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My Zoo Outtings Synopsis - Sunday February 16, 2014

> February 15, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today!

Happy Birthday Chutney!

> February 14. 2014 - How lucky am I?  Giraffe Babies first day out!  Guess I can announce it now :)  Lady Willow had a babie last Thursday :)  She is beautiful, just like her Mama!   ...  I think it would be a wonderful tribute to name her Mari. 

You can view the video:

> February 14, 2014 -  Miss Hazel's Birthday Party!

Hazel and Miss Almond check out her Birthday Cake!
View the Video Sing-a Long :)

>  February 14, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today!

Happy 15th Birthday Hazel!

> February 11, 2014 - I made some Valentine Fun with my Zoo Friend photos!  Printable (non-watermarked) versions available to download, contact me if interested.  Make your own Valentines, featuring Zoo Friends!     
Full size individual pix:

> February 10, 2014 - Here are some of my captures from Jillian's Party.  Look for a full blog post in the next couple days (i hope!) on

Full size individual pix:

> February 10, 2014 -  Zoo Friend Birthday Today!

Happy 1st Birthday Jillian!

Valentines Day at the Zoo - Sheep Birthday Party, Giraffe Babie and Stork Eggs!

coming soon!

Tiger Cub Gets Birthday Party!

Finally I get back to this!  So sorry to anyone who has been waiting Three Months for this!  I will also bump it up to the front of the blog.  At least I came here and was happy to see I put the photos on! Will add a couple more, plus you can see the others here:

So, Jillian's First Birthday!   So, happy that she got a party!  If you read my blogs, you know I'm obsessive about the Zoo Friends Birthdays.  I think they should all be celebrated in some way, not all have to be a huge Party, but they deserve a Special Treat and a Mention and aside from the Farm Friends, the rest of the Animals that live at the Zoo get nothing.  No Special Treat, No Mention on their Social Media sites.  NADA :(  ... I must say that I don't think Jillian would have gotten anything either, if I hadn't mentioned it   
( "...will they have a Celebration for Jillian the Sumatran Tigers First Birthday February 10th?  <cough, hint>" )  
in a previous blog post 

That all said, her Mama Skylar/"Leanne" is turning Eleven on July 10.   Just saying.

The production for Jillian's Birthday was pretty good.  Of course there would be an effort as they had Media there.  Thankfully, the Public wasn't shut out in order for Media to have priority viewing (which yes has been done before).

Here's a wide angle of the Party layout.  There was an Ice Cake, Gift Bags, Streamers, and a Bubble Pond.  I was most impressed by the Bubble Bath Pond :)  I had seen this recently from another Zoo and thought "what fun"!   There were a couple things I wasn't impressed by, which will be noted below the photos.  But, I was happy that there was a Celebration and most of all, Jillian and Sky had a wonderful time!  The Animals enjoyment is all that matters and I had fun watching them have so much fun :)  

You can see by this photo, it was all good!
Love the happy here!
I want to see this on all the Animals faces.

The Cake made for a great photo op, but fell short of being anything Fun or Enrichment for the Cats. It was just colored Ice. WTH?  Serious Laziness.  Why make an Ice treat that has no flavor?  One layer could have been Milk, another Blood, another something else.  After the initial sniff this thing was left to melt, it served no purpose other than it looked good. 

Another Lazy and curious thing was the Party Bags. One had food in it, the other had a rock.  Yes, a Rock!  Again, WTH?  These Animals eat a good amount during the day.  The former Big Cat Keeper Barb, would save portions of their daily food to use for Enrichment Toys.  There should have been Meat in all the Bags.

While the food treats proved to be a Fail, the Streamers, and chasing thru them was not!

And the Bubble Bath was the biggest hit, 
once Jillian threw caution aside and jumped in!

Mandrills Get Glassed! - Success!

Oh I was doing a happy dance when I spied this outside the Mandrills on Monday!

