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San Francisco Zoo Red Pandas - All Three (Now) Renamed

Gotta start by saying, as soon as I hit the publish button for my last post, I felt a bit bad how much I slammed Donors, but at the same time, I am being truthful when I express myself.  I do think there are better ways to raise money than to change the names that Animals have had their whole life.  I don't know where the blame should lay exactly, with the Zoo, the Donor or both for not coming up with better ideas, but its ignorant to think that any Animal came to the Zoo without a previous Name. So regardless of how the Zoo presents an auction, if you care about Animals, its your responsibility to find out about the Animals History.  Then again, if you don't care, things like this happen.

So, Kodari became Tenzing.  Grace became Hilary and now Pele has become Hunter.  Disgraceful, that all three of the Zoo's Red Pandas have all been Re-Named.  Especially Grace and Pele, who were both Ten years old and had their Names for life.

The name change to Hunter in honor of the Donor Family Son, is completely inappropriate.  Any Animal person should know that. Its fine for a Human, but NO Animal should be given the name Hunter!

I have written endlessly about the Re-Name issue.  As outraged as I've been before, this really has my blood boiling.  Its amazing to me how the Zoo people can continue to think up new ways to Disrespect the Animals.

According to the Red Panda Network, Illegal Hunting is a main threat to these Animals. Further reading revealed they are not only Poached for their Fur, but their meat has also been found on menus in China.

Here's a link to a Petition:

As well, Trophy Hunting is out of control and at an all-time high.  Deep pocketed Americans paying Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars to Murder Innocent Animals. Many of these Animals are of threatened species, yet bred specifically to be Murdered.  Its Sick!  and NO Animal should carry a name associated with this Crime. 

I find it really Disturbing that both the Donor and the Zoo don't see this.  Zoo Officials should have never allowed this Name.   But, I guess a check is worth the trade for moral stance. Again, another failure in their Caring Mission.  

What's next?   The Day when we get another Rhino and Re-Name it Poacher?

ZooFest Update - Comments to Event News Mentions

Two Media notations in regard to ZooFest 2015.

Screen Cap from:

Oy Vey.   What can I say.  Not much that is nice unfortunately.  

First off, there is no mention of the Chimps, just two months after Director Peterson said she would be launching the "biggest fundraising campaign" for their Upgrade and new Exhibit.  Haven't heard of a single dime being raised from Zoo Fest for the Chimps.  In fact there's been no Donation update from the Zoo in months.  ... Director Peterson has also said the Chimps "are a hard sell".  What does that mean?  Is she trying to plant an excuse point as to why the Chimps have been slightest all these years? Why they have never been a priority at a ZooFest EVER.  Them being slightest lies with each Director who has neglected to make upgrades and basic maintenance to their enclosure and who never championed for them.

Next, a Million for Zoo Programs?  What is that?  Doesn't sound like anything for the Animals.  Do these Donors even know what they are funding?  Or are they just following Director Peterson's lead. In my opinion the Zoo, and let that be a reminder that its a Zoo/Home to Animals, concentrates too much on too many non-Animal related ventures.  I might not be critical and would be supportive of other Programs if they were taking care of the Animals first, but they aren't.  It appears they are too busy trying to keep up with the Jones of better Zoo facilities and funding their Pet Projects rather than concentrating on what and for that matter WHO is in need. 

I read someplace a small blurb that money was raised for Education.  Maybe that's "programs"?  You know this word "education" is one the Zoo tosses about quite a bit.  I don't know what their version of Education is, but they sure aren't educating all the Visitors that come through the gates on how to Respect the Animals and Behave around them.  They sure aren't teaching younger generations that its not right to pack up your Grandparents (Our Senior Chimps) and send them off to an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar faces.  

This one really pisses me off.  And I'm sorry, I know this is alot of money that people are parting with, but geez, there's a better and more respectful way to do this.  I fault Director Peterson for allowing this and the Donors for not finding out more about the Animals they are Re-Naming.  SO yeah, 100k to ReName an Animal who already has a name makes me sick.  As well Hunter is not an appropriate name for any Animal. AT ALL!  And I guess the other Female Red Panda who at over ten years old, was Re-Named Hilary, was done so by the same Family.  They may be Zoo "supporters" but they sure don't support Animal respect. Why do people continue to pay money to rape the Animals of their Names?  Isn't the fact that you are supporting their care enough?  Can't the Zoo put up a plaque that says, supported by,...  Instead of having to take away their Identity?  ... Read my next post for more of my thoughts on this naming.

