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HOT TOPIC! - Will Ndume (Gorilla) Become The Gorilla Foundation's New Cash Cow?

With Koko now gone, what will become of Ndume?

Screencap of Ndume

For those of you who aren't familiar with Ndume, here is a bit of background.  Ndume was born at Cincinnati Zoo.  Hand raised.  Sent to Brookfield Zoo. He was labeled a problem child, because he displayed typical Ape frustration often caused by stress and other related factors.  He was a poop thrower.  Low on the desirable totem pole, he was sent packing to The Gorilla Foundation in 1991 to be Koko's new alleged boyfriend, after no mating between her and Michael, another Gorilla Foundation casualty, stolen from his Mother in the wild and bought by Penny, along with a female, who allegedly didn't survive the journey.  He passed away in 2000.  There has been much said about whether or not TGF's Penny Patterson was ever seriously going to let Koko that close to another Gorilla conceive or if his residence there was just another smoke screen to keep the "Koko wants a baby" scenario alive.  With no contact with Koko, Ndume has sat there living in a trailer (as did Koko), and allegedly rotating with her for use of a fenced in outdoor space.

When I heard of Koko's passing, after being sad about her death and the life she was cruelly forced to live, my immediate thought was, what about Ndume?  I remembered a Petition I signed to Free Ndume several years ago, so I revisited that to learn more about his situation.  I don't claim to have followed The Gorilla Foundation closely, or know everything first hand, but I have done some research, and by all accounts, Ndume really does need to be in a better living situation. 

In addition to the condensed information on the Petition site, I read through all the pertaining posts on the Petitioner, Dawn Forsythe's blog, Chimp Trainer's Daughter. This one in particular gives more of Ndume's history.  

I was already acquainted with Dawn who is highly regarded and would not put forth claims she did not research and confirm.   Another  resource I read through was a former TGF employees Facebook page, Ndume Still Ignored.  There are many comments by former caregivers detailing their experience.  Of course The Gorilla Foundation can and has said that the claims made about what goes on there with the Gorillas care and well-being (while Koko was still alive) are untrue, but seriously, when you read through the stories and comments, there are too many former employees confirming the same things.  Regardless of whether these alleged experiences are true or not (I personally believe them),  the bottom line is, Ndume is a Great Ape and he is now living basically in solitary confinement.  He and Koko allegedly never shared the same space, although TGF maintained they communicated through mesh.   So he may or may not have been living an isolated life for the past 27 years, and with Koko's passing, he is definitely living one now.

Last week would have been Koko's 47th Birthday.   The Gorilla Foundation sent out an email to past supporters.  This was forwarded to me by a friend, who was a former supporter.  I will post it in its entirety at the end for those who are interested in the full version.  That said, I read through this email and was sick.  It basically asked for Donations in Koko's Memory.  I am disgusted that even in death TGF is pimping Koko out for donations.  There is no Legacy to keep going, in regard to asking for donations.  There is no further work to be done.  In fact in my opinion the "work", also known as experimenting, should have not gone on for 46 years of Koko's life.  The words of TGF's Penny Patterson in this email, make it seem like she plans to continue, literal "business" as usual.  Does that mean Ndume will now take Koko's place and be the one pimped out? 

In Dawn Forsythe's Petition of 2014, she urges the Cincinnati Zoo who still holds ownership of Ndume to Bring Ndume Home, give him the care and respect he deserves.  In essence, so he can live out his life with other Gorillas. There was no response from the decision makers at the Zoo whom the Petition was aimed at, Ron Evans and Bob Lessnau.  It seems obvious the Cincinnati Zoo has turned their back on Ndume.  Shameful. 

It has been reported that the AZA/SSP recommended in 2013 that the Cincinnati Zoo recall Ndume.  What became of that?   I know for a fact with my experience with our SFZoo that AZA/SSP recommendations are advised to be followed, otherwise accreditation and additional Animal transfers from other AZA Zoos will be at stake.  So I can only surmise that the Cincinnati Zoo who doesn't want Ndume and the AZA/SSP are working in cahoots to not recall him back to Cincinnati.  From what I've read of his treatment there and at Brookfield, Ndume is better off not going back to Cincinnati and a home found for him elsewhere.