Yes! THAT would be glass!  Finally!  I've only been posting about this particular Exhibit for over a year.  This Exhibit and that of the Male Anteater, are notorious for Barrier Breaching.  It never fails, EVERY visit, there is more than one Visitor hanging over the Barrier at both these Exhibits.  

I'm actually pretty surprised by this and wonder what made them move on this finally?  Did something happen?  Was it all my blogging?  Doesn't matter, as long as it got done!  Just wish it didn't take the Zoo so long to move on things, especially ones of a safety nature.  

This all said, I wait for the finished product, as there is also open air access from the upper level. Will that too be glassed in?  I hope so.  But, I'm still waiting for the other two landings at the Gorillas to be glassed in.  

My Zoo Outtings Synopsis - Sunday February 9, 2014

> February 8, 2014 -  Another curious thing is when I made my Year of the Horse post featuring our wonderful Farm Friend Ben, I checked the Zoo's site and neither the banner or the Calendar had a mention of a Lunar event this year.  I thought they just weren't going to do one this year.  Maybe they weren't?  Who knows.  Anyway the Zoo posted to their Facebook page a few days ago.  It will be tomorrow.  In anycase, I must every year post about this because I feel strongly that the Chinese New Year traditional Lion Dance should not be a part of this event.  The sound volume is too loud for most of the Animals.  I have witnessed this several times, yet it seems that having it be a part of the event continues to be a priority over Animal Wellness.   Please read my extended post 
> February 8, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Celebration!? ...  Very interesting and curious I must say!  The Zoo rarely recognizes, let alone Celebrates the Birthdays of the Zoo Friends.  In the post on my other blog,  I wrote a bit about the SFZoo's history in regard to this, as well publicly put it out there as a <hint> that they should do one for Jillian the Tiger Cubs First Birthday on Feb 10th.   Did I shame them into it?  Who knows, but stop by the Zoo on Monday morning at 10:30a as they give her some special Birthday Treats!

> February 7, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthdays Today!

Happy 11th Birthday Miss Chipotle!

Happy 11th Birthday Jahari!

> February 6, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today!

Happy 12th Birthday Hercules!

> February 5, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today!

Happy Birthday Nikos!

> February 4, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today!

Happy 6th Birthday Nataani!

> February 3, 2014 - Visited the Zoo today and got this snap :)  Family Farm Intern Katie got crafty awesome and made a banner in Honor of Celebrating the Year of the Horse!   Yay! Ben!

> January 31, 2014 -  Wow farthest behind I've ever been, my apologies!  Will try to remedy this on the weekend.  Til then, here's a wonderful photo of  my Family Farm Friend Ben  :)  ... 
Happy Year of the Ben :)  aka ...

Zoo-Years Resolutions! Part One - Make Exhibit Barriers Safe for the Animals

I will work on this post in full soon.  I mentioned it in a previous post and had intention to get it done by end of January.  

I want to once again, document even further the issues at the Zoo regarding Barrier Breaching and Visitor Misbehavior.  As people were posting New Years Resolutions on Facebook I thought, The Zoo needs to make some Resolutions to keep the Animals safe.  That's when I thought to not only synopsis my previous Barrier issues, but expand on them AND make this post a Call to Action that the Zoo make improvements to Exhibits and Visitor Behavior Guidelines that protect the Animals.

I have noted many Barrier issues.  I have made many suggestions.  I have more, and will definitely post them.  Til the time I can finish this post in full, I will note a couple things.

I have posted and am very vocal about non-glassed in Exhibits.  Don't get me wrong,  I do love the open air and naturalistic aesthetics of Exhibits like our Savannah and other smaller Exhibits like the Puente, Peccaries, Kangaroos, Mandrills, Patas Monkeys, Anteater, as well as all other open aired Exhibits.  That said, I don't think any of them are safe for the Animals.  I do think that when Exhibits like the Savannah were built, over a dozen yrs ago now, Exhibits like this were what all Zoos aspired to have and have built since.  Unfortunately, as the better designed Exhibits grew, so did the amount and degree of Visitor misbehavior.   While all Zoos mentality is to keep moving forward with these type of Exhibit designs, such a future for Zoos in my opinion endangers their Residents.  The Animals who live in these Exhibits are vulnerable to threats of dangerous objects being thrown in and trespassers, who might cost them their life.

In regard to trespassing, our Zoo has finally posted a few (literally) signs about this.  I have posted them here previously.  They are useless as they are worded.  More on that later.  The reason I note this here is because of how valid the issue of trespassing is.  In 2009, our own Grizzly Bears were in danger of losing their lives as a Barrier Breach led to a Man entering their enclosure.  With Rifles pointed at them, they are lucky they didn't touch the Man or they would have been shot.  Dead, because a worthless Human was able to enter their home.  I have seen Visitor constantly dangle over the Barriers.  I saw a Woman, arms outstretched extend her babie over the Rhinos and say "Here Rhino"!!!   While this was not a move of Evil intent, this was a move by a complete Moron.  THIS on the heels of a Woman dropping her kid to its death into an exhibit at the Pittsburgh Zoo.  If you haven't read about this and want to, google it or search my blog I posted about it.

In regard to objects being dropped or thrown into Exhibits, curiously I have only seen a sign at Sea Lions (I think). Sadly, this can happen at any open air Exhibit.  I have seen many items in Exhibits over the years.  Last year, the Gorillas had a plastic pacifier that after being shared between three of them, finally got to Five yr old Hasani and he was eating the broken pieces.  I also heard allegedly that both one of our Sea Lions and one of our Snow Leopards had to have surgery to extract foreign objects from their insides.  Just last week a Polar Bear at a Zoo in Germany, died from eating a coat and handbag that were dropped into his enclosure.  The information in this article is heartbreaking.  No one even alerted Staff that something was dropped in.  There is just no relying on Humans to do the right thing.  It also notes other objects thrown in over the years at this Zoo. Thankfully I haven't seen anything this scale, but it only takes one time.  Our Sea Lion and Snow Leopard could have easily lost their lives.

Both these issues pose a threat to the Animals.  The first also poses a threat to the Visitor, which is the Zoos priority, so you would think they would do what they can to safeguard the Public, which would then safeguard the Animals, who are my concern.

I find it curious, and I have had this discussion with a friend, that people are opposed to glassing the Exhibits based on viewing and photography issues.  Yes, it does not lend to the best of either BUT if it keeps the Animals safe that is all that matters.  At least to me.  No view or photo is worth having the Animals vulnerable or at risk of losing their life.   I maintain that safety glassing all the enclosures should be the future of the Zoo.

This was intended to be a brief note about what I intended for this post.  Turned out to be more.  Will continue this in a Part Two, which I will post some additional thoughts as I'm sure Ill have them, as well as documentation of offences, and suggestions for improvements.

USA Zoo Statements Regarding The Murder of Marius

This post is a bit out of order, as I am still (week long) reading statements coming out of Zoo's across America, defending their own practices in regard to caring for their Animals.  That is all fine, BUT what makes my blood boil are two things that seem to be common in all statements.  

First, the lack of rage over the actions of the Copenhagen Zoo.  I effing hate PC bullshit!  This action was outrageous and everyone should be outraged!  I am heartbroken and outraged and wish I had more of a public voice.  I have also read statements by Celebrities who usually don't mince words (Ricky Gervais for one), who didn't use his usual vitriol and instead in my opinion was lite with words.  Who is everyone with a public voice protecting?

Quote by the North American Association of Zoos and Aquariums: (which seems to accompany most individual US Zoo statements).

"The Copenhagen Zoo is well known for the quality of its conservation programs. The facility is a member of the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums, and their programs and procedures vary from those of the AZA."