Every word out of Director Peterson's mouth about Caring and Connecting make me sick.  Such a hypocrite.  She tries to Kick out Senior Chimps and then talks about Caring?  You've got to be effin' kidding me!

Last but not least,  the Theme, Celebrating Champions.  Champions?  They sure aren't Champions of the Animals.  I am so sick of the Sports themed stuff associated with the Zoo. Its overboard. With the recent name change of Tucker, and this NON-Animal related display, the Zoo is clearly continuing to go in a bad direction.  Why don't they just name it The San Francisco Giants Zoo?

I saw a photo of the lavish decor for ZooFest while the Chimps still live in a home with paint peeling. Hey Director Peterson, you call the Caring?

Screen Cap from:

Pretty classic that Peterson is quoted talking about Robin Williams and raising money for his Parrot Misha who lives at the Zoo.  Didn't see her dare try and auction off Misha's name did we?!

Zoo Visit 4.30.15 - Barrier Breaching, Messed up Signage, ...

I'll start by noting a follow-up to my previous post.  The barrier at Grotto B is fixed!  Good Grief, only took 4+ months.  Why does it take so long to get stuff done at the Zoo?

I didn't make a notation on the previous post about those green things in the landscaping, but will do so now.  Those are external speakers.  They were put up probably six months or more ago and I've heard them in use once.  I originally assumed they would be for emergency purposes, but when I heard them it was at Sea Lions and was for the Keeper talk.  I filmed it and who knows where in my files that is, but all I can say is its really annoying used that way.  Its loud and obnoxious and makes the Zoo seem like a theme park.  They need a Keeper out at the barrier to do the talk, not do it while they are in the exhibit, when they should be paying attention to the Animals.

What they should do is put these speakers at the Gate House and take my years ago suggestion of allowing people to enter every ten minutes and while they are "holding", play an announcement regarding behavior.  BUT that will never happen.

"Welcome to the San Francisco Zoo, home to many Wonderful Animals.  Please be Respectful of their Home and view them with quiet voices.  Do not yell out, knock on glass, or otherwise harass the Animals. Be mindful of your belongings and do not throw or drop them into enclosures.  Please remember for everyone's safety do not climb, sit on or cross any enclosure barriers.  Thank you for choosing the San Francisco Zoo."

Next issue.  Poor Disrespected Elly.  I have written about Elly many times (you can search this blog), and noted how she was banished to the rear section of the enclosure as soon as Belozi arrived.  Over the two plus years since then, the Zoo has pretty much back-burnered her in favor of showing off Belozi.  There was an issue where they rarely oiled her and gave multiple reasons why they can't or its not necessary. Likewise, to why she can't be rotated to the front, where she enjoyed herself most. You can see how she is standing in this photo.  She stands like that in that same place every time I'm there. The Zoo says she's not as active as Belozi, who is sleeping every time I'm there.  I have a folder full of photos showing her standing there or moving around, that I take every visit.  Anytime there is Enrichment, Halloween or another one off treat, Elly usually gets hers last, having to watch Belozi while he gets his.  It breaks my heart. At 44, this Lady gave the Zoo Fourteen Babies.  The Zoo can say whatever it wants, but they don't respect her, and this sign about her proves that.  This sign has been vandalized for months and still is on display at the exhibit.
Barrier Breaching continues.  On the left at Black Rhinos and the right at Tucker the Hippo's home. I have blogged about barrier breaching for four years.  Search my blog for additional efforts I've made to alert the Zoo to this dire issue. ...  I will note in later posts you will see that there have been some added "deterrents"?

Below are two photos from my Sign folder, where I am putting together a size reference for a longer post.  Below you can see the size of this sign, as it is meant to keep people from entering a landscaped area???   This same sign only appeared at one Animal enclosure.   That's right, just one.

Here' are two signs in regard to barriers.  On the left, at Black Rhino's the sign started coming loose six months ago, fading and falling apart to this final stage, still attached to the barrier.  ... On the right, at Polar Bears, this worn out sign still there.  I always hated this sign as well its too wordy and doesn't just plain say, stay off the barriers.

I'm going to post about this since I'm on signs, even though its not in the order I roamed.  ... So, this was the first day I saw this new Food area.  Its in the area where Monkey Island used to be and in recent years has held part of Events.  ... A few years ago they did away with Corn Dogs.  I now this exact as before I gave up Beef, I was a fan of Corn Dogs.  The issue was that the Sea Gulls who were stealing them were ending up in the Hospital having choked on the stick.  Same reason they don't offer straws.  I asked about this and the workers didn't know.  They referred me to talk to the Concessions Manager, which I later did.  I explained my concern and said that they needed signs that said to make sure to dispose of the Sticks specifically.  They can also be dire to other Animals if the Gulls drop them in flight into enclosures.

