Sunday, December 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Colo! - Columbus Zoo Matriarch Gorilla Turns 57!

In 2009 while writing on my first SFZoo blog, gooberssfzoofriends, I discovered a Gorilla named Colo, who was born at the Columbus Zoo on December 22, 1956.  Not only was she the oldest living Gorilla in a North American Zoo, not only was she the first Western Lowland Gorilla born in captivity in the World, but she was also our Hasani's Great-GrandMother!  Our Jonesy and Zura are the offspring of Colo's Son Oscar, making our newest little one, Kabibe,  Colo's Great-GrandDaughter!   

Happy Birthday Colo!
(Zura looks just like her!)

Learn more about this Amazing Lady and her life thru this great video titled Colo's Life :)

Polar Bear Birthdays!

coming soon (i hope) ...

My Outtings Synopsis - Saturday December 21, 2013

> December 20, 2013 -  And her name is ... Kabibe!   Finally the Zoo came up with a way to assure this little one got a decent name.  All three names to be voted on were nice, this was the one I voted for :) , which means "little lady" in Swahili.   The photos at the link below of Little Miss Kabibe and her Grandma are precious.  They had me in tears, because of how wonderful Grandma Bawang is.  A real Gem of a Being.  Raised three babies of her own and now two other infants.  She is an Incredible Lady!

Screencap from this link

> December 19, 2013- Happy Birthday Ulu!  Our Precious Polar Bear Ulu turned 33 today!  Wild born, her Birthdate is estimated and may be the date she came to the Zoo, but the year is pretty accurate.  She is presumed to be the oldest Female Polar Bear in a North American Zoo!  I was happy to be able to spend some of her special day with her and sing her the Birthday song :)  

The Zoo of course didn't celebrate her day OR even give it a mention.  Their post today was about buying Memberships.  Always with the money grubbing, instead of valuing the Animals who are the real "bread and butter".  Without these wonderful beings, there would be no Zoo.

Photo taken from All-Bear Birthday Party in 2011 (meant for 2010 Birthdays), that we were able to make happen with the help of our kind Keeper friend Dave.  Party Enrichment Toys made by my friend Lee and I. Pictured is the "Birthday Cake" I made and Mache Party Ball Lee made :)

I plan to write a longer blog post on the non-celebration of the Polar Birthdays, will post the link here when I get to that.  

> December 16, 2013-  Meet Bronevik!   Took my camera back today and got some face time with our new Handsome Boy!  :)

> December 15, 2013 -  What the heck?  I actually thought the Zoo did a decent job on their first attempt at a Zoo Lights event last Holiday Season, so I had high hope this year would be even better.  As well I'm a fan of the Point Defiance Zoo's offering for this type of event. Spectacular!  That said, I haven't gone to any of the previews yet, but will go when its in full swing after the 20th.  BUT again, What the heck?  Was someone drunk when they not only made the decision to put lights on this statue, but also HOW the lights are put on?? I can't imagine it looking any better at night.  So, yea, color me afraid of the rest of the display.  .. Everytime I look at this I just laugh.  

> December 15, 2013 - Spur of the moment Zoo Visit and yay!  New Male Amur (Siberian) Tigers first day out in the yard!  I've been anxiously waiting for him to get out of quarantine, so lucky me!  Welcome Bronevik!  He is handsome!  I didn't have my camera, but will post photos as soon as I do!   Til then I share with you some of my research about him :)

Screen cap of him from this link:

Born at Hogle Zoo, this is their announcement page that includes photos of him as a cub, with his two Brothers and Mama :)

Saturday, December 14, 2013

My Outtings Synopsis - Saturday 12.14.13

Synopsis from the blog

> December 14, 2013 - Monkey Day part two.  Going thru my Facebook feed and Kudos to the Los Angeles Zoo who posted all day photos of different species of Monkey and Monkey related Animals.  Our Zoo, per usual didn't even give it a mention, YET they have three posts in the past 24 hrs about how Visitors can come spend money there.  Way to go SFZoo!

> December 14, 2013 - Happy National Monkey Day!

> December 13, 2013 - The Big Cats were vocal this morning!  See my video :) 

> December 8, 2013 - Contender for stupidest sign placement.  More people will cross at an opening, than across the roped off train tracks.  I'd have a sign at both points, but that's just me.  ... I saw a guy enter from the open end the other day to take photos of the Macaws.  There shouldn't be any question regarding access points.  Note to Zoo - A sign and extended rope fencing needs to be along that area at train track crossing.

> December 3, 2013 - New sign at the entrance to the parking lot.  This sign is about 3 x 6 ft.  YET the signs telling visitors not to cross barriers are about 4 x 8 inches and only a handful of them.  San Francisco Zoo, why don't you get some decent sized signs about how to respect Animals and not cross barriers into their homes?  Oh yea, that's because you don't care about that.  The Zoo has always had a misguided preoccupation with the parking lot, where most often the only Security Guards can be found.  That said, the last 6 visits over the course of  two/half weeks, I have not seen one Security Guard on the grounds the whole time I was there. WTH??!

> December 1, 2013 -  Recent replacement of windows in Big Cat Grotto A, did not include the extra "bar" barrier.  I get how awesome it is to be face to face with the Animals and in a wonderful world where People didn't take advantage of that by banging and kicking on the windows, that would be great.   We don't live int hat world :( .   .. and Yes, the Animals have the option of not coming close to the window, but the annoyance just shouldn't be an issue in their home.

> November 29, 2013 - WTF?  Who wears Fur to a Zoo?  This Ahole that's who!

Monday, December 9, 2013

New Fancy Sign! - Just Not to Deter Misbehavior - 12.1.13

coming soon!  I know I have alot of these sorry, Holidays and short on time.

I ended up putting a short bit and pic on this on my other blog.  See Synopsis at the post here:

No Bar Barrier at New Big Cat Grotto Windows - 11.24.13

coming soon!  I know I have alot of these sorry, Holidays and short on time.

I ended up putting a short bit and pic on this on my other blog.  See Synopsis at the post here: