Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Francois Langur Babie! - Born November 19, 2014!

I just realized I missed posting about the birth of the latest Francois Langur Monkey!  Good Grief!  I apologize to the Langur Family.  Congratulations Jing Jing and Issac!

I have been visiting and watching this Babie since it was born on November 19th, I just haven't posted. Looking back, I see that I was busy posting about the Gorilla Tragedy, and then the Chimp situation.  I feel awful.

I will add in some photos soon!

I have to look through my pix for a good one, this Babie moves around super quik!  ... Here is a video I took last Wednesday, you can see how fast he is!

The Babie Langur, who was named Chan by his Keeper Dave, just turned four months old.  He was born to Mama Jiang Jiang and Papa Issac.  Jiang Jiang (and I hope I'm spelling it right, I'm going from memory) was born at the Zoo five years ago.  So, Babie Chan is a third generation SFZoo Langur! Mama's Sister Kathleen also lives in this Family Group and helps "mother" Chan.  She has a breeding recommendation with Issac as well. 

Welcome Howler Monkey Babie! - Born Monday March 16, 2015

Congratulations to Mama Baya and Papa Benjamin on the birth of their first Babie!  

I am so happy about this arrival and cried tears of joy for now Baya has a Family :)   After a tough past year, losing her Mama, the her Sister and Brother got transferred out, and then her Papa passed and she was alone for months before Benjamin got there.  I love her and it was heartbreaking to see her alone. I was so happy when she got a Boyfriend and now they have a Babie!  HAPPY! HAPPY!

I saw the Babie on Wednesday and got this video.  I didn't see any face, but could see the tiny clinging to tummy.  LOVE!

On Friday, I saw face!  Adorable!  Here's a pic!  Had to edit the color and focus this way, to take away from the fencing and highlight the Babie.  I hope to get a good pic of Baya and her Babie (maybe a complete Family photo :) through the glass at some point.

And a video:

The gender of the Babie is undetermined.  I'm calling it Bembe, which is the name of a Spanish Prophet.  I thought of Bella if a girl, and Bembe if a boy, but, I like it for either.  I decided to name it for myself, since the Zoo will probably name it something awful and inappropriate, after another ball player most likely.  UG.

This was the Zoo's birth announcement, via Twitter:

Since I had posted over a year ago that I would put up a list of Zoo Friend Names, I'll note about these names here.

I was there the day Baya was born.  Thanksgiving Day 2008.  Baya means Berry in Spanish.  I think they (Keepers) named her after a beautiful food in honor of her being born on Thanksgiving.

Then, the Zoo went and pimped out her name to the highest bidder, who named HER after a male Giants Ballplayer, Tim Lincecum.  A beautiful girl, named after an athlete.  Disgusting.

Her Husband came to the Zoo last year at age three I believe.  He came with the name Benjamin, given to him at the Zoo he was born.   He was quickly disrespected and re-named Robin Williams.  I don't mean no disrespect to RW, but I not only hate re-naming Animals who already have names, but I hate the ballplayer names and I hate the celebrity names, especially using both first and last names.  Its all disgusting.  

So, the Zoo's birth announcement makes me ill.  It should read, Baya and Benjamin, welcome a new Babie into their Howler Monkey Family!  Congratulations!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Chimp Updates

From my Save San Francisco Zoo Chimps blog:

I've been posting exclusively to this blog, here is a post list in case you haven't been following.  For the time being I will continue to concentrate on the Chimpanzee situation, so a majority of my blogging will be on that blog.  Thank you.