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HOT TOPIC! - San Francisco Zoo Visitor Throws Rocks at Tiger - 4.1.16

I posted this to my other blog as a lead in and just realized I never posted it here.  It goes with today's post (next), so I'm adding it in now.

From April 1, 2016

The past two weeks have been Spring Break in our area.  What does that mean for the Zoo?  Influx at gate and attendance larger than Staff can handle.  The Zoo knows when these days are and it never seems they prepare for them.  I never see any more authority figures on the grounds, than on a rainy day.   Yesterday was one such day.  I saw one Security Guard on the grounds, and another heading to the parking lot as I walked in.  

I have before written about my thoughts on Visitors Gone Wild.  I've posted suggestions for deterring.  More Signage at Exhibits, Educational Signage throughout Zoo, Rule Video at Entry, ... Four plus years of notating Visitor Misbehavior and nothing has changed.  The biggest issue is the constant barrier breaching.  I have written about this offense endlessly.   I made a video recently, to supplement another blog post on the subject.  The Black Rhino exhibit is the one most often breached and Our Belozi's life is at risk multiple times daily.

The offenses by Zoo Visitors is not limited to barrier breaching.   It ranges from terrorizing the free roaming Birds, to taunting, and to actual assault.  What happened yesterday was not the first assault on an Animal I've seen or heard about, but from what I heard and my knowledge of the exhibit, it was the most direct in both action and proximity to the Animal.

I was at Monkeys trying to call Security on an Offender who was Feeding the Monkeys non-regulated diet items.  Translation, some Zoo Shithead thought it would be just fine to pick-up any random greenery and feed it to the Siamang's.  At the same time, Security was enroute to Big Cats in regard to a report that Rocks were being thrown at the Tiger.  

Male Amur/Siberian Tiger Bronevik was in Grotto D, napping in one of his favorite spots in the moat.  Evidentially that wasn't enough for the Offenders (rumored to be Two Stroller Moms), they had to start throwing rocks at him in effort to wake him up, so they could see him better.  Excuse my language but I'm unedited when it comes to Mistreating Animals, SO,  Are you Effing kidding me?! There is all kinds of wrong in this situation.  First of all, Who the F do these People think they are? They come into an Animals living space and throw rocks at them while they sleep peacefully in their own Home?!  I wish I had been the one to see this happen.  Might be a good thing I didn't.  

I used to hate every Christmas when the Media rehash of the Tiger Tragedy of 2007 would appear. Last year was the first year I didn't get any alerts for internet articles about poor Tatiana.  Yesterday I thought, I guess the public does need to be reminded.   I heard someone at the Zoo say, "I guess they forgot what Zoo they were at!"   Either that, or in my opinion, Human behavior is just getting worse.

Last week I was behind two Zoo Shitheads at Tigers.  They started to bang on the window saying, "I want to see a Tiger fight!"  I said, I'd like to throw you in, that's the Tiger fight I'd like to see.  These gals were so wrapped up in their quest to see Animals in action, they didn't even hear me.   I'd like to see how brave these Shitheads are with no glass or fencing between them and the Animals.  Pretty sure the Dhaliwal's learned their lesson.

What is Wrong with these People and Why do they come to Zoo's?   These are not Animal People? Do they come to be around Beings so they can feel superior?   When it boils down to it, its all bullying.  Whether you are evil minded or dim witted.

Most of us are on Facebook, Twitter, ... all Social Media slams us daily with the Horrors of Animal Harm, from Abused Pets to Victims of Trophy Hunting.  I'm not a Humanitarian.  I don't delude myself that I'm not walking among Demons everywhere.  Humans that will think nothing to Harm or Torment Animals is not limited to the stories you read online.  Those People in the News articles are the same level of Evil as someone like these People who would throw rocks at an Animal, just to see it move.   

Note to Zoo Visitors.  Zoo Animals are not there to Entertain You.  You are lucky to be allowed into their Home and should be Grateful you are allowed the experience of OBSERVING them in a place you otherwise would not.  They are living their lives and you get to watch.  That's a Beautiful thing.   Do Not Disturb Them. 

My friend and I were the only people in the history of the Zoo to have our Memberships revoked (I got justice and our Memberships reinstated), based on lies put forth by Director Tanya Peterson.  I would bet that these people got nothing more than a tossing at the most.  Three things would have happened in this case if I was the Director.  They would have been asked if Members?  If so, they would have been revoked. They would have been banned from Zoo.  They would have been arrested and sued.  In my opinion, that is Assault and the Zoo should bring suit against these people and make an example not to come to the Zoo and Mistreat the Animals. BUT the Zoo doesn't do shit and I'm sure nothing more will come of it.  I would bet if they or even the Dhaliwals wanted to come back to the Zoo they could.  If I'm wrong, I will be delightedly surprised.

Over the past few years, the Security Team has changed and gotten better , but there still isn't enough eyes on the grounds. The Zoo needs to either have more Guard presence, and/or utilize Docents and other Staff.   The zoo needs to take charge and make a stance against Visitor Misbehavior.   Society's acceptance of bad behavior needs a good slap, especially when there are lives at stake.  Whether Elitist Attitude, Disrespectful Behavior or Simpleton Stupidity, the Zoo needs to get in tune with the reality of the actions of today's society for the sake of the Animals Well-Being.

I'm not trying to place blame here, but two things do need to happen.  The Zoo needs more eyes on the grounds, and not just rely on other Visitors making a call, and Visitors need to be more Respectful.  With the state of Humanity, its got to be the Zoo that makes the effort.

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If you are inclined to,  
you can reach San Francisco Zoo Director Tanya Peterson at

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