Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter at the San Francisco Zoo - Will there be Easter Enrichment?

Did the Easter Bunny visit the Animals who live at the Zoo?  OR Will yet another Holiday pass where they don't get fun treats?   Admittedly I think I saw what looked like sunken in mache eggs outside the Lion House but I'm not sure.   I hope I'm right, but even if there is a few, it still didn't appear to be enough for all the Cats and then what about the other Animals?  So the point of this post is still relevant.  That point would once again be, that the San Francisco Zoo provides no fun "toy" type Enrichments for the Animals for Holidays, Birthdays, or any days. If they do its on the rarest of occasion and minimal.   The most along those lines I've seen in the past couple years, is some painted boxes (if they are lucky to have that additional stimulation) otherwise most of it is grocery bags and boxes supplies come in.  

I used to go on Easter, I went last year, but there were no "toys" for the Animals.  I sat here on St Patricks Day and a stream of photos from Zoo's I follow on Facebook were posted of Animals getting Holiday themed Enrichment.  Yet another year has started and no Holiday fun has been given to the Animals at the San Francisco Zoo.  Nothing on Valentines Day, nothing on St Patricks Day, nothing for International Polar Bear Day, nothing for Mardi Gras, NOTHING!  Oh wait, Belozi (Male Black Rhino) got some Football themed Enrichment, but that is only because the SFZoo likes to get in on anything Sports related that might land them in the News.  They will pick an Animal and pimp it out for Media attention.   That is why we have many Animals who have been renamed a 49er  (poor Belozi is now Boone) or a Giants player.   

I'm not sure why they can't give the animals something, other than they just don't care or are plain lazy.  There are Staffers whose job it is to organize such things.  When such Staffers didn't like that my friend Lee and I were making Enrichment Toys (both because they personally didn't like us, which was more important than the Animals enjoyment AND because we were doing something they were supposed to be doing as part of their job) we were pushed out.  The Carnivore Curator said to me, "Give us a chance."  Well I've been waiting  Two and a half years now and I still don't see any Enrichment Toys on a regular basis let alone Holidays.  Interestingly enough, the word "Enrichment" used to be there "glory" word, but since they can't produce that, they have been touting "Wellness" the past year.  Its all bullocks as no other Zoo uses the word Wellness, but every one uses Enrichment.  Its apparent that they and their Dr Do-Little Maples made that up so they had something to pat themselves on the back about. In my opinion Wellness should be a given and should have been for years.

The zoo spotlights the Humans on Holidays instead of spotlighting the Animals for the Humans.  The Zoo is supposed to be a place to Learn about and View Animals, yet nothing is done to highlight them as part of their Events.  Its just sad.  These animals live in captivity and need something fun to do for at least a short portion of their day.  When we did Toy Day every Saturday for months, the Cats were up and active for at least three hours.  While the Keeper got the Toys ready, while they watched her bring the Toys out for each Big Cat, and then when it was their own turn.  Now the Cats are never active.  The poor Chimps, the get so excited to get stuff, yet they always get the same old stuff too.  They have been getting the same Halloween buckets for the past two Halloweens.  I was so happy when this Halloween finally came around so they were in theme.  Do we think this year maybe they will get Easter baskets?  Target has them for less than three bucks.  Do we think there will be a Birthday for the Girls on April 25 (their estimated Birthdays as listed in the Chimpanzee Studbook)?  No.  Miss Tallulah passed away without one and she was the oldest living Female in a Zoo.  Cobby (the Male) hasn't had one since 2009 when Lee and I basically shamed them into doing one because we said we were bringing him a Birthday Card.

Anyway you get what i'm saying, the SFZoo does not provide much fun for the Animals.  The staff in charge of Enrichment there rarely makes things that are fun.  I don't get it.  AND if they were doing it we'd see it.  
Instead the Enrichment Photo Gallery continues to have only two photos in it, since all the others they used were stolen from Lee and myself and used without permission, to which we told them to take them down.  The one of Jahari (Lion) that is the thumbnail may very well be one of Lee's but she can't find the original file, yet it goes uncredited as well is not a part of the gallery when you open it.  AND the two photos in the gallery don't show any Enrichment Toys that were made and hasn't for over a year.  

They note in this link they make paper mache' creatures when the only ones ever made were by Lee and I.

While you have the flip-side put forth by the Houston Zoo who has a Facebook page called

The Zoo does alot of what I call "promotional allure".   The other day they posted (on Facebook) a photo of Sea Lion Henry with a Egg shaped Jolly Ball.   Which alludes you to think that the Animals do and will get themed treats.  When in reality this is one of his regular toys.  On St Patricks Day there was another such post to which I asked in so many words, What kind of fun Holiday themed treats did the Animals get?  They obviously gave them none, so they took down not only my comment but their whole St Patricks Day post.
I've asked about Easter lets see what happens.  