I was told that the Terrace Cafe was closed now and that was why they had the new area.  Note how the size of this notice at the Cafe is even larger than the ones at Rhinos and Bears.  WTF?  ... Anyway, I flat out asked who was paying for the Cafe renovation, which is set to be a Pizza place.  I was told by two different people that the Zoo and the outsourced Concession Co. were sharing the cost.  Pretty pissed to hear that's how money was being spent.  To revamp a Food area for Humans, while Animals were in need.  ... Note there will be an update on this in a later post.

WTH?  Can no one see that this bush has grown taller than the signage?  I've seen this for a couple weeks now.

UG.  Poor Sea Lions.  SO, what's wrong with this picture? Well, the Sea Lions were moved off exhibit for many weeks, last year sometime.  Sorry, I have lost track on some timelines.  What I don't lose track on is the issues. They were moved for renovations, that included repainting the pool.  Not long after returning, the paint started peeling away and over 50% of it is gone.  Who painted this pool?  Did they take short cuts?  I don't think this should have happened and I'm concerned that its not good for the Sea Lions to have paint particles floating around for them to ingest.  As well, their sun shades have shrunk.  There used to be a shade over the pool and now there are just the two on shore and I rarely see them shading anything.  From what I understand Marine Mammals are supposed to have an area at all times that is shaded.

Poor Crackle.  This young Capybara who lives at the Puente came to the Zoo to be the companion for our now passed Female.  They didn't get long so were always housed separate.  He had free roam of the Puente yard, until the Guanaco's came and since then he has been held hostage in this corner.  I have witnessed the Guanaco's chase him, and they get the Rhea's going to chase him as well.  Poor thing runs to take refuge in this one area, and every time I visit that's where he is.  Months now, huddled against this wall.  .. Here's a video I took of poor Crackle making a run for it in September. After making it to the water, he went to his refuge place.

Another sign that's way past its prime and has been for sometime.  Good Grief, what does the Graphic Department do to earn a paycheck?  Pisses me off even more because the Zoo's Facebook Page recently posted about the Eagles.  How dare they highlight an Animal that they can't even keep a decent sign for.

Another sign issue that's made me shake my head for months.  Again WTH?  Those photos are mixed up.  So, either Graphics screwed up or the Curators who should know which Animal is which, doesn't and provided the wrong information.  OR  The Zoo listened to their volunteer photographers who barely know which Animal is which.  In that case, facts should be checked.  Regardless of it all, they know there are errors, yet they keep it up, because they don't care whether Visitors know anything about the Animals.  In fact they prefer that, so they can tell you whatever they want and no one knows any different.  That said, how are we to believe anything they say about anything?  And if they can't even get something this small right, how do we trust them on the bigger things?

Zoo Visit 4.25.15 - Chimp Girls Non-Birthday, Broken Barriers, ...

I'm going to be posting many Visit reports.  I have done this in the past.  They are basically my thoughts as I navigate through the Zoo.  I used to include some of my (good) Animal photos, but I think I'm changing course in my blog and only posting on issues from here forward.  I don't have alot of time or energy to do everything I want these days and my efforts here are best spent documenting things that in my opinion aren't right and hoping that in doing so there will be change.  

Please Visit my Facebook Group, San Francisco Zoo Animal Friends for Photos, Video and News :)

I usually don't go to the Zoo on the weekend because there's more People and the same Security presence as on Weekdays, which for the most part is two Security Guards.  One in the Parking lot and one to cover the whole grounds.  Not sure how it works when the Lion House is open and one is in there.  Maybe there's a shift overlap.  Regardless, I rarely see any Security the whole time I'm there.

I went this Sunday because it was the Precious Chimp Girls 46th Birthday and I wanted to be there to wish them a Happy Day.  I've posted many times about how the Zoo doesn't celebrate the Animals Special Days, unless it somehow benefits them.  The only exception to this is the Family Farm.  The Keepers there like to acknowledge the Birthdays and most often there is a Celebration.  This day, for the Chimp Girls, no surprise, there was no party, there was no evidence of anything special to mark the day.  This is really Shameful.

 Happy Birthday Maggie!
Happy Birthday Minnie!

There was maintenance being done in their house, so they were outside all day in the South Grotto (3). Note, the work being done was not associated with any upgrade, but long overdue and allegedly neglected upkeep.   This Grotto path is closed to the Public, but when they are in there you can see them from the fence.  Cobby and Maggie looked while I sang Happy Birthday to them. 