Seriously?  WTF?   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Second, the use of the word "Euthanasia".   Other Zoo's, Celebrity voices, and News Media, all using this inappropriate word.  

I, like many that I know, have been scarred by this event and the photos that have been posted by Media.  To read and listen to Humans who don't show any compassion for what happened, is painful. The disrespect I have read is sickening.  The continued madness that comes out of Denmark and other EU Zoos, in regards to their treatment of Animals both in captivity and in the wild, is disgusting. Demons, the whole lot of them.  They are Barbaric and apparently are living as if it were Med-Evil Times.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

RIP Marius - Copenhagen Zoo Murders Giraffe

I know this is not about the San Francisco Zoo, but it is very much a topic I want to post about, for awareness as well as information on practices in Zoos Worldwide.

Last night, while I was joyed at the birth of a Giraffe Calf at our Zoo, I read about the fate of a young Giraffe named Marius at the Copenhagen Zoo.   Much like I read in 2009 about a babie Hippo named Farasi at Zoo Basel in Switzerland, who was set for death because he was "surplus", Marius was facing a similar fate.   I do not know what happened with Farasi, as reports in Media faded.  Much like with Farasi, there was outrage, petitions, and protests.  Unlike Farasi, where I'm unclear what his fate became, Marius' fate is known and well documented.

I woke up this morning to the awful news that despite offers from other Zoo's in Europe to give Marius a home, the Copenhagen Zoo chose to proceed with killing him.  I am heartbroken, as are many that I know.  I still can't shake images that I've seen, ranging from his smiling face, to his body being cut up in public, to their Lions eating him.  I'm physically ill over this.

As I learned with Farasi, European Zoos do not use any birth control methods on their Animals.  I have not read everything, because frankly its all too sickening, but what I have read gives reason that they want the Animals to have natural living experiences, which includes giving birth as many times as they want, yet knowing you (Zoo) have no intention of keeping the offspring, instead killing them to use for your Carnivores food.   Excuse me but What the Hell?!   That doesn't even make any sense.  For one, these Animals are not in the wild.  They are in the care of a Captive Facility.  In my opinion, even for USA Zoos, you can make their environment and diet close to natural/wild, but some alterations have to be made as well should be made, given the simple fact, its not the wild.   

So, let's run down the points in Marius' life.

This is an Animal who was who part of their Zoo "family".  They gave him a name.  Took photos of him. This wasn't a nameless livestock (not that it would be any different for those of us who love Animals) bred for the purpose of being meat.  Then killed and butchered behind closed doors.    

They milked his cute babie stage for admission/money because babie Animals are attendance draws. The whole "natural experience" reasoning is bullshit.  Its all about money.  

Now its time for his death.  While this surely is happening in other EU Zoos, we just don't hear about it. Apparently Copenhagen Zoo must love its publicity and know that the media attention will attract Visitors, because that's exactly what happened.   News of Marius execution brought people to their Zoo.  They shot him in public.  Butchered his Body in front of Visitors.  Then fed him to their Lions. All for public display!  His death wasn't heartbreaking enough, this lack of Empathy really fucking twists the knife.  Excuse me, but I'm really upset, pissed and outraged over this.  These Vile Demons who both run and work at Copenhagen Zoo AND those Visitors who came out to watch this Barbaric event, are pure Evil.  I wish long painful lives and haunted afterlives to each and everyone of them, including the children standing in the front row as Maruis body was slaughtered.  These Lesser Humans have no sympathy or compassion.  

Knowing that this happens in other EU Zoos does take the spotlight off Copenhagen as a solo perpetrator of "surplus killings",  but the participation of the area's public certainly says alot.  In fact,  if you follow awful Animal stories, another recent one out of Denmark, as they had their  Faroe Islands Annual Festival of Massive Whale and Dolphin Slaughter. What kind of Demons would actually call such a thing a "Festival"?  Unbelievable!  Festival = Celebration = Joy.  So, there you go, the people of Denmark consider Slaughtering Animals Joyous.  Even the photos from the Event show kids sitting on Whales with Sword cuts ripped through their flesh, blood pouring from their bodies, and these little Demons, laughing and smiling!  Disgusting.