Why have the Cincinnati Zoo and the AZA/SSP allowed Ndume to continue to live at The Gorilla Foundation for 27 years in isolation?  He went there under the guise of a companionship with Koko.  When that didn't materialize why wasn't he recalled back to Cincinnati?  Why wasn't he sent to another Zoo?  Space became available at Cincinnati when Harambe was killed, why did Cincinnati and AZA/SSP choose to acquire another male for Harambe's group?  If Ndume isn't a desirable breeding candidate, then why hasn't he been transferred to a Bachelor group?  I've read there are a couple dozen in AZA Zoos.  I have another idea, I'm still logistically working out in my head, but will post about soon.

So, now that Koko is gone, the question to the Cincinnati Zoo, the AZA, and the SSP, ... What is the future plan for Ndume?

Some say, Ndume has developed anti-social behavioral issues from being isolated and that he wouldn't be able to be introduced back into a Gorilla group.  Others say, with proper socialization he could be.   It would seem that for his well-being, trying to get him into a group situation by whatever means, is morally the right thing to do.  I of course put emotion into every Animal situation.  My first thought is, he needs to be with other Gorillas, but then I think,  TGF has been his home for 27 years, it's what he knows, is it right to take him away from that?  But, since know one can know for sure,  Is he comfortable there or waiting for someone to rescue him?  What is for sure, is being forced to live a life of isolation is cruel.  Something has to be done. 

Ndume should be given the opportunity to be a Gorilla, something Koko never got.

I have taken a list of individuals from the AZA site in regard to Gorillas and sought out contact email addresses.  Where direct email is not listed, I inquired and did not get reply back, so will use general email.  If new contact info is provided, I'll update the list.  I did not include any contacts from Cincinnati Zoo, because after all I've read its clear they don't want Ndume. ... If anyone is inclined, please take a moment to contact one or all of these people, expressing your thoughts about Ndume and inquiring about his future. 

AZA Animal Program Leaders (Gorilla)

Ape TAG Chair:

>Tara Stoinski, Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International  ...  ATTN: Tara Stoinski in subject line

Ape TAG Vice Chair:

>Tracy Fenn, Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens ...

Western Lowland Gorilla SSP Coordinator: 

>Kristen Lukas, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo ...

Western Lowland Gorilla SSP Vice Coordinator:

>Rachel Daneault, Disney's Animal Kingdom  ... Attn: Rachel Daneault in subject line.

Western Lowland Gorilla Studbook Keeper: 

>Roby Elsner, Audubon Zoo ...  ATTN: Roby Elsner in subject line.

Ape TAG Education Advisors:

>Connie Kassner, Cameron Park Zoo ...

>Sandi Linn, SaveNature.Org ... Attn: Sandi Linn in subject line.

>Nadine Kocanjer, Disney's Animal Kingdom ... Attn: Nadine Kocanjer in subject line.

Western Lowland Gorilla SSP Conservation Advisors:

 > Rich Bergl, North Carolina Zoological Park  ... Rich's contact info via web based form:

>Tara Stoinski, Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International
(see above contact info)

Email from The Gorilla Foundation seeking Legacy donations.  Also contained heart tugging photos of Koko.

Dear ....

I can’t thank you enough for your thoughtful condolences. The many letters and notes I have received have touched my heart. I want you to know that I am working through my grief, and all the stories and kind words about Koko have lifted my spirits and given me a renewed sense of energy and purpose.

I am committed to more interspecies communication with gorillas. It is important to remember that “All Gorillas are Kokos” and know that Koko’s spirit will help guide the way!Now is the time for us to move to a higher level with our work at The Gorilla Foundation. I am so proud of what Koko and our team have accomplished so far. What we can accomplish next is even greater and the time to act is now. I am more determined than ever to ensure that Koko’s legacy continues to change the world.

I envision a future where all great apes live peacefully and safely in sanctuaries and in their natural habitat in Africa — where education embraces empathy and encourages young people to save our planet and all great apes (which include us) through compassion-driven conservation. With Koko as our ambasador, we have done a good job of informing the public, but Koko aimed to reach everybody, and we still have a few billion more people to reach!

Our goal now is to get the message out to the next generation, so young people can learn and do a better job of taking care of Mother Earth than previous generations. Koko can continue to be our ambassador and a guiding "voice of nature" to help us make the right decisions. She would want us to leverage the insights we have gained by communicating with gorillas to further scientific research for the benefit of all great apes.