The only time the Zoo has ever given the Chimps a Birthday Party was for Cobby in 2009.  Even then it was only because they were shamed into it. ... Link to my post about it.  

Curious (well not really), that the Zoo would not think to do something special to highlight their Day, considering they were recently part of a News Story.  People like the Birthday Parties.  Making an Event of it, might have drawn in some Donations for the Upgrade. 

When I got to Big Cats I was pissed.  There has been a portion of the roped barrier at Grotto B, broken, stake down and rope just laying there, for over four months.  Now the other side was broken and two girls were at the fence Meowing and calling Kitty Kitty to the Lions.  I'd really like to see the Animals scare the shit out of Zoo Shitheads.  Oh wait, we already had that and no one learned.  Not the Zoo, not the Visitors.  I most often don't say anything to these people anymore, because the Zoo doesn't seem to care and I usually end up on the wrong side of things.  So I continued on.  Then the same two girls went to Grotto C and did the same thing to the Tiger in there.  Walking back to Lions I then saw this couple. 

A Security Guard was about to breeze by on his bike and I stopped him to note about the people at the fence.  Ongoing issue is that Security is always on a bike whenever you see them.  They are not looking at Visitors and basically only react to the problem they have been dispatched to.  So, they peddle past people over barriers, verbally teasing the Animals, ect, because they don't hear or see anything while in motion.  Anyway, this SecurityG stopped and went over to tell them to get back behind the barrier.  He tried to lift the broken stake and I told him its been broken for four months.  Why no one has seen this to date is beyond me. I take a photo of it every week.  So, he puts his bike across it and then radio calls it in.   So NOW its something they want to attend to.  Geez.  

As I make my way down to Grotto A, I see those same girls at the Window.  I go down there and sure enough they are banging on the window at the Tigers.  I went back up to the SecurityG and said, .... and he basically said he was waiting in regard to the barrier.  I said, you need to toss these girls as they are going to each Animal and harassing them.  He told me they had to have three offences!!! WTF?  I said, well I told you about Lions, Tigers and now different Tigers so that's three.  He looked at me like nothing was going to be done, so I just had to throw my hands up and move on.

Animals and their safety are not a priority at the Zoo.

Monday, July 20, 2015

ZooFest 4.24.15 - Will the Chimps get Some Love From Donors?

Below is how my post about ZooFest appeared on my Chimp blog.  I'm re-posting here, as I should have to begin with, and I have other stuff to add.

Tonight is the San Francisco's Zoo big annual fundraising Event, ZooFest.   ... Tents are up, Swank will be on, BUT will the Chimps Needs be Highlighted?   THAT is the question on my mind today.

Over the past seven years since I've been more involved in the Zoo, I have watched as each ZooFest came and gone and not one Event Theme has highlighted a campaign to give the Chimpanzee's a better living situation.   

When the Chimp's situation came to light, now two months ago, it was reported by Media, via information in this blog, that the Zoo had recently spent over a Million Dollars on a new play structure for Humans.  Where did that money come from?   Why is there always money for the NEW things that the Zoo wants to do, either bringing in new Animals or non-Animal projects, but seemingly not for the Animals that already live at the Zoo who are in need?  

The Chimps have waited for two decades.  So, now that a commitment to them has finally been made, the question has been posed by the Zoo Director herself, where is the money going to come from.?Director Tanya Peterson posed the question at the February Joint Zoo Committee Meeting when she announced after pressure via Media expose' and Public Outcry, that the Three Senior Chimpanzee's would be staying, living out their lives at the only home they have known, the San Francisco Zoo. The question then was, where will the money come from to keep them and satisfy the AZA and SSP guidelines they must follow in order to do so.  

I was surprised (and overjoyed) when Director Peterson noted that the current Chimp home would also get upgrades, pending a new exhibit.  Funding for a New Exhibit, estimated at 10 Million Dollars, would have the Zoo taking on the "largest fundraising" campaign they ever have, as well reaching out to Members of the Public.  

So, far the only thing the Zoo has done is make a Chimp donation page, that they have promoted on their Facebook Page once.  I emailed Director Peterson with several other fundraising ideas, none of which I got any feedback on.  What I have heard from her on several occasions via interviews and at Meetings (again at last night's), is how Donors have certain Animals they will fund for.  Is that code for, she can't get funds for the Chimps?