This all said, I leave you with a post I made from Easter Day 2010.   It was a rainy day and I went solo to visit my Big Cat Friends and their Keeper Barb whose no longer there :(  provided each and every one of them with something to celebrate the Holiday and most important to celebrate THEM!

And a link to Easter fun this year at the London Zoo where Jae-Jae, one of  "Leanne's" (Skylar) boys from her previous litter now lives.  He and his girlfriend Melati got paper-mache eggs!

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fans of the Family Farm! - New Facebook Community

Yesterday, I launched a Facebook page for those of us who love the Animals at the Zoo's Family Farm.   I had wanted to do a Fan page for my Main Zoo Animal Friends a couple years ago and never got to it.   I spend alot of time at the Farm visiting with all my wonderful Friends who live there.  There is a great community there among regular Visitors, Volunteers, Keepers and of course the Animals!  So, I do this for all of them, which includes my friends who love our Barnyarders!  

Please check out my page and "like" if you are a Fan of the Farm Friends or Animals in general :)  

I hope to build a Community to Celebrate the Awesome Animals who live on the Farm! Learn about these Wonderful Beings! Communicate & share your Photos w/other Farm Fans!   Hope you will join us!

Yay! Gotta Glimpse of the Tiger Cub!

As of yesterday the Lion House has been open four days for the Public to have a chance to catch a glimpse of the Tiger Cub.  Waiting the full two hour opportunity three of those days, paid off and the sweet little thing came out yesterday for the first time to see her fans :)  Well, she didn't actually look out, but she didn't have a fun romp and play with her Mama for about two minutes, and then back to the security of her nest she went!

View my video of the experience 

Until this moment, no one from the General Public has seen her, so I was very lucky and grateful to her for coming out :)  Look forward to seeing more of you little cutie!  AND watching you grow up like I was lucky to do with your big Brothers!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Break Unruliness - Chimps a Constant Target

With Spring Break week coming to a close and Easter Weekend upon us, I must post again about the lack of control of Visitors the Zoo has.  After today, I will have been to the Zoo four times this week.  Its been crowded and as usual Visitors misbehaving all over the place.  There has been the typical and expected barrier breaching, but the thing that bothered me most was the lack of protection provided for the Chimps.  

In previous posts about this I have noted that the use of the Police style barricades that they use on Free Day should be up at other times as well.  Frankly I think at the Chimps age and tendency to get upset easily, they should be up everyday, but definitely on expected busy days like weekends, holidays (school ones included) and events.  

As I approached Chimps on Tuesday, there was a huge crowd that included Security and Zoo Staff.  My eyes immediately went to the Animals and Cobby was visibly upset.  I don't know the specifics but was told items were thrown out of the enclosure.  This only happens when a Visitor upsets them.  

If the Police barriers were up that would help in creating a distance that doesn't feel as threatening to the Chimps as the current distance.  

If there was more signage about behavior not only at the Chimps (who are a constant target), but at the front and around the Zoo, some of this misbehavior could be deterred.

This is a view of the Chimp area.  Most Visitors approach this area at the beginning of their visit from the direction I've taken this photo.  The only "shoosh" sign in the whole area is the one at the far end where I've placed the arrow.  There is a Respect the Animals sign to the far right but its so far over it didn't even fit in the photo.  Yes, not many pay attention to the signs, but the size and amount that are out there are not enough, especially at the hot spot that the Chimps are.

Also when this happens and a crowd has formed, why isn't the area cleared?  or at the very least Visitors asked to step back?

I have posted about this before, so the Zoo is aware and I must assume they just don't care.  I have heard that  allegedly Visitors complain they aren't "close" enough with the use of these barriers.  Excuse me San Francisco Zoo isn't the protection and "Wellness" of the Animals a priority?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Goat Girls Arrive on the Family Farm!

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be at the Farm when the new girls arrive from quarantine!  I have been anxiously awaiting their arrival since they got to the Zoo on January 31.  All Animals go through a 30-day quarantine before being brought to exhibit.  

The three new ladies are San Clemente Island Goats, a new rare breed for the Family Farm.   Two of the three are pregnant, so we can look forward to babies approximately the end of April!   The girls, Rosa, Rita and Ramona will not be in the mix of the Barnyard for petting just yet,  they are going to be in the barn until they get acclimated to their new home and new Farm Family.

New girls meeting Nataani!