There is so much more to learn through interspecies communication, and we have 46 years of multimedia data to archive, catalog, share and build upon. Conservation through communication is just in its infancy.

I ask you to turn any sadness or grief you may be feeling into positive action. Help us continue our work and keep Koko’s legacy alive. Please consider making a donation at

With love,

Thursday, July 5, 2018

HOT TOPIC! - The Crime of Selling Koko

I started this post the day the news broke that Koko had passed away.  These are the words that came to me when I heard.  

Shedding Tears.  RIP Koko.  Bless You Lady.  Hope You are finally with Your Family.  Where you always belonged.

When I didn't post right away, I decided to wait and post on what would be Koko's 47th Birthday, upcoming on July 4th.  Ironic Koko was born on Independence Day, since she never knew freedom.  I don't mean the freedom of living wild, but the simple freedom to live as the Being she was born to be, a Gorilla.

I have written about many morally criminal things that have gone on at the Zoo, during the time I have been most active there.  In my opinion the selling of Koko to Penny Patterson is probably the worst San Francisco Zoo Crime committed. 

I have known about Koko for as long as I can remember.  I loved Miss Koko.  Such a Sweet and Intelligent Being.  Her famous story about her love for her Kitten endeared so many to her.  I knew she lived in the area, but it wasn't until later in life did I know she was born at our SFZoo.  

Like most people, I grew up to eventually come to know her history as told by Penny Patterson of the Gorilla Foundation.  In short, Patterson was looking for an infant Gorilla to teach sign language to.  She came in contact with Koko.  Koko was allegedly in the Nursery at the SFZoo, allegedly recovering from an illness.  Patterson, gained support for her project inside and outside the Zoo, and pushed to take ownership of Koko, eventually being  allowed to purchase Koko for what is rumored to have been $12,000, an amount equal to over $71,000 today.  

In recent years I have become friends with three people who have known and worked with Koko at different times in her life, two at the Gorilla Foundation and the SFZoo Ape Keeper at the time of Koko's birth.  When I asked about Koko being separated from her Mother and Family, the key point of the story I was told was different than what has been put forth by the Gorilla Foundation (Penny Patterson) and possibly the Zoo back in the day, for all these years.  The Keeper tells me that he never knew of any illness that would have taken Koko from her Mother, Jacqueline.  He thinks that may have been a cover story to allow this horror to happen.  He recounts that after Koko was separated from her Family, her Mother would cry out for her continuously, and the whole Family would be searching for her.   This version of the story, breaks my heart for this Family. 

There is no denying that Penny loved Koko in her own way.  I obviously don't know how Koko felt, but I have always felt Koko lived an incredibly sad life and the Zoo did her a great disservice allowing Penny to take her.  I have always thought she should have lived with other Gorillas.  She never lived with Michael or Ndume, two other Gorilla Foundation Residents.  There was no reason the teaching sessions could not have been done at the Zoo.  I 100% believe there was no illness that separated Koko from her Mother.  I believe even if that were true, that there was no reason she could not have been reunited with her Gorilla Family.  This transaction to sell Koko was fought against by this Keeper and others, but was lost to Selfishness and Greed by both the San Francisco Zoo and Penny Patterson.  

Koko was torn away from her Mother and her Family and allowed to be taken to live on her own as a human experiment. We know how brilliant she was learning sign language which is what made her famous and also made the career of the person (Patterson) who was instrumental in seeking out management and authority figures within the Zoo to be on her side to take Koko away from her 
Mother Jaqueline and her Family Troop.  Unconscionable.

You can view a video clip of Koko clinging to her Mother in this News video shortly after her birth.  ... She was only a year old when she taken away and sold.  Jacqueline was a good Mama and Loved her Babie.  Her Babie needed her.  

 Screencaps of News Photos
Koko and her Mama Jacqueline

Had Koko been allowed to live her life as intended, she would have grown up with her Family, Papa Bwana, Mama Jacqueline, Sibling Mkubwa (Kubie), Half-Siblings Sunshine, and Kwanza Moja and their Mama Missy.   She was robbed at a natural life.  I'm so sorry Precious Lady.

