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News Flash: Ohio Zoo Kills After Kid Falls In... How Long Before This Happens In San Francisco?

I am Heartbroken, Angry and Disgusted by this News just coming out of Ohio.  This Animal should not have lost his life for acting on instinct.  RIP Harambe.

One article:  

I have not written a blog post in seven months.  Every day since my last one, I have thought about it, every weekend I sit down to, and all the emotional drain of Zoo related issues take over and nothing comes to form.  What I do get is a constant stream of ranting about things that circle in my mind.  Not having all those thoughts down in posts in chronological order as I've tried in the past, really weighs on me.  Unfortunately, I am the only one, who cares enough to document the issues at the San Francisco Zoo.  For that reason, I feel a responsibility to the Animals.  I am attached to them in ways some might not understand, and not putting forth what happens there makes me feel like I'm letting them down.

After losing Shastyuh (last post, still not written), I just couldn't move forward.  That doesn't mean I don't make daily notes, as I keep close tabs on the Zoo regardless of whether I am posting.  I visit the Zoo at the least, once a week, often more.  There are endless issues to post about, and while I sometimes feel like I'm complaining, the reality is, these are things that I shouldn't even have to complain about.  Too many things that are amiss there, or even a Miss, that just shouldn't be.  Often small things, that you would think are obvious rights, that they just get wrong.  Since I haven't kept up with documenting everything, I have recently thought I need to shorten my list of issues and concentrate on the most important ones.  

One of those most important issues is the way the Zoo allows Visitors to quote myself in precious posts "run wild" through the Zoo.  I realize the Zoo is a Park, but its also a controlled environment where Animals live.  That said, there should be some sort of behavior guidance to those who enter.  I have made countless suggestions, most have fallen on deaf ears.  Some have come to fruition, but not as I had envisioned.  ... Please search "barrier" on this blog, for other posts I've done.

The incident today at the Cincinnati Zoo that cost Harambe Gorilla his life, is so tragic, and it can easily happen at our San Francisco Zoo.  

My opinion is not the popular one.  That's fine.  That's the beauty of Free Speech.  I'm Honest and Secure in my opinions.  I don't claim to be a Humanitarian.  That may sound awful, but in this day when there is so much violence against Animals, my soul has been damaged.  I make no apologies for my position.  That said, I am also not alone in my opinion.

Over the years that I have been a more frequent Visitor to the Zoo, I have been disgusted by the behavior I see from other Visitors towards the Animals. I often wonder why People even come to Zoos.  It is just something to do?  Do they think they are Animal lovers, but come to the Zoo to only torment, tease and belittle?  Some of it just rude, but all of it disrespectful.  I indeed make the call to Security whose number I have on my phone, every time I see misbehavior.  Reaching back in time, if the Visitor who saw the Lions being harassed on Christmas Day 2007 had made a call or found someone on Staff, Tatiana Tiger would not have lost her life because of Delinquents.

I haven't liked what each Holiday season, the Tatiana event was brought up in the News, but over the past year there have been several incidents at Zoos, so maybe it needs to, to remind People how to behave.  That said, there are still some that don't get the message and Animals lose their lives.  That Tatiana incident was a bit different, in that she left the enclosure, but the bottom line was still the same, her fate was sealed by Human misbehavior.  Unknown at the time to Staff and Authorities, that these Delinquents were to blame, the actions that led to her death, in that moment were probably the only choice.  At the time I didn't think that, but since then I've learned about the time it takes for tranquilizers to take affect.  I still wish things would have gone differently and  I think they could have, had better precautions been taken, but that's in hindsight.  I still would have gone the next day and stood in front of that exhibit and not felt a threat.   Tigers have been able to escape those enclosures for years.  This only happened because of Humans terrorizing her into a frenzy.  That said, our SFZoo hasn't learned anything since.

As I said, I have written many times about Barrier Breaching.  I witness it on every visit.  I complain endlessly.  Still nothing gets done to keep the Animals safe.  Sure there have been signs posted, mostly after I've written about it, but even then, the Zoo falls short in my opinion in proper wording, sizing and placement of these signs.  They also fall short on proper staffing of Security.  Most days, there are two Guards and one is patrolling the parking lot.  This is not a guarded presence.