See my video footage of all the fun :)
(well at least what I could see from where I was :)

Full Length version
includes Girls arrival 
and meeting a few new friends :)

Short version
portion of full
showing girls fresh 
out of their carriers :)

Follow me on Twitter "leo811"
for more photos and updates 
on these girls and all the Family Farm Friends!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Wakoda! - Navajo Churro Sheep Birthday

Wakoda turned 12 today!
Happy Birthday Wakoda!

I Love You So Much
My Cute, Precious Friend :)

I am so glad I was able to celebrate you're special day with you!  I think you liked the Ukulele sing-along!  Four Happy Birthday songs and many Birthday huggies!  You are very special to me, my Sweet :)  XO!

Hear/Watch two of the four Birthday song renditions :)

A Different Kind of Barrier Breaching - Foreign Objects in Animal Enclosures

I have written several posts on Humans breaching barriers.  I've showed photos of Humans standing on and hanging over barriers.  The only thing to change at the San Francisco Zoo in relation to that is a few 5x8 signs telling people not to do either, posted at the Black Rhino.  

I have also posted that in this time in society, sadly a different approach to how (and why) barriers secure Animal enclosures should be taken.   My suggestions in past posts note that I'd like to see all the Animals behind glass barriers.  

My above suggestion is probably not the popular option, especially in a time when Zoo's and other Animal facilities are trying to make the enclosures Animals live in while in captivity as close to a natural habitat as possible.  That said, as noted above "this time in society", is such that the Human population  sadly can't behave themselves for Animals to be safe in open air enclosures.

I was the first person who missed the open air at Grotto's when the Human taunting of Tiger Tatiana got her killed and forced the Zoo to enclose the open air viewing with glass and mesh.  BUT it had to be done.  Public perception is this is to keep the Animals in.  Personally, I feel like its to keep the Humans out.

Sadly, five years after the Tiger attack, I have still seem Visitors taunt the Big Cats, with verbal heckling, banging on the glass, and even throwing stuff thru the mess and over the glass.  These actions aren't isolated to just the Big Cats.  This type of behavior and more happens at every Animal's home.

That said, even mesh is not a good barrier.   I have noted in posts over a couple years that I have seen foreign objects in Animal enclosures.  Countless times there has been different types of plastic bags in the Lemurs, small toys in the Puente, and other assorted choke size items.  

Last year alone, Henry the Seal and Niya the Snow Leopard both had surgery to remove foreign objects from their intestines.  ... Two weeks ago, food items were thrown into both the Gorillas and the Mandrills.  Last week, another food item went into the Gorillas and the following day when I was there,  Zura one of the female Gorillas was chewing on a pacifier!  After her Nneka took it and broke it to pieces and then Hasani the four year old took the smaller pieces and chewed on them.  

Broken record on repeat:

*Why are there no big signs telling people what not to do?  

*Why hasn't my suggestion of having a video of how to behave in the Zoo not been taken to fruition?

*Why doesn't Zoo Staff/Docents/Security stand at the Gate House and give a speech to Visitors about behaving?  They do this now for school groups, but the worst perpetrators are adults.  

*Why aren't there Docents assisting the Security in patroling the grounds AND watching what the Visitors are doing.

AND lastly, if the Zoo is so bent on patting themselves on the back for providing "Wellness" why aren't they being proactive in protecting the Animals?   When they hired their "Wellness" Guru, he suggested (which I did already) that a glass barrier go up at Gorillas, so people couldn't (hang over) and look down at them.  Curiously, only three of five viewing platforms is glassed in.   Half-assed I say.  I mean really,  It makes no sense.  BUT then again the barriers at Bears that were put in after an alleged escape attempt by one of the Polar Bears are downright ridiculous in their own right.  Two of three grottos have the barrier.  Again???

Yes it would be costly to glass in all the enclosures, but if the Zoo can spend 3.4 Million Dollars on a new playground, they can surely ask donors to help keep the Animals safe, considering the donors are supposed to "care" about the Zoo, which should equal caring about the Animals safety.  In addition it would cut down the constant flow of misbehavior.  Including fools who try to enter the enclosures and put the Animals lives at risk.

Yes, it would be cause for complaints from the public who want to see Animals open air, but those complaining would only be the ones who misbehave.  Those who actually care about Animals would get it.  Sure I don't like taking photos behind glass, but I care more about the Animals safety.

Additionally, there needs to be some at-a-glance (BIG lettered) signage at the Family Farm entrance, telling people not to bring in food, not to feed the animals anything but food they sell there, not to bring in any plastic bags to hold the food in or have hanging out of pockets/purses, not to sit on the animals, not to pull on their horns, not to chase the animals.  Good Grief I have recently and constantly seen people do all these things, which included an adult try to sit on a Dwarf Goat, put a Lollipop w/stick in a Goats mouth, and watch a Sheep throw up a plastic baggie.