In my opinion it is the Primary job of the Zoo Director to do what is in the best interest of the Animals living at the Zoo.  Without being a fly on the wall at any ZooFest Event from 2008- to 2014, I can pretty much guarantee that at no time were the Needs of the Chimpanzee's talked about.  Doing anything for the Chimps has not been on the agenda for many years, so its a sure bet.  If I am right, shame on Director Peterson for championing for other projects, AND if they were and Donor's did not want to help, shame on them.  What kind of Animal supporters with funds would turn their backs on Animals in need?

So, tonight.  ZooFest 2015.  Post Media coverage of the Chimp situation.  Not one person who will be at ZooFest does not know that the Chimps are in Need.  Will they donate?  Will Director Peterson Plead their case?   

Will we hear that ZooFest 2015 was a success for the San Francisco Zoo Chimpanzees?

Note:  Update on ZooFest will appear in a following post.

San Francisco Zoo Chimpanzee Timeline - 1968- 2015

Coming Soon

Joint Zoo Committee Meeting - 4.23.15 - Keeper Speaks

Well, this was a disappointment.  

Since my Chimp Crusade I have started going to the Meetings regularly.  I want to not only be aware of all that is said at the Meetings, since the Minutes are incomplete, but I want to make sure I am aware of all Updates in regard to the Chimps.

As mentioned in the post for the 3.36.15 Meeting, Director Peterson was cordial and open to my request to provide me with the Power Point photos from that Meetings presentation. As well I had emailed her with suggestions for enhancing the Chimps current exhibit.  Her correspondence showed promise.

> Dear Kim,

> I have asked our Development department to follow up with you directly. Our VP of Philanthropy is copied on this 

> email.

> Thank you for your interest in the Zoo's chimps.

> Best regards,
> Tanya

By the time of the 4.23.15 Meeting, there had not been any Upgrades to the Chimp's home, nor has there any Update as far as a timeline.  I sent Director Peterson an email the Morning of the Meeting. 

> Hello Tanya,
> As tonight's Meeting approaches, I thought I would pose the question I will have, if it isn't answered in your presentation.
> When I was last at the Zoo, there still were no visible upgrades being started, other than the Grotto 2 structure being painted.  ... The night quarter building is still not painted and continues to look really downtrodden. It has been years since the Chimps home has had any attention. It may be aesthetic, but its a reflection of where they rank at the Zoo.
> Can you provide (in your presentation or via email) a timeline for the Upgrades you mentioned at the last Meeting?
> Thank you
> Kim

I left the house and was out all day, before goign to the Zoo.  So I didn't get to check email for a reply, which was my mistake in planning to seek an Update at the Meeting then.  I could not very well ask a question there, if I didn't know if there would be an answer via email.

The Meeting commenced and adjourned without any mention of the Chimps Upgrade status.  When I got home, I indeed had an email from Tanya, who chose to not only address me by misspelling my last name, which she knows full well what the correct spelling is, but by taking a attitude in my opinion, and instead of answering my question, refers, "You are welcome to raise any issue at public comment tonight."    

That said, No Chimp Update for April happened.  What did happen was further disgust by the panel and how the Meeting was run.  I should say runaway, because it felt like they hurried through the Agenda so they could adjourn and runaway from having to listen to any Keepers who might make it to the Meeting. ... Because the Agenda was not long, the Meeting which starts at 5p was nearing an end by 5:30p which is the time the Keepers get off.  

Thankfully, In under the wire was Keeper Irene.  She brought up two issues, one in regard to the postponement of hiring an HR leader.  The previous appointment's duties included working as an Liaison between Staff and Management.  In the absence of someone holding that position there is no on-site person to do this.  The only person they seem to have in their corner is their Union Rep.  ... She also requested the Meetings be move to a start time of 5:30p as the Keepers clock out at that time.  ... My take from watching the faces of the Panel, is that they are annoyed to have to listen to Keepers, especially that of Rec and Park Commissioner Eric McDonnell, is that he didn't care what was being said and just wanted to move along and wrap it up.  Disrespectful and Rude.

I sent a letter to Commission McDonnell, as well did a blog post aimed at the Zoo and Rec and Park to make some changes in the Meetings.

FYI I got no idea again why the font and colors get whack.  Sorry.

Mother Drops Child into Cheetah's at Cleveland Zoo - News Story 4.12.15

Well, it happened again.  Honestly I'm always surprised that I'm not reading San Francisco Zoo in the headline.  Thankfully!

Much like two other incidents in USA Zoos that I wrote about, one in Pittsburgh and one in Arkansas, a Parent drops their Child into an Animal enclosure. .. The only difference is the Cleveland Zoo is pressing charges against the Mother.  Bravo to them for holding her responsible.  Finally someone has some balls to go after a Zoo Visitor for misbehavior and endangering their Animals.  This would never happen at the SFZoo.  