While I still can't get my mind and around WHO would want to witness such an act as the Murder of a Zoo Animal or any Animal, I can most certainly tell you WHY, MONEY!   

So, for a moment let's assume that their reasons of "natural experience" and "surplus killing" makes sense and that we as the public should find this or anything else about this situation "acceptable".  Why would this "put-down" be done as a public Barbaric Murder, much like a gallows hanging with spectators, instead of a needle injection Euthanasia in private? Why does his body have to be disrespected by feeding him to other Animals there, instead of being cremated or buried?  For that matter does the Zoo feed all the Animals that die to the Carnivores?  Why did the "feeding" have to take place in public?   Do you see the common thread?  In Public = Admission Sales = Money = Greed.   This is not about anything natural, its about how can we generate money for free.  Breed our Animals. Milk their babie cuteness.  Hold a public Execution.  Free feed for the Carnivores.   SHAMEFUL!

All this said, what can we do to change what goes on in European Zoos?  The main thing is to raise awareness.  Don't pretend this isn't happening.   Yes, there are many awful things happening to Animals.  Yes, its heartbreaking.  Believe me, I have many times started a blog about all these awful things and have had to stop because its too much.  Instead for now I just have a Facebook Page where I post all these stories for awareness.  Stay informed.  Sign Petitions.  Start Petitions.  Write letters.  Do whatever you can to be a Voice for the Animals.  All we can do is be heard from our little corners of the World and hope that we can be a part of change.

I didn't post links or photos, because I personally didn't want to see them anymore tonight.  They are out there, if you want to read more.

RIP Sweet Marius.  
You will not be forgotten.
Many tears have been shed. 
You were a Precious Gift, 
Murdered for no Reason. 
Bless your Soul.   

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Visit Notes - Wednesday 2.5.14

Went for a quik Visit today, mainly to check on Elly.  When I saw her on Monday I was very disturbed and when I finally looked at my photos on Tuesday night, I almost cried.  (I am writing this before Mondays, so please check back for more details).

Free Day is always a good day for me to go.  I hate it when the weather is warm because of the amount of Visitors it attracts, which equals that many more people misbehaving with no one on the grounds to keep an eye on them.  At least while I'm there I feel like I can be that extra set of eyes, whether the Zoo likes it or not.  Its about the Animals.  That said, it was cold and not too crowded, although when I got there,, there was three Security in the Parking Lot, which means none to one on the grounds.  Didn't like that.  In their defense, there did seem to be something going on, and they basically do what they are told by Zoo Management.  That said, there should have been other Zoo staffers facilitating any situation that would take away from there being eyes on the grounds, meaning eyes on the Animals.  

Glad to run into Security though, as (also to be noted in Mondays post) I called Security after leaving there Tuesday January 21, asking them to have someone clean-up the garbage that was bordering the Lake, before winds blew it into the Lake.  I was pissed when it was still there Monday, almost two weeks later.  I was told that Security did in fact alert the Custodian Department.  So BIG FAIL! Thankfully it all seemed intact and none blew into the Lake, where the Pelicans and other Waterfowl could be in jeopardy.

Glad to see the extra barriers at Chimps.  These barriers should not be reserved for Free Days but should be present anytime there is a high Visitor Day.

On the way out, all the Giraffe Ladies came up to the Barn.  I immediately noticed a tight Belly and remembered how I've thought for many months that a new Calf was on the way :)  Actually since our last Calf was born I thought maybe the other Resident Mama Bititi might be as well, and one of our new Girls, Willow, came to us possibly pregnant :)  I remember when Carolina gave birth to Nikolas, I saw her the day before and was like, she is going to have that baby soon!  WELL, maybe it was a premonition!  Would be sweet if Miss Willow became a Mama :)

Visit Notes - Monday 2.3.14

Going to write this post as my Visit progressed, according to the photos as taken.  