Come on SFZoo get your Graphics Dept doing their job and making some decent sized signs displaying behavior rules bluntly.  Then work on enclosing the exhibits to protect the Animals.

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RIP Buffy - Buff Cochin Hen Passes

Forever Loved
Forever Missed
 RIP Buffy

Pretty Lady I will miss you 
and your beautiful fancy bloomers,
prancing around the barnyard!

Buffy's Keeper Amber put up this 
sweet flower memorial next to 
Buffy's photo in the barn's frame.
In addition to hanging out on the farm with her friends, Buffy was part of the Zoo's Bald Eagle Breeding Program.  She incubated fertile Bald Eagle eggs until they were ready to hatch :)

More Words from the (cough) Heart from the San Francisco Zoo

This topic ended up being noted in the post

Relevant words from that post:

Not long ago someone relayed a blurb in an internal Zoo email in regards to the future Bear Grotto plans.  There were a few notations that I had planned to post about in regards to this but hadn't gotten to yet.  That is for another time.  The part that struck me about what I was told was a quote from the Zoo's illustrious leader Director Tanya Peterson.  After sharing the future plans she added, "This was made possible by the passing of the Spectacled Bear."   Nice Tanya, Nice.   I'm sure Wishbone is looking down glad he was able to help you out by dying.  You're probably waiting for the Polars to die too before you do anything to get those animals off concrete.

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

News Article on SFZoo Tiger Cub Public Viewing - Misinformation?

So, I thought I was done blogging for today, but then I get a Google Alert for yet another News Article about the Public Viewing of the Tiger Cub.
When I got home Friday, after the surprise of being let into the Lion House for the first opportunity to get to see the Cub,  I had alerts for three different articles.  Those articles noted that the Zoo had planned to open the Lion House on the weekend for two hours each day, so the public could view the live cam feed from the nest box, with the possibility of seeing the Cub in person.
When I read the articles, I didn't notice the wording (and havn't went back to re-read), but while I was there, many people came up to the Keepers on hand and asked about seeing the Cub, noting that the articles stated she woudl be visible.  Keepers apologized for the Zoo information being misquoted.  I wondered if I didn't get that sense because I already knew what  the situation was.   
Now, this article come out and it is not only curious, but as I lean more from curious to accusing, it makes me mad.  You can read the full article at this link, but I have copy and pasted the part that bothers me the most.  .. Note that this is by an Associated Press writer, John Marshall.
>>> "The enthusiasm was apparent Saturday, the first day of display, when the crowd gasped as the cub made her appearance. Zoo workers brought her back inside so that she would not be disturbed by the noise." <<<
So, apparently this writer was not there.  So, where did he get this information?  Was it fed to him by the Zoo?  OR Did he just make this crap up?   The Cub never made an appearance on Saturday.  I stood there the whole two hours,  I know this for a fact.
>>>"The cub needs to be used to the public, so we are not taking the cub out if its nest box if it's not quiet," said Abbie Tuller, a spokeswoman for the zoo.<<<
I don't know this spokesperson, but if this is truly her quote, she clearly knows as little about the Zoo as her predecessors.   There is no way the Cub would be physically taken out of the nest box for the public to view.  As much as I find fault with many of the Zoo Staff, I would guarantee this would never happen.   
So, the point of this post?  For the most part an outlet to vent.  BUT, it still remains, what was the actual information this writer used to create this article?   Was it made up or actual erroneous information from San Francisco Zoo Staff? 

Note that the viewing of the Cub is such, that if the Cub is visible, it will be up to the Mother to bring her out.  Visitors are allowed into the Lion House, for the opportunity at a CHANCE to see the Cub, not a guarantee.  Visitors will be able to view the Cub in the nest box via live feed on a monitor.  

Naming the Tiger Cub - Animal Names at the San Francisco Zoo

If you have read even a handful of my posts, you have either read my opinions and issues with the Zoo's "process" (or more so, lack of), for naming Animals, or you have noticed that I often include two names for an Animal.  

I will try not to repeat myself for those who have already read these posts, but for those who haven't I must repeat a bit to make this a post that is a stand alone read.

These two posts mainly discusses the Zoo's constant renaming of newly acquired Animals who already have birth names.  Something that frankly, really pisses me off.   In short, if an Animal has a name it was given from birth, that is the name it should retain.  It is, like the rest of us, their identity.  Sadly the Zoo does not see it that way and could careless what they call them.  I think the Zoo Director should change her name and see how it feels.  I got a few suggestions.  

I didn't have as big a problem with it when I first heard about it several years ago.  That was because I knew that the Animals given names were being used by their Keepers.  That is different now.  For example, Siberian/Amur Tiger Shastyuh had he name changed to "Martha".   Her main Keeper Barb called her Shastyuh, (as well always called Leanne by her given name Skylar).  Since Barb is gone, those in charge call poor Shastyuh, Martha.  And to confuse her, they started the change by calling her ShastyuhMartha.   Awful. Now the poor girls just Martha.  When I hear them call her that, I look at her and think she's probably saying , "I got your Martha right here!"

So, what's my opinion on the names being given to Animals born at the San Francisco Zoo.  I have a few.  Some Animals, like the Cubs from Skylar's first litter were named by the Keepers.  Native names that had meaning.  BUT they were also auctioned off, giving them "public/donor names."  Again that was when the Keepers retained birth names.   In recent times the one newborn that I can think of to reference is Little Romo, named by Zoo Staff after a Giants ballplayer.  So, that name is her given name and its fine.  I would certainly prefer to have the Zoo and Donors stop naming and renaming Animals after ballplayers, but that seems to be the current mentality, as Donors not only think its "fun", but the Zoo in my opinion does it to grab Media attention.

Now, we come to sweet "Little Padang", Sumatran Cub without a name.  I was told recently her name would be auctioned off at Zoofest.  A literal frown came to my face.  What kind of name will she end up with?  Seeing as the Zoo has not named her themselves, a name that will follow her for life once she leaves here.  Meaning, her given name, like her parents would be listed as such in the Studbooks.  "Leanne" is listed as Skylar and "Larry" is listed as Taymor.  As is the others who have been renamed.  

I have been calling her "Little Padang" because for me that is the perfect name for her.  It honors her blood Auntie, who lived at the Zoo most of her life and recently passed away as the oldest living Tiger of any species in a North American Zoo.  Her new Uncle at the Sacramento Zoo has been named Castro Junior in honor of his Father (LP's Grandfather), since he has been battling some recent health issues.  A very sweet and touching tribute to not only his Father, but to an Animal that has contributed to the Sumatran Tiger population with this being the fifth Cub he has sired.

So, since I doubt any of the Donor's read this blog, because I doubt they do any research of their own in regards to the Zoo or the Animals that live there, I wonder just what kind of name this little girl will end up with.   Sadly, the Zoo's Director does not give any guidelines for naming Animals, and so many like poor Tucker the Hippo who ended up being the joke of a deep pocketed donor who named him Brian Wilson  (after a Giants ballplayer) while our Director just smiled and thanked him while taking his check.  Maybe she will end up being "Kelly", a donor who seems to want every new female Zoo friend named after her, as both Sable the Otter and Niya the Snow Leopard have recently been given the "Kelly" brand.

San Francisco Zoo, I understand the need for raising funds, but if you're not going to try to auction the rights to Sponsor the Animal (with a name plaque at the exhibit), which would be the better option to this crazy name game you play, at the very least provide these people with some guidelines, starting with no ballplayer name (or any celebrity for that matter) for this little girl OR any more of the Animals.  Suggest names with meaning even if they aren't of Native origin.  I don't have a problem with a common name I guess if its from birth, my real issue with that is the renaming.  Although I do think the name should mean something.

I wish the Zoo was more creative in fund raising, so they didn't have to auction names.  I'm sure other Zoo do it, but more often I hear of naming contests like the current one for the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo Lion Cubs.  Keepers narrowed down the suggestions to ones they liked best, which regardless of actual chosen percentages may be what they go for, but at least the names are a pool of thoughtful suggestions.  

Last year for the SFZoo Penguin naming, they did a contest, and it clearly said to choose a female name and they even gave character trait suggestions.  My friend Lee and I had great names, that meant something.  They said the little girl was always at the front, so my pick was Starlett.  Lee's was Serifina, which means Mermaid.  At least we thought about it.  The gal who won picked Russell Brand (a male British Comedian).   I about went postal.  No joke.  For one, if its going to be a random pick, someone should have taken the entries by hand and looked at the names a filtered them, otherwise it should not be random, but the best one chosen by the Keeper.  In this case I can't fault the Zoo, because they tried and it was the people who again think its funny to name something awful.  Thankfully, Keeper Anthony Brown did not let this name happen.  He had the winner chose another name.

This all said, I hope sweet "Little Padang" does not end up Kelly, a male ballplayer, or celebrity.