I wrote extensively about the previous ones in these posts:

You might ask, How does this happen?    What I've seen with my own eyes, People love to hang their kids over the edge of the barriers.  Plain and Simple.  I'm sure the thought never crosses their minds that they could lose grip and drop their kid in.  The arrogance and/or stupidity of that is mind boggling.    

I have written extensively about this.  Last year I started yet another post, that I never finished.  It included a Go Red Campaign suggestion.  Painting all the exhibit barriers Red as a Warning not to cross.  Its an upsetting and long issue to document, so it lay in draft.    

Every Visit I see this at multiple exhibits.  I photo it everytime.  If you search my blogs for "barrier" you we see only a fraction of the photos.  Barrier Breaching at the San Francisco Zoo is out of control.  

I care for two reasons.  

With a Code-Red Animal, if any Human, for any reason enters an exhibit whether voluntarily or by accident, in most cases that Animal will be Killed.  I am no humanitarian, so I will say it right here, the Animals life is the only one I care about.  People should no better and not misbehave.  There would be no accidents of that nature then.  If you misbehave, which leaning on or over an barrier is, then that's on you.  Sadly, your actions do not end with your tragedy, but that of the Animal most likely losing its life.   If its a voluntary entry, then even more that Animal should live.   In my opinion no Human who enters an exhibit on their own deserves to be extracted at the expense of the Animal. But, that's just me.  Society loves its Humans.  

Thankfully, the Grizzly Girls lives were spared in 2009, when a guy voluntarily entered their enclosure.  They were not aggressive towards him and they went to their night quarters when called in.  Today that would be a different story.  After the hiring of gun-toting ex-Military Guards last year, their orders are allegedly, shoot to kill any Animal if a Human is in danger.   So if you're an idiot and hang your Kid over a Barrier, a Zoo Friend will lose its life.  If you want to deliberately kill yourself, a Zoo Friend loses its life.  If you're an Asshole and want to enter with a sinister action in mind, a Zoo Friend will lose its life.  

People, please think about your behavior when you are viewing the Animals.  This is their home.  It should be respected and their windows and doorways, aka Barriers should be respected.  If you wouldn't want a stranger standing on your ledge or hanging through your window, respect the Animals space and spare the accident of anyone losing their life.

Note:  There will be updated Barrier information in following posts.

Joint Zoo Committee Meeting - 3.26.15 - Chimp Upgrade Update - Keeper & Union Rep Speak

The graphic was used in a Power Point type presentation, and I knew it would not be clear in the video.   After the Meeting I asked Director Peterson for a copy, which was left for me the following week.  Thank you to Director Peterson and Tim Wu, from Development for providing the photo credited below.

photo courtesy of  SFZoo

When I was watching the presentation, I thought I got it, but then getting to look at the photo closer, I think its a bit confusing and I know the layout.  But, I will try to make as much sense of it for you that I can.

I thought I would have the video to refer to, but its not helpful.  The synopsis of what was said in relation to this graphic was an over all of the plan, using the Sky Trails mentioned at the Meeting in February, with the addition of the route they would take into the Pachyderm Building.  As I understand it, the area inside would be the portion of the building that runs along the path at the back side of the Chimps, that previously housed the Black Swans.

It sounded like this was a stage one, using the Million Dollar donation.  It also sounded like it would be an immediate start.  Nothing has happened to date.

After the Meeting, I took a closer look at this Graphic that was on an easel.

When I approached Director Peterson to request the Presentation Graphic, I also asked her about this one. She explained the plans as they pertained to the Sky Trails that would be the initial part of the Upgrade and would lead into an unused area of the Pachyderm Building, which as i see it now with photos side by side, is essentially thee same thing from the presentation.  I highlighted on the right hand side of the second photo the area of the Building.   This is a different angle than the presentation photo, so I have highlighted the Pachyderm Building area in both, for easier reference.

Director Peterson noted that one portion of this plan would be completed for the Chimps, using the Million that was donated.  This graphic really seems to be a long term plan for that whole Primate/Ape area.  Lemur (Sifaka) and Orangutans noted, both which would be a new acquisitions. 

I asked whether these upgrades were enough to satisfy the AZA/SSP for the Chimps being able to stay, even if the money never comes through for the New Exhibit.  She answered Yes.  ... Upon further questioning, I was told, with another Million, more of the Sky Trails in this plan would be built.  With 10 Million, the new Exhibit would be built.  Personally I think that doing the Million Dollar phase one, including the barrier suggestions I made, would be enough, and any other donations, especially another Million plus, should be saved towards the New Exhibit.   A New Exhibit would secure the long term commitment that was made to the Chimps at the Meeting February 26, 2015. 