Stopped to say Hi to Hercules the Great Hornbill.  Caught him in flight, going to get a snack from his Keeper.  In flight, seriously, the poor thing with a wing span of over four feet can only fly approximately as far because of the limited space he has to live in.  Read more in my post 

Sad to see a large part of the Historical Swamp Gum Tree broken off at the base.  I remember this Tree from as far back as when I was very young.  I started to tear a bit, thinking the Tree must have felt some pain losing a piece of itself, after near 80 years.  Just awful.

On Tuesday Jan 21, I saw this trash in the landscape that borders the part of the Lake where the Pelicans and other Waterfowl live.  Since there was a large amount of plastic, I feared that high wind might blow it to the Lake and be a danger to the Animals.  I forgot to tell someone before leaving, so I called the Security number I have in my phone.  ... Almost two weeks later, I remembered to check and sure enough it was still all there!  Unbelievable!

Another thing thats unbelievable is that the Curators and Vets still think its ok that Ulu has all that excess loose dirt in her landscaped enclosure.  Hasn't time proven that it was a bad idea?  Ulu continues to have dirt crusted around the lids of her eyes, every time I see her.  :(  

Maybe once she finally flattens the shit, the Zoo will remove it and replant a decent Meadow like in the Grotto she and Pike shared.

Precious new Boy Bronevik continues to make the best use of the pool he's been given.  Both he and Shastyuh love water, yet both are always in Grottos that don't have pools they like.  When Shastyuh first got here she was in Grotto B and every Visit I saw her lounging in the pool, like it was a hot tub :)  As well, many of the photos I've seen of Bronevik from his former home, he would being doing the same.   For almost a year now, since Leanne gave birth to Jillian, it seems that Shastyuh and now Bronevik are only rotated between Grottos C and D, one with a pool too deep and this one with a pool too shallow, while the Lions who don't use the pools at all are in Grotto B.  Makes no sense.

Heartbreak and tears is what happened when I saw Elly in this state.  I have been long documenting the treatment I feel Elly has gotten in the past few years.  Banishment to the rear of the enclosure, not getting oiled on a regular basis, and not getting oiled appropriately or respectfully.  LOOK at this sloppy job of oiling she got recently!!!  So, disrespectful.  My guess is they literally sprayed it at her face and it dripped down into her eyes.  Un-effing-believable!!!  This Lady is 44 yrs old.  She deserves some respect and gets none.  I'm sick of it.  And seeing her like this makes me sick and breaks my heart.

You can read more about this in my previous posts

In these posts you will read information in regard to the Keepers allegedly claiming it isn't "feasible" to oil her in the back enclosure.  Additionally, when the Animal Welfare Chair contacted the Zoo in regard to my concerns, the Curator told her that he "got a sprayer to oil her".  

You can see in this photo of Belozi, that I assume because the front part of the enclosure is more "feasible" for oiling that he doesn't have it in his eyes!  It has clearly been hand applied around his eyes.

Since the Animal Staff can't figure out how to get their job done appropriately and respectfully, here's a suggestion.  Since these Animals need oiling every 6 weeks or so, try this.  Oil Belozi.  Rotate Belozi to back of enclosure.  Rotate Elly to front of enclosure.  Oil Elly.  In 6 weeks.  Oil Elly. Rotate Elly to back enclousre.  Rotate Belozi to front of enclosure.  Oil Belozi.  In 6 weeks, repeat. This ain't brain surgery people!

You can also read more about Elly and Belozi not being rotated in this recent post

Last month the Zoo installed these heavy duty metal gates in a couple places to prevent people from going into restricted areas.  Too bad they don't take this kind of stance to keep people from breaching barriers to the Animals homes.