Over the years, this has been how I feel.  I walk through the gates and beside me other Visitors are allowed to run wild through the Zoo with no guidelines.  Sure a couple years ago the Zoo posted a large sign on the side of the Gift shop at the entrance.  In my opinion this sign is to cover their ass more than put forth any rules of behavior.  If they truly wanted to establish rules for entry, they would be in eye's view, not to the side where most don't look.  I have never seen anyone stop and read that sign.  BUT at the gate house where tickets are presented, there is a huge over head banner that pimps out the next event.  In my opinion the Zoo only cares about grabbing the green, not protecting the Animals who live there.

I have suggested signs at the gate house.  I've suggested video at gate house and cafe. I've suggested rules on the paths and buildings. I've suggested sandwich board signs along paths.  Something that I've seen at Oakland Zoo.  I've suggested painting all the barriers Red.  I've suggested holding entry to every ten minutes and having the gate house employee talk about behavior.  Shit the Zoo installed these awful speakers at some exhibits, why not one at the gate house with a welcome message and guideline rules?   Why? because they have proven not to care about the behavior of the Visitors, in favor of not offending anyone.  In my opinion, anyone who gets offended, is not the type of person you want around Animals.

Visitors are out of control.  There are Humans acting the fool all over the place.  Most are the Adults. They yell at the Animals.  Bang on the glass with their Hands, Feet and Strollers.  Throw stuff into exhibits.  Try and pull Feathers from Peacocks.  Feed the Animals.  At the Farm they even sit on the poor Dwarf Goats.  Parents allow their kids to basically terrorize the place.  They yell and scream all over.  I get they are kids, but there should be some control when in establishments, especially where Animals live and can't escape the sights and sounds. They chase the Seagulls and Peacocks, which in my opinion is bullying.  Would they like the tables turned?  Hell no, but oh well they are just Animals.   Parents don't control their kids, most of the time they are on their phones and not even watching kids.  They think the Zoo and its confined illusion is some sort of babysitter.  Most every incident at other Zoos in recent times, has been some Parent losing control of their kid and dropping them into an exhibit.  .. I have posts on these incidents, you can search them.

Some might say, this is people just being people.  That's fine then.  Should Animals lose their life for the elitist attitude of people thinking they can just do whatever they want?  Its the little things like having no consideration and respect for your surroundings or others, that leads to these incidents.

In my fantasy, Zoos would band together and put the Animals in their care as the Priority, over Human misbehavior.  Except for an escape, any situation that ends up with a Visitor in an exhibit, is because of their own behavior, whether sinister or stupid.   That said, my Zoo would have signs that read, "If you end up in an Animal Enclosure, we will make every effort to extract you, BUT, Not at the expense of the Animals Life.  Act with Caution and Respect." 

Zoos are in a place where they want to give the Visitor the most Natural experience, therefore there are mostly open air exhibits.  Sadly, while that should be a wonderful thing of today, the present day of our Society has proven that isn't what's safe for the Animals.  I think all the Animals should be behind a glass barrier.  That puts an end to all of this.  Humans can keeping doing whatever the hell they want, whether intentional bad behavior or stupidity, and at least the Animals are Safe.  I have come up against photographers that don't like this idea.  To that I have to say, what's more important, taking a photo or the Animals life?    This is not to offend those I know, but its sorta like the Palm Oil situation.  Is stuffing your face with your favorite cookie worth the Animal who lost its life to make that cookie?   

One Animal who is not safe at the San Francisco Zoo is our Precious Belozi.  Everyday this Being is subjected to trespassing.  There is a constant stream of Visitors Breaching the Barrier of his home. They climb, hang, stand, dangle over, all these actions put his life in danger. If someone falls in, BANG he takes a Bullet.   Every time I get an article through my Google Alert like the one today, I hold my breath and pray its not Belozi.

I made this Video last November.  A time when once again I attempted to update my blog.  I never got to that place, so never networked it.  Interesting though, someone gave it a thumbs down.  What kind of person are you to thumbs down something that shows an Animal is in danger?  Please take a moment to view how vulnerable Belozi is.

I started another blog and Facebook Page under the name,  San Francisco Zoo UnCensored. I wanted to write a lead in to that and info about that before resuming posting, but I had to make this post today.  Note that THIS blog, iamnotananteater will remain my main blog for posts.  I will use the new forums to attract new and hopefully more attention to the issues at the San Francisco Zoo.  The alerts there will redirect to this blog.  If you are on Facebook please like the page, as I hope there will be comments posted there.  If you aren't on FB or prefer to post Anonymously, please continue to post comments to this blog and I will copy them to the FB group comments.  Thank you.

If anything you read moves you,
Please Contact the SFZoo Director 
Tanya Peterson

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