The day of the news, I did this Gorilla coloring graphic in honor of Koko and her Family.  All are gone now.  Hope they have had a beautiful reunion.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Cobby Movie is Here!

#CobbyMovie is here!  If you didn't see the first showing yesterday, get down to #RoxieTheater tonight 7:15p showtime.

The Film was Wonderful!  I'm ivested emotionally in Cobby, Maggie and Minnie.  I cried at every mention of them, from Cobbys journey as a juvenile entertainer, to the possibility of them losing their home, even seeing footage of them as they are when I visit them now.  They just make me cry.  All the Interviewees that participated were great.  Whether talking about their experiences with Cobby or about the lives of Chimps in general, their voices for and about Chimpanzees, will endear you to what they are saying.  Even if you don't know Cobby, you will fall in love with him, and going on the often sad journey Chimps take as infants will pull at your heart strings. Cobby: The Other Side Of Cute is a must see!

So happy to be a part of this Film.

Friday, May 25, 2018

HOT TOPIC! - SF Rec and Park Allowing Volunteers to Kidnap Swan Babies!

Well, I again got delayed in wrapping up the posts I have in draft and getting them posted.  

On Monday 5.14.18 , I went to the Palace of Fine Arts to check on a Duck I observed with a foot issue the week before.  Also the week before I saw both Swan Parents, Blanche and Blue Boy off the nest, so I figured with hatching time at either near or passed, that there would be no Cygnets this year, OR that the Caregivers had once again taken them.  To my surprise and joy, there were two beautiful Cygnets, with their Parents!

Knowing these Swans very well, even having two eggs hatch in front of me in 2013, I once again became involved in the cruel drama that they suffer at the hands of the Volunteer Caretakers and SF Rec and Park.  I knew for several years that the Caretakers were taking these Babies soon after hatching, but couldn't prove it and no one believed me.  Well, this same day, I overheard the Caretaker and Gardener hatching a plan to "Net" the Babies!   Needless to say, I was near tears, that this might not only be happening, but possibly be happening while I was there.  I was thrown into a heightened state of anxiety, literally shaking as I tried to google search contact numbers for media that I didn't already have in my phone.  I called everyone I could think of, spoke with ACC, Park Rangers, Rec and Park Staff who all deferred to one person, who is and continues to be no help, because she refuses to acknowledge the factual reason the Caretaker is giving.  

I want to note because it relates to the SFZoo.  Dealing with Rec and Park in regards to this situation, it has become clearer that they do not care about Animals.  I have contacted them in regard to Wildlife issues before and they are no help.  I have found that in this situation with the Palace Swans, they defer to the Volunteer Caretakers, rather than take an active role in the management of the Swans.  Sound familiar?  It should, because (and this is a blog post I intend to do) the SF Rec and Park, along with the SF Zoological Society is supposed to take part in managing the Zoo, yet they defer to Director Peterson, rather than take that active role in management.  Why?  I can only assume because its easier for them.  They don't have to think about the Zoo, or in this case the Swans.  Others are appointed to head the management, so they just take whatever they say, whether the Swan Caretakers, or Zoo Director, as word and allow them to do whatever they want.  

Passing the buck is common, but what I find disturbing and curious about the SF Rec and Park, is that, our City claims to be "green"  and care about the environment, patting its back at every turn on their "accomplishments" in this area, yet when it comes to the Wild things that live here, both actually wild and in captivity, they don't seem to give a shit.  Its really upsetting.

With all the networking I have been trying to do to Help the Swans, I keep forgetting to post here for added awareness. ... The Cygnets are two weeks old now.  Hopefully my efforts have given them a stay from the Kidnapping.  Who knows because you can't get a satisfying answer out of Rec and Park.  The Rec and Park give one reason, the Caretakers another.  The later says they take them so they don't get eaten by Raccoons.   Rec and Park refuses to comment on the contradiction.  Bottom line, these Babies need their Parents.  These Swans were put to live on the Palace Lake as Wild Animals.  They must be allowed to take care of their Babies until the natural time they would separate in the wild, which is near adult size , after 3-4 months.  Taking them preemptively on a hypothetical is Cruel, and just as traumatizing as if  they were taken by Animal Predator.                                                                                              

                                                                                                                                                             There are alot of details to this situation.  I started a dedicated blog to this situation.  I have a post detailing all information, a post to my FB Group, Petition, and Video.  If this interests you please visit the blog and read the details.  I will continue to post there about what's going on.  Thank you!

Help Spread Awareness!
View and Share 

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Cobby Chimpanzee the Movie to Premiere in San Francisco!

Some of you already know that the Life Story of our Male Chimpanzee Cobby is the subject of a Documentary titled,  Cobby: The Other Side Of Cute.  From the beginning of production I have hoped that the film would have its first showing here in San Francisco.  Last week the wonderful news was made public when SF DocFest announced their 2018 line-up.  Cobby: The Other Side Of Cute will have its World Premiere June 3rd at the Roxie Theater!  A second showing will be the following day.  

Here is the SF DocFest page photo and link that will take you directly to this page, where you can purchase tickets. 

I have not seen the film yet, but I was involved and know all the people who will be interviewed and I think it will be a great film for awareness of the overall plight of Chimpanzees.  There are still so many people who don't know what horror wild Chimps face.  When I first was contacted by one of the Filmmakers, Donna McRae, she didn't even know.  I myself may only know because I know our San Francisco Zoo Chimpanzees and their histories.  

Donna had grown up watching Cobby's TV Show Cobby's Hobbies.  Filmed in the USA, but only shown in her native Australia.  Like Donna, I grew up watching a TV Show featuring Chimps, Lancelot Link Secret Chimp.  Before Lancelot, before Cobby, there was Chatter (who was Cobby's adopted Brother).  Chimps have long been subjects of Entertainment, and while they have become less used in TV/Film, probably because of the stigma that's been attached in recent years, you will still see Chimps used this way and in other media and advertising.  For one, there is an abundance of greeting cards featuring Chimps.  All these Chimps are infants and juveniles.  Whether taken from the wild or born in captivity, all have been taken as infants from their Mother's, and have become part of an ongoing Exotic Animal Pet Trade.  

When I began filling Donna in on Cobby, and our Maggie, Minnie and Tallulah's history, she had no idea about this, and was horrified.  All four were victims of the Pet Trade. They were all wild born. They were all taken from their Mother's.  Their Mother's most likely murdered, in order for the kidnapping to take place.  In the current crisis, Mother's and other Family members are murdered and their bodies sold for bushmeat, while infants sold as Pets.  ... Along with her search for Cobby, and now learning the horror Cobby, our girls, and other infant Chimps had and continue to face, it was clear this was a film she and her partner Michael Vale wanted to make.   Cobby Movie was born.

I helped with research and interviewee suggestions, so I know this will be a Film that tells Cobby's story and how it relates to the plight of wild Chimpanzees.  He personalizes the crisis.  Cobby knew the horror of being ripped from his wild Family, but thankfully, he was one of the lucky ones.  He was treated well by the Family that bought him, and has lived a good peaceful life since arriving at the Zoo.

Hope everyone who knows our SFZoo Chimps, and who cares about or wants to learn about the plight of Chimpanzees will be interested in seeing this Film.

I made a video telling Cobby about the Movie :) 

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Hot Topic Blogs and Blogging History.

Hot Topic Blogs linked at bottom of this post.

When people find out I blog about the Zoo, they are curious what I write about.  I tell them that unfortunately most of what I write about are things I have issue with.  Its not all I write about but it is a huge part.  It wasn't how this blog started, and it certainly was not how my blogging started.  

For those who have known me for many years, know that my first blog ever, was aimed at sharing all the I was learning through my own research, and from Keepers, about the SFZoo Animals.  In the wake of the Tatiana Tiger event, I had read so much slamming of the Zoo, that I wanted to put forth some good stuff and hope that people would be endeared to the Animals as I was, and find the good in the Zoo.   That blog was  Started in 2009 and like this blog, named in honor of my Beloved Tapir Friend Goober.

Through the years, there have been many other happy animal themed blogs and other online efforts. They are all listed here  ... One of my favorites is my Enrichment dedicated blog

I want to note three other blogs that like the others, I no longer post on, but do contain important past issues.  These are my Hot Topic Blogs. For anyone interested in SFZoo related issues, take a look through the archived posts on these blogs.   

Dedicated to my Crusade to Save our Chimps from being kicked out of the Zoo.

Dedicated to my Crusade to get our Andean Bear natural surface added to his home.

Assorted topics of issue

Thank You to all who have an interest in everything about the San Francisco Zoo.

Animal In Danger? ... Please Take Action! ... Resource Info

Well, the weekend is closing on me again and I still have several posts in draft that I have been trying to finish and post for a couple of weekends now.  Last weekend was a bust, as mid-week I was told about a very disturbing incident at Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park. I was so upset the following days that other than trying to help that situation, I got nothing done. So, even though the posts I have in queue flow from the last post I did, I'm going to insert this one here for Awareness, in hopes it reaches even a few people and lives can be saved.

The incident is as follows.  Early Wednesday (4.11) morning, I was watching the Great Horned Owl Nest in the Park.  The self-titled (much like I am the "Director" of this blog) "Director" of San Francisco Nature Education, approached a friend of mine and told him about one of the Heron Nests at Stow Lake.  For those who don't know, there is a tree at Stow Lake where up to seven nests have been seen over the years, as the Great Blue Heron nests there annually.  One of her friends had witnessed a Nest with Chicks, fall out of the tree, to the ground on the Island below.  She said, "Nothing could be done."  This happened Monday afternoon. When the story was relayed to me, I was horrified, and of course had questions as to whether anything was done.  I know for fact the Boathouse would work with Animal Care and Control to get to the Island to check on the Nest.  I immediately called Park Patrol and asked if there had been any calls about this.  No.  I then called ACC.  No reports in their system.  They asked me to call back if I get anymore information.  I went over to Stow to see for myself if I could see anything, and from shore you really can't.  I was so upset and felt helpless.  

When I got home, I emailed the "Director", Nancy, I asked her about the nest, questioning if anyone was called.  She replied, ignoring my question and just saying, it fell, nothing could be done, sad.  I replied, explaining that something could have been done, and that ACC should have been called. She didn't reply.  I emailed and asked again, as well questioning who made the decision that, "Nothing could be done."  Her reply was hostile and again provided no information.  This interaction was over the course of the next day.  Before getting any of her replies, I got up Thursday morning and made some calls.  I called ACC again and they again confirmed they would have went out if there was a call at the time it happened and would certainly go out now if I had more info regarding where it fell.  Basically they needed first hand witness info.  I called Park Patrol again, since I talk to that Dispatcher often, shared my frustration and he ended up connecting me to Stow Lake Supervisor Andy Stone.  I relayed the story to him and he responded, something like, I understand what you're saying but I don't know how to respond.  So, I made it easy for him.  I said, I would like you to get a boat from the Boathouse, go to the Island, and search for the Nest.  He said he couldn't do it today, but would do it tomorrow am.  I thanked him and asked him to update me.   I called ACC back and got a different Dispatcher, who took all the information and said she would call Andy as well.  The next morning Andy left me a message that he went out to Island in a boat and looked but couldn't see a Nest or see/hear any Chicks.  I don't know if he got out of the boat and went on the island, which is what I would have wanted, but at this point, I had done all that I can do, and I'm grateful he at least went out.  All that was left to do was Pray that the nest broke the fall and that the Parents were able to care for the Chicks on the ground.  I hope to one day soon see big babies fledge from the island.  I'm still sad that I couldn't do more.  Sad that no one else did anything at the time.

I have for years, continually been in situations where I've heard of Animals in distress or being harassed, and no authorities have been called.  I just don't understand this.  I have to assume people just don't know who to call?  If I don't assume that, I must assume that people just don't care.  What is most disturbing about this incident is that someone who runs a Nature Education program, had the information and by all accounts from Park Patrol and ACC, she nor the people who witnessed this horror, allegedly did nothing.  Sad.

If you spend anytime in our natural areas, please make note of the contacts I've put together in this flyer.  I have had these numbers in my phone for years and have used them many times.  I share them with friends I spend time with in the Park, or random people who I get in conversation with.  Each time in the past when something happens, I think I need to try and do something about it. I have wanted to do more outreach, but just never get that far.  I'm going to try now to take a few steps further in creating Awareness.  I started a new blog and Facebook Page, San Francisco Wildlife ER Resource.  I haven't added much yet, but hope to include information for SF and all the surrounding areas.

For now its just this information.  Feel free to copy and share.  Thank You.