Sunday, October 28, 2012

Welcome Belozi! - New Male Black Rhino

Welcome Belozi!

 Belozi = Adorable!

Belozi actually means "Ambassador" and that he is!  One of our (SFZoo) Elly's Grandkids!  Produced by one of Elly's many babies (I think Fourteen!), who have gone on to other Zoo's as well as having been released back into the wild (according to the Zoo's former Vet).   Belozi was born at the San Diego Zoo in July of 2008.  At 4 years old, he is still a little guy, with several years of growing yet to do!  His mama Lembi (studbook name Susan K) is the Daughter of Elly and her second mate Mishaki.  His papa's name is Jambia.

He has his Grandma's cute pink lips!

Bittersweet, he lounges in the sun
in his Grandpa's favorite spot :)


  1. He is absolutely precious and adorable. It is bittersweet that he lounges in Genes spot. I am hoping that the plywood is taken down soon so he Can meet his grandma miss ellybelle. Gosh I love this little guy.

  2. @lee- Thank you for your comment. I too hope the plywood is taken so he and Elly(belle) can see eachother. I miss Mishaki and I know Elly does. She needs the Enrichment of visual companionship. As I stated in my post, I hope that after Belozi's quarantine period is over, that they are on a HEALTHY rotation (between front and back of the exhibit). ... Now if we can just get poor bored Gauhati some companionship :)


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