have "their" answer to fall back on now.

At the time, I was bothered by two things.

It seems almost every time I visit the Giraffes, I see the Keepers coming in and out of the Barn, going on break.  I know this because most of the time they have Coffee cups in hand.  Notice I write they, as because most of the time as well there is more than one.  I know reading this it would seem like, who am I to pick on this, because I of course do not work there, I do not make the schedule, I do not know what the work load dictates.  I am noting things purely as I see them, as someone observing.  It just seems like bad Management, with so many Animals and limited Keepers, that utilizing one in each area at a time would best serve to keeping an eye on the Animals, but that's just my opinion.  So, this always bothers me.  If I'm seeing this at all the random times I visit, just how often are these Keepers on break?  How often is someone there checking on the Animals?

On this Monday, there were three Keepers who came and went as a trio, holding Coffee Cups, laughing and chatting, like there was not a care in their world.  In hindsight, there was a care, at least to me and in my world.  In hindsight, Carolina was obviously separated because there was something wrong. WHY was there no one observing her?  There was plenty of Keepers available.  There are Volunteers, Docents, shouldn't someone have been observing her and whatever the concern was?  For that matter, where's the Hoofstock Curator and other Animal Management Staff?  They all knew something wasn't right with her, yet no one was there observing her.

The other thing that always bothers me is the way the food is distributed.  There is always browse (leafy branches) on the ground outside the Animals and none for them to eat, most every time I when the Keepers are going on break.  They leave to have a snack while the Giraffes have nothing to eat.  I often observe them trying to reach over and grab the food they see sitting there.  Willow who is very tall can do this, but the others efforts go unsatisfied.  On this particular Monday, the sight was really sad.  When the Keepers came back they finally put some food in the Corral for Willow, the Calf and Carolina.  One of my friends noticed Carolina go for food like she starving and actually said that as she hadn't visited Giraffes in awhile and noted that Carolina looked really thin.  I have visited and didn't notice the weight difference.  I was preoccupied with her Ears.  After feeding them in the Corral, the Keepers left again!, leaving those on the Savannah with no food.   Bititi desperatley tried to reach the Browse on the outside but couldn't, so started eating bits of weeds.  

Sadly, I have no idea what happened to Carolina.  All I know is she is gone and the Zoo hasn't said anything. What I do know, is things never seem right in the Hoofstock Dept and the chain of events with Carolina are curious.   Ears down, separated, no one observing her, and the food scarfing.  As well one of my friends who visited on Thursday of that week said the Barn was closed, curtains up, and Carolina not outside.  Vet Staff and Keepers rushing to Barn.  By Monday, the curtains were down and Carolina was gone.  No one has an answer as to what happened.  Everything is always such a secret there.  Secrets breed more curiosity and eventual suspicion.

Its all extremely Sad.  I'm heartbroken for her Daughter Erin, not even a year old and for her Giraffe Family she left behind.  She was young, about to turn Twelve on April 13th.  What happened?  Will we ever know?   

RIP Carolina and all the Zoo Friends who I haven't mentioned, but touched my Heart the same.

My Zoo Outtings Synopsis- Sunday March 2, 2014

Since I was behind and only one post during week of 2.17-2.23, I am posting synopsis of two weeks.

> March 1, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today!
Happy Birthday Trent!

(My bad, I didn't upload this on Saturday :(  Sorry Sweetie!)

> March 1, 2014 - Happy National Pig Day!
Happy National Pig Day to
My Sweet Friends Tiki and Kai!
(Kune Kune Pigs :)

About Pig Day from Wiki:  National Pig Day is an event held annually on March 1 in the United States to celebrate the pig. The holiday celebration was started in 1972 by sisters Ellen Stanley, a teacher in Lubbock, Texas, and Mary Lynne Rave of Beaufort, North Carolina. According to Rave the purpose of National Pig Day is "to accord the pig its rightful, though generally unrecognized, place as one of man's most intellectual and domesticated animals." The holiday is most often celebrated in the Midwest.

> February 27, 2014 - Happy International Polar Bear Day!
Happy International Polar Bear Day to 
My Precious Polar Girls Ulu and Pike!

International Polar Bear Day at the San Francisco Zoo...

Once again the Zoo failed to give mention to an Animal Awareness Day.  I waited til the end of the Zoo day to post this, because I knew they wouldn't disappoint me.  Sadly, its not me that I am disappointed for, but for our Polar Bears, who deserve to be Celebrated on this Day, as Ambassadors for their Wild Cousins who face quite a plight.  Part of the Zoo's Mission is to "Advance Conservation Action".  What does that mean when they don't Recognize and Educate on these Awareness Days?

> February 17, 2014 - Marabou Stork Nest Has Three Eggs!
See all the nesting action in my Video: