Tuesday, December 9, 2014

San Francisco Zoo Chimpanzee's Ask Santa for New Play Area

Santa hasn't arrived at the Zoo yet, but has a mailbox set-up at the Zoo's Lemur Cafe, where Visitors can leave their letters for him.  So, yesterday my Friend Lee and I took the opportunity to ask Santa for some things on behalf of our much loved Chimp Friends, Cobby, Maggie and Minnie.  

My internet has been down, so I haven't been able to post for a few weeks now, but I've been writing posts and hope to have them posted by the weekend.  One post is about my Chimp Friends.  Its long overdue and over a year in the making.  I love these Chimps and every week I see them and want more for them. 

I'm going to keep this post short, so please check back and read the longer one.  For now, a little info on the Trio and why they need Santa's help!  

The Triple grotto where the Chimps live has been their home since they arrived.  Cobby in 1968, Maggie and Minnie in 1970.  Both Girls were taken from the wild as infants and brought to the Zoo at less than a year old.  At 45 years old, this is the only home they've known.  Cobby came to the Zoo at the age of ten, after being surrendered by the person who owned him (after obtaining him as a wild born infant) and used him in Entertainment.  This has been his home for 46 years.

Information that I've found shows the cement surface of the Triple Grotto was landscaped and the current structures built in the mid-80s.  There have been no upgrades since.  The structure in the third grotto was taken down a few years ago due to a safety issue.  A huge tree trunk was added.  Their access to the third grotto seems inconsistent.  So, their daily "active" (both accessible and for movement) outside area consists of two "island" surfaces and two near 30 year old structures.  One made of metal that has peeling and rusting paint.

The Chimps home needs some work.  In 1997 a City Bond was voted in, that gave money for a new exhibit, (The Great Ape Forest), that never materialized and the money misappropriated.  Now with their age, doing work that would displace them to another part of the Zoo or cause them stress from the noise, really isn't an option in my opinion.  BUT that doesn't mean there aren't things that can be done to their living area that wouldn't bother them too much in the process.

So, since the Zoo has failed to give them much in the way of upgrades and other stimulating items and activities that would Enrich their lives, we turned to Santa during this time of giving.

Please read my next Chimp post for more information, thoughts and suggestions about this plea.