I apologize if I was kinda all over the place about this subject, I'm just over the disrespect of renaming and the naming in general of ballplayers!  I want this little girl to have a beautiful name that means something and doesn't just mean how much money will it gain.

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Tiger Cub Relatives - Big Cat Families :)

I have written posts about Family members of my Zoo friends, as I have done not only Family Tree's on many of the Zoo friends, but follow them online when possible.   This started when former Lion House Keeper Barb shared her Tiger Studbooks with me and from then on I found others online for many Animals, including Bears, Gorillas, Chimps, and Rhinos.

Today I share with you three Big Cats Cubs that are related to those that live at the San Francisco Zoo.  I've mentioned them before but these are new links and if you have been enjoying "Little Padang" (SFZoo Sumatran Tiger Cub) then you will enjoy these cuties!

First, and regardless that this is not her name, this is what I call her and its better than what the Zoo calls her which is "the cub".  Moving on, so "Little Padang"s Father Taymor (Larry by Zoo renaming) was born at the Sacramento Zoo.  His Parents, Castro and Bahagia welcomed a singleton Cub on March 3!  So "Little Padang" has an Uncle a few weeks younger than her :)   You can follow CJ's (the Cub) progress via their FB page as well their blog, which has photos and an embedded video of the Cub's latest exam :)


Leanne (for the sake of what people have come to know her as, yet her real name is Skylar) had a litter of  three Cubs in 2008 with Bali (who recently passed away while living at Point Definace Zoo).  Those boys have gone onto other Zoo's, (a couple twice moved) on their journey to meet their recommended breeding partners.   Jae-Jae is living at the London Zoo (I've posted a previous update on this blog), where they have just opened their new exhibit Tiger Territory.   You can check in an view Jae-Jae and his girlfriend Melati on the live webcam on their site.


Also the subject of another recent post, the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, recently welcomed a litter of five Lion Cubs, born to Mother Mfisha and Father Big.  Mfisha is the Daughter of SFZoo Lioness Sukari.  Big is the Brother of SFZoo Lioness Amanzi.   HDZ posted this video clip of Mama and Cubs this morning :)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Tiger Cub Cuteness! - On View Update :)

Yesterday (Friday 3.22.13) we were lucky enough to be at the Zoo when they had the first open (Lion) House since the Sumatran Tiger Cub was born on February 10th.   I have been anxiously waiting to see the new addition, an unnamed female I call little Padang (in honor of her Auntie who passed away last Spring).  I learned last week that she will actually be named by auction, so sadly she will probably end up being named after a local athlete instead of something thoughtful with meaning.  Make me wrong Donors!

Anyway, the moment I heard we would be able to go in the Lion House with the slightest of chance at being part of the first public viewing, I literally thought the stars had aligned and could almost hear music :)  Turns out little Padang was napping with her Mama in the nest box the whole hour the LH was open.  No worries because she was viewable on the monitor via live feed from inside the nest box.  

I'm just happy they made this available.  I wish they had it outside so even when the Lion House is not open, Visitors can see her.  They did this when Hasani (Gorilla) was little.  ... Having it online would really rock.  SFZoo, show us you can rock!

Not being able to wait to see the major cuteness that this little one will be, I went back today.  She didn't make an appearance, but still worth it to watch the feed when she did move about :)   I captured some cute clips and made a couple videos, a one minute version and a full length four minute version.   The Zoo has yet to post video so I think this is the first footage of her made public :)  Enjoy!

One Minute Version

Full Length Version

More Still Cuteness!
(hard to see face, because of glare
but look at that tummy!)

St Patrick's Day! - Greetings from Paddy!

coming soon!

Belated Birthdays! - Otter - Emu - Mandrill

I missed three Zoo Friends Birthdays :(   
I feel awful!

March 1st, Trent turned 11!
Happy Birthday Trent!

March 16th, Boomer turned 33!
Happy Birthday Boomer!

March 18th, Cleo turned 24!
Happy Birthday Cleo!

Hope you all got special treats
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You are all treasured Friends!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

San Francisco Zoo Connecting People With Wildlife

The Zoo's Mission statement includes, 
"to connect people with wildlife."
I'd say they are doing a great job! 


I usually don't go to the Zoo on the weekend anymore, but I was out and about yesterday and went by to see my Barnyard Friends.  The Zoo was packed and so I decided to go round to some of the trouble spots (where there is the most misbehaving going on)  and snaps some photos.  I of course have quite a collection,  it was a banner day at the Hippo and Rhinos.  Much of the same I have posted in the past "Breaching Barriers" posts, so instead of a string of repeated offenses, I decided to choose just the one above.  