I also questioned if the New Exhibit wasn't built before the numbers went down.   Director Peterson said,  "The Girls could still be moved."  < That is not acceptable to me.  AND it is not part of the original "Stay" commitment she made.   For one, she is assuming that the girls would both outlive our male.  I feel uncomfortable talking about this, but I want what her plan is to be very clearly documented.

She did also bring up possibly looking at Rescue options, to add to the group.  She mentioned research Chimps, and I reiterated what I had written in a blog post, suggesting/noting the Chimps still living at UCSF.

Still, this all said, I did not leave the conversation feeling confident that down the road, all three of Our Chimps will be living out their lives at the San Francisco Zoo.   I certainly hope they do and that Director Peterson follows through with the commitment she made to them.

The above was posted as a stand alone post on my Chimp blog.  

Additionally, the non-management staff's Union Representative addressed the panel in regard to the recent News Story regarding the Zoo's alleged Bugging of Staff Radios.  There was denial and frowny faces from Director Peterson and the panel, as they were put on notice that there would be a law suit to follow.  .. Keeper Tom also spoke in regard to the volume and sourcing of Bird Species.  Keeper Cheyenne and Corey both spoke about respective issues in Primates.  

Once again I was disgusted to hear a "grumble" from the Panel.  Dr Spinelli, a Vet that has held a panel seat for many years, made it a point to "put down"  and almost reprimand, when while speaking Keepers addressed the panel as "the Board".   Dr Spinelli made sure they knew they were not the Board, and basically that the Panel has no voice on these matters. I lost respect for Dr Spinelli after doing some research a few years ago the yeilded an issue with Bears that was never followed up on. So to hear him take this hoity position with the Keepers was disgusting.  In my opinion after this second Meeting in a row where Keepers are not taken seriously as valued Staff, I have to ask, What good are these Meetings and What good is the Panel?  If the Panel cannot be of help, then the Rec and Park need to have more Board Members sitting there, taking note, and participating in what goes on at the Zoo.  Not panelists who have no say, other than to be sarcastic.

FYI no idea why the text isn't font and color uniform, but can't waste anymore time on trying to fix it right now.  Sorry.

San Francisco Zoo Bugs Employees Radios - News Article 3.20.15

When I heard this via KGO-TV Reporter Dan Noyes Facebook post, I thought, this is Outrageous! 

If you haven't already, read the full story here:

This just proves they (Zoo Management) likes to cover stuff up and gag order their employees. If they had nothing to hide this wouldn't be necessary, nor would any of the other untruths that are put forth from the place.   AND I'm offended that THIS is what they spend money on and not the Animals.

Its like when Director Peterson spent money to have a metal detector installed at the Joint Zoo Meetings, after she took away the Memberships of my Friend Lee and I.  She allegedly thought we'd come after her!  

The level of paranoia there is ridiculous.  

I am not a fan of Management, starting with Director Peterson.  Don't trust any of them.  They will lie, make stuff and keep each others confidences just to keep their little "clique" in tact.  They run the Zoo on personal agenda, rather than what's best for the facility and for the Animals who live there.

I believe everything the Keepers say about this.  Director Peterson, as well other Management and Curators, allegedly issue gag orders and threaten jobs if anyone talks to me.  Seriously, I'm such a huge thorn, that this is what they spend time on?  She most recently sent out a frantic paranoid internal email prior to the News story on the Chimps,  grasping at straws to find the words and proof that I made up the whole story.  She really should be smarter than that at this point in dealing with me.  I am no liar.

No doubt that since last years Media expose' on Safety violations, the circumstances regarding the death of Kabibe (Gorilla infant), and her covert operation to move our Chimps without anyone finding out, I would bet she and her henchman want to know everything the people she considers peasants, are talking about.

Robert Icard used to be the head of IT, so he would most certainly know how to request customizing a device like this.  Since he became the right hand man over two years ago, I've only seen him on the grounds once.  If he has the time to allegedly sit around and make fun of people, maybe the Rec and Park and the Zoological Society should examine how he is spending his daily work hours.  As well that of Director Peterson.  With the amount of stuff that isn't done there, never seems to get done, or takes too long to get done, the whole Management Team should be scrutinized.  

Note: See update on post Joint Zoo Meeting 3.26.15

No Kidding, New Posts a Brewing!

I know I've been talking about catching up on blog posts, forever, but I'm not teasing.  I'm trying and its just taking much time to gather photos and notes from the past few months.

I have just done what I hope was a comprehensive outline and I have 26 posts!  I'm going to make an attempt at starting them this evening.  I hope to go in order, but if I feel overwhelmed by one, I'll Title it and note Coming Soon.

The posts will touch many subjects from the Survey replies from my Gorilla Infant Death Survey (yes, to those who commented there, I have not forgot the importance of your words and wanting them included here) last November to the most recent Chimp Updates.  I will post on my Visit Comments, Meeting Notes, Birthdays, Enrichment, Barriers, Misbehavior, News Articles involving both our Zoo and other Zoos, ZooFest and other Zoo Events and Efforts?

Note that some posts might sound like they are not up-to-date on the subject, but I am trying to write in chronological order and will note in most places if there's a current update.  Example, the barrier situation, will be posted as my sighting and photo dates dictate, but there has been a development in recent weeks of added signage.

Looking forward to putting forth all the thoughts that swirl in my mind, both for public knowledge (and a place for public voice) and documentation purposes, but so I can put these in the past and create some time and space for new stuff, in life and Zoo related. 

Stay tuned and hope I my energy to move forward with this, matches my ambition.

Thank you for all continue to stop by and read my words.  I appreciate your interest in what's going on at the Zoo and the lives of the Animals who live there.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Is SFZoo Director Peterson Fundraising For Our Chimps?

I've talked about our Chimps alot over the past few days.  Yesterday I spent time at the Zoo with Friends meeting Friends and Celebrating our Chimps.  I also did an interview for the Documentary being made about our Cobby.

Those events have resonated the feelings of passion I have in my advocacy for our Zoo Friends, and for my Chimp crusade in particular.  So, again I thought my days off would be filled with catching up here.  Instead I caught up on sleep, only to wake up and click on a google news alert for the Zoo that pissed me off.

Its not hard to piss me off in regards to the Zoo.  That is part of the problem.  Too many things are upsetting, and rather than write about them on the spot, they just get added to the to do list.  

Today, I'm bypassing my want for chronological order, for things to have backstory, for each post to flow into the next.  I just couldn't keep my thoughts to myself, until the right time in the post line came up.

So, even without proper updates, we all know, at this point,  four months after Zoo Director Tanya Peterson promised upgrades to our Chimps, that nothing except painting one structure from the 80s and doing neglected maintenance inside their night quarters has happened. 

We know that to date, Director Peterson has not forged into the "biggest fundraising campaign", that she touted at the announcement Meeting in February.   The only apparent effort to raise money for the Chimps has been by putting up a Donation page on their website, which was mentioned once on their Facebook page.

We know that one million dollars came from an Anonymous Donor, and I was told as of April 6th, that $10,000 was raised via the website.

I have been focusing on the asthetic state of the Chimps night quarters, as to me, this shows the blatant disregard and disrespect these Beings have gotten over the years.  At the very least, their home should have been painted by now.  I think they can afford a few cans of paint and manpower to get it done.  At the very least, it would show they care.

Cobby, wishing he was watching paint dry rather than peel.

On the extreme end of the upgrade situation, I was told by Director Peterson that the 1 million was enough to get the Sky Trails done.  So why hasn't that begun?   She knows very well that with the ages of our Chimps, that this is a time sensitive project.  This is an upgrade that in tempoary lieu of a new exhibit, will allow for more space and an additional holding space for bringing in additional Chimps, which is essential to them being able to remain at the Zoo, under the AZA guidelines.  

So, let's talk about the new exhibit.  With a price tag of ten million, Director Peterson has been quoted saying that she's found it difficult to fundraise for this project.  I'd personally like to know what attempts she's made?  I've written before that I have not heard of any attempt for the Chimps needs at any ZooFest during her reign.  I have also yet to hear whether they were mentioned at this years ZooFest.

I also want to add, as I've done before and will again, that I think its disgusting that Members of the San Francisco Zoological Society are choosy what they donate to.  Maybe they should be reminded this organization they chose to be part of is a home and facility that is supposed to be dedicated to the care and well being of Living Beings.  Their Needs should be priority over "pet" projects.

That all said in brief, this is a ScreenCap of what came through the google alert today.

Don't get me wrong, as a San Francisco Native I'm all for history festivities, BUT you got to effin' be kidding me "led an expert fundraising charge to support these frolics and raise multi-million dollar funds,..."   So, the way I read this is, Director Peterson had ambition for and was able to, raise funds for frolics and lights, but can't seem to do the same for Living Beings in Need?   I'm also pretty sure she and every other Member of our illustrious San Francisco Zoological Society live in homes with no peeling paint.  Shameful.