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Toddler Falls into Enclosure at Arkansas Zoo - News could one day read "at SFZoo

Not a new way to start a post, but I apologize for not keeping up here.  I have all the post ideas and info swirling in my head, just no time or energy to follow through.  That said, I'm interrupting my ideal post flow because yet another story is in the News about someone breaching a barrier at an Animal Enclosure at a Zoo. 

Report notes that a Child "fell" into the Jaguar Enclosure.  Its reported that as his Father was leaning over to take a photo, the Grandfather was holding the kid "perched on the railing."  < THIS,  I see multiple times, every Zoo visit.   

If you have read much of what I post, you know one of my main issues with the San Francisco Zoo is barrier breaching.  As I walk around the Zoo, I continually see this as an issue and the Zoo continually seems to not want to do anything about it. 

I don't know what drives people to think its ok to, stand on, lean over, hang over, or in some cases completely cross to the Animal side.  Is it Stupidity or Sinister, or both?  In any case, you have to ask, What the F is wrong with People?

I admit I am not a Humanitarian and flame away I do not care if a Human gets attacked or worse by an Animal.  What I do care about is, Animals losing their lives because of such actions, even ones that happen accidentally because of lack of brain cells.

Thankfully, these Animals at Little Rock Zoo, did not lose their Life.  That is not always the case, and definitely in San Francisco it would be a different story.  SFZoo has now even hired armed ex-Military Security who carry guns and are allegedly authorized to shoot any Animal that appears to be a  threat to any Human.

As I said I have posted endlessly about this, with photos, which I still try to take every chance I get.  I had a New Years 2014 post that called the Zoo to action with yet another suggestion to deter this behavior.  Unfortunately, it was one of the ones I haven't gotten to yet.  Shouldn't matter because our Zoo and other Zoo's should be able to think of more to do to protect the Animals.  You can't safeguard from everything, but you can do your best AND put the Animals in your care first, which is something not many facilities tend to do, putting Humans first because that's what we are conditioned as a Society is the right thing.  That is Bullshit in these types of circumstances. 

Of course the most famous in our time happened at our Zoo in 2007.  We all know the story of Tatiana, I won't go over that again.  As well, our Zoo didn't learn about Security and a breach happened again in 2009.  Thankfully, our Grizzly Girls didn't care about the guy who made it into their home.  If they had, rifles were aimed to kill them.  In my opinion, this is not acceptable.  Tatiana lost her life because of documented Criminals.

A side note on the Tatiana event, that was not the first time in Zoo History this has happened.  I recently was at the Library doing some research on the Zoo and came across an article about a similar event in 1968.  If changes had been made then, Tatiana would still be alive.

 Front Page of Chronicle 1968

Text close-up

Story continued

I personally think all Animals should be behind glass for their own safety.  This is not a popular thing among photographers that I know, and I myself, love getting great photos of the Zoo Friends, but Priority over that for me, is their safety.  Open air/natural exhibits became sought after by Zoo's more and more in the past 15-ish years.  That would be great, if the direction of Human Compassion and Smarts was on the rise , instead of the decline.  Exhibit barriers need to keep up with the times and I don't mean ideal times, I mean practical times, in light of current Human behavior.

A couple years ago I posted about an incident at the Pittsburgh Zoo in which a Mother dropped her Toddler into the Wild Dog enclosure. Both the kid and the Animal lost their life.   A few weeks later ( I think it was) I was at our Rhinos and a Mother was dangling her Infant over the barrier, entirely into the enclosure calling, "Hey Rhino!" She only stopped when her Husband alerted her her I was taking photos.

Pretty much says it all doesn't it?  ... This news story could one day read, ... "at San Francisco Zoo."

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  1. First let me commend the Arkansas Zoo for using NON deadly force to save both the animals and the human. THe animals should be the zoos priority since the animals are not there by choice. SHAME on the SF zoo for their use of guns to shoot to kill the animal when some human acts like the idiot they are!! It reminds me of the Bronx Zoo incident in the 80's when some idiot got in with the polar bears and the bears were shot and killed... ANIMALS ARE THE PRIORITY NOT THE PEOPLE!! If someone gets killed for going into their domain, so be it! It is not the animals fault but the ZOOS for not protecting the idiots from getting into the animals areas!!! Someone comes into my home uninvited, WATCH OUT!!!


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