I will relay that the one pic I didn't get was the best example.  A mother holding her infant dangling over the exhibit yelling, "Here Rhino!"   Unbelievable.  Well not really.

So much wrong with these people, so much wrong with the Zoo for allowing this without any effort for deterring this behavior.  I've made many suggestions via this blog, which I know they read, yet the only thing they have done at any of these exhibits is put a few small signs along the Black Rhino barrier that are the size of a large index card.  Yet this sign is full sized, in color and with a photo!

Another example of how the San Francisco Zoo prioritizes stuff.  There continues to be major barrier issues at the Anteater, the Rhinos, the Hippo, the Mandrills, to name a pawful.  Apparently the obnoxious intrusion into the Animals home isn't a "Wellness" concern, nor is the possibility of a stupid Human dropping their kid into an Animal exhibit.  Yet, the possibility of someones Hot Dog getting stolen, big deal.  

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Happy One Month Birthday! - Tiger Cub is Four Weeks Old

As time passes by, my friends and I anxiously await the time when we will get to see Leanne and Taymor's Cub!  I saw her first litter at six weeks old, so hopefully soon!  More about the Cubs birth, its Parents and a link to photos from Leanne's first litter:

Until then, we keep and eye on the Grotto and watch the Cub (who we call little Padang) grow via photos the Zoo posts to their Facebook page.  Visitors who don't view Facebook, see this and other "flyers" posted to the Grotto windows.

We also wish there Zoo would catch up with times and do some webcam broadcasting on their website OR even live at the Zoo.  When Hasani (Gorilla) was a baby, they had a big screen monitor set-up outside the Gorillas where you could view behind the scenes of him before he was out on exhibit.   From the webcam screen captures the Zoo has been posting of the Tiger Cub, we know there is a camera focused on them in the nest box.  So, why can't there be the same set-up outside the Lion House?

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Peaches! - Nigerian Dwarf Goat Birthday

Peaches celebrated her Birthday today, March 9!

Happy Birthday Peaches!

I was glad I could go to the Zoo today and visit my Sweet little Friend Peaches and wish her a Happy Day and of course, sing her Happy Birthday :) to which she then wiggled her tail!  i think she liked it :)  I love you Precious girl!  She was having a wonderful time, lounging in the sunshine with her friend (and mine) Basil close by :)

You can visit Peaches, her "sister" Kiwi (who she came to the Zoo with) and all her friends at the Family Farm in the Children's Zoo.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Maroudi! - Nigerian Dwarf Goat Birthday

Maroudi celebrated her Birthday on March 5!

Happy Birthday Maroudi!

I found out it had been my Precious little Barnyard Friends Birthday when I visited today.  I felt awful and still do that I didn't know and wasn't there for her "party"!  Her Keeper Amber and the Volunteers made her a yummy Goat treat Cake and had the other Staff and Visitors around to sing her Happy Birthday :)   The Barnyard Keepers are wonderful about making sure to celebrate the Friends Birthdays.  I thank them for that because celebrating these awesome Animals on their special day is important to me.   

I felt so awful that Keeper Irene sang with me our own Happy Birthday to Sweet Miss Maroudi today and she seemed to be listening as she even smiled afterward :)   I love you little girl!

You can visit Maroudi, her family (sons Milky Way and Snickers & half-siblings Paprika, Nutmeg and Basil) and friends at the Family Farm in the Children's Zoo.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Cublets! - Tiger Trio Born at SFZoo Turns 5!

March 6, 2008, current new mother Sumatran Tiger Leanne/Skylar gave birth to her first litter of cubs with father Bali/George.  

Happy Birthday 

Hope you boys are loving life!  
I miss you!

The three male cubs were named by the keepers and lived at the San Francisco Zoo, where they were born, until they were alittle over a year old.  You can view some of my fav fotos from my own archive

All three then moved together to the Akron Zoo for their new Tiger exhibit.  I was given some wonderful photos by the Staff at the Akron Zoo to put on my first Zoo blog, please take a look, they are beautiful!

The boys have since moved on to other Zoo's starting a journey that will eventually lead them to meeting their selected mates as part of the SSP (Species Survival Plan).   Burung and Kami-Sambol moved together to the Montgomery Zoo at the end of 2010.   Information I have indicates they are both still there, but I'm trying to get an update.   Jae-Jae moved to the London Zoo in October of 2012. 

You can keep up with them via Social Media sites.

The London Zoo posted this update on Jae-Jae last week, as he met his new girlfriend Melati for the first time :)

Montgomery Zoo was in the news last year when Kami-Sambol made a Super Bowl prediction.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bumping Posts - Highlighting Important Current Issues

Sometimes when I have post ideas swirling in my mind, I often list them out and try to draft them in an order that flows.  When I'm caught up I just post them as they come.   Since I've been behind so much lately, I had certain posts the were marked for writing immediately, my Churro Sheep post the one that comes to mind.  BUT then before I can get it written, I go to the Zoo and get bugged about something else and write it on the spot.  This happened with the Polar Day post.  I put it out there while Polar Day was still in the news, and when I did my Churro post last night, even tho I tweet the direct link, I feel like it may get lost and to me this is the most pressing situation because its one that can be changed NOW.   I should have written a new post that would follow the Polar Day ones, instead of using the draft that preceded it, but I brain faded and once comments were posted, it must stay where its at.  This all said, I want to use this post to BUMP up certain posts that I think should be top reading priority to anyone who is interested in the ISSUES at the San Francisco Zoo.

In regards to the Zoo Disrespecting (and misplacing) the Animals.

In regards to the Zoo Ignoring Visitor Abuse of Barriers and the Animals

Two Posts that detail instances in regard to the Zoo choosing Humans over the Animals that live there.

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Blog Views Reach 10,000 over night! - Thank you!

With my last blog post of the evening, views reached over 10,000!  making the total on all my Zoo related blogs over 32,000 page views!  Thank you to all who have visited and especially to those who have left comments.  I appreciate it and so do my Zoo Friends who I do all this for.

I mentioned those who comment, because I believe everyone's voice deserves to be heard.   I only wish with so many page views that there were even more comments.  Remember you can always choose to post as Anonymous :)

Also, I have just started adding this to all the posts that involve situations that l have a problem with.  In case what I've written moves you to want to take your own action.

As with all posts,
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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Breaching Barriers Continues - Ski Week Stupidity

Much like the Zoo's Lunar Event, and the Day following it, the Zoo does not hire enough Security to patrol the grounds not only on a daily basis, but on days they know will be extra busy.  Sadly, some Staff have even said to my friend Lee and I, that they count us as Security.  The day after the Lunar Event it was packed and not only was there not enough Security ( allegedly two total, of whom are directed to mostly patrol the parking lot and entrance, unless they are called elsewhere), but the Chimps didn't have the extra barriers in front of them like what is put out on free day.  Again, these Chimps, are particular targets for Visitor Abuse and with their aging, they need the extra protection.

A common occurrence (seen here @Chmps) kids chasing the free roaming Peacocks.  Sadly most of the time they are encouraged to do so by the Parents who think its funny to document this terrorizing in photos.   Often times they also try to pull out their feathers.  Aren't Humans wonderful?   The chasing also happens with the Gulls, Pigeons and Squirrels.  Some of which most would think who cares, but note that they all have souls and the old saying goes, "Do unto others as you would want done unto you."   Remember people, Act with Empathy.

The Zoo has still failed to put up proper signage at ALL exhibits, in regards to how to behave at Animal Enclosures (their Homes), including the most dire (for the Animals, who will lose their lives if they do a natural attack on an intruder) keeping the hell off the barriers!  Good Grief people, What's Wrong With you?  This is directed at both the Zoo Management, who should have more signs (and not ones the size of an index card like at Rhinos) and the jerks who continue to think its ok behavior to hang over and stand on barriers.  They are barriers, do you know what that means?  Keep the hell off them! 

 @Sea Lions

this was only moments after another family 
had their kids legs completely daggling over.

Would the photo be worth it if she fell in
and the Mandrill attacked her?
Not to mention the Animals don't need to see 
Humans faces hanging into their homes.

 @Black Rhinos
Not one but two!  That's nice, lose your 
whole family by accidentally dropping both kids in.
Think it can't happen, tell that to the
gal in Pittsburgh who did just that.
This happening a foot from the tiny sign that
the Zoo put up after I blogged about this the last time.

 Both these pix @Anteater
Poor Angelo's home continues to 
be breached on a daily basis
and the Zoo Management doesn't care.

Stupid behavior comes with Stupid comments.  I hear them every Visit, but these were the prizes last week during Ski/Snow Week (no school for fools!)

@Polars Bears -  "I didn't know they had Polar Bears in Canada, cool!"  ... Seriously, what planet are people on?

@Family Farm - "I bet that Sheep wishes he had Horns in the back of his head for when Lions sneak up." ... Yea for all those Sheep on the Savannah lol!

@Train - Mother hearing the Sea Lions says to her kid:  "What's that?  Is that an Elephant?"

All you got to do is listen, there are some doozys out there and these people are serious!

As with all posts,
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for additional insight and information.
Check back as I reply to all comments.
Contact the San Francisco Zoo Director Tanya Peterson
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