Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Elly! - Black Rhino Birthday!

Elly turned 42! on January 1st!

Happy Birthday Elly!

Hope you got some special treats!

You can learn more about her and see some photos at this link to one of my other blogs.


  1. Happy Birthday Miss Elly!!! What a milestone for this very precious Rhino. I adore Elly. She is awesome. It might sound funny to say til you get to know her but this rhino is light on her feet and like a little dancer. She has cute tinkerbell feeties!!!! I love you Elly and will visit you soon. Many many many many many more birthday wishes to come.

    1. @Andie (Lee)- Thank you for you comment. I adore Elly too! She is a special lady and her milestone at 40 should have been recognized! Every year that passes continues to be a milestone. I too love how she prances around. Although she doesnt prance as much in theback and doesn't seem like the Zoo is planning to rotate the two.

  2. The grande old dame of the zoo turned 42 - what a milestone! She is one amazing rhino - and what great contributions she has made in her lifetime. Happy birthday, Elly!

    1. @hazel- Thank you for your comment and acknowledging not only her amazing milestone, but the contributions she has made. I hate that the Zoo has used her over the years as a breeding machine and then fails to celebrate her. Awful. I love Miss Elly! Look forward to many more years celebrating her with each visit.


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