This sign is at the new Playground.  Pretty pissed that all these Donors are willing to give money to fund a new area in the Zoo while current Animals are in need of renovations.  I especially call out the Taubes, who I wrote to in regard to the condition that Wishbone the Andean Bear was living in and got no response.  While its generous for these people to give their money, Its my personal opinion that the Zoo Director Tanya Peterson and the Donors don't care anything about Animals.

A couple weeks ago, ground broke for building an enclosure for Red Pandas.  They will live in the Children's Zoo, adjacent to the Nature Trail where the Wild Turkeys used to live.  The Turkey Ladies have moved to the Farm.

During construction of the Red Panda exhibit, a drainage issue was discovered at the adjacent Wetlands.  Major upheaval took place to find the problem.  The future of the Wetlands being Restored pended whether or not it could be fixed properly.  I'm told it can and the area will be restored.

Ended my Visit at the Farm.  Was happy to see that Intern Katie was moved to make this lovely banner Honoring Ben for this Years Lunar New Year :)

Chinese Lunar New Year Event - 2014

Curious thing is when I made my Year of the Horse post featuring our wonderful Farm Friend Ben, I checked the Zoo's site (to see if they mentioned Ben as a Lunar Mascot.  Answer at the time was no) and neither the banner or the Calendar had a mention of a Lunar event this year.   I thought they just weren't going to do one this year.  Maybe they weren't?  Who knows.  What I do know is my Tweet of Ben's photos got ReTweeted and it was made to sound like it came from the Zoo.  I of course Tweeted back to clarify I have no affiliation with the SFZoo.  Anyway the Zoo posted to their Facebook page a few days ago.  It will be tomorrow.

In anycase, I must every year post about this because I feel strongly that the Chinese New Year traditional Lion Dance should not be a part of this event.  The sound volume is too loud for most of the Animals.  I have witnessed this several times, yet it seems that having it be a part of the event continues to be a priority over Animal Wellness.    

In an effort not to repeat myself, please see my post from last year

In addition to my past concerns, I have new concerns that regard the Rhea's that live at the Puente Al Sur exhibit.  These not yet a year old, large flightless Birds were new the exhibit in early 2012.  In 2013 we went from having 4 to 2.   I only saw one death noted in the Joint Zoo Committee Minutes, although I know there were two deaths.   The reason noted was "Hock Joint Injury" and "Shock" .  I did some research on this and from what I found out an injury like this is caused by "shock", which means the Animal most likely was scared/startled/stressed and ran itself into a wall/fence, causing injury to the Hock Joint.   It would seem to me that these are highly sensitive Animals and loud noise could be a factor.  As well as the drum beat during the Lion Dance performance would be something of concern.  Their exhibit is a distance from the area where the performances take place, but in my opinion, knowing  this and that it affects the Animals in closer proximity, notably the Chimps, the Zoo should find alternative ways to have this event without the Lion Dance.  

February Zoo Friend Birthdays!

Missed too many last year, so going to try something new 
and post a Collage photo and the List, on this blog 
and the individual photos as their special day comes up on my "short" blog

Check there for todays!

4/2008 - Nataani/Navajo Churro Sheep
5/1990  -  Nikos/Minature Donkey
6/2002- Hercules/Great Hornbill
7/2003 - Chipotle/Navajo Churro Sheep
7/2003- Jahari/African Lion
10/2013 - Jillian/ Sumatran Tiger
14/ 1999 - Hazel/Jacob Sheep

NOTE:  Very interesting and curious I must say! The Zoo rarely recognizes, let alone Celebrates the Birthdays of the Zoo Friends.  In the post right before this one,  I wrote a bit about the SFZoo's history in regard to this, as well publicly put it out there as a <hint> that they should do one for Jillian the Tiger Cubs First Birthday on Feb 10th.   Did I shame them into it?  Who knows, but stop by the Zoo on Monday morning at 10:30a as they give her some special Birthday Treats!