Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New At The Zoo

I have posted within my various blogs my thoughts, observations and therfore suggestions in regards to things in NEED at the Zoo.   Some of those things actually come to fruition as I don't believe in coincidence and must assume that Zoo Staff in reading my posts moves forward and makes some changes.   That said, over the past week I have noticed some simple things that are in need at the Zoo.  So, I will use this post to both note the "New" and as a platform to suggest.

First, with the new Animal Births and Aquisitions, in addition to Animal Shuffles, there needs to be a sign at the entrance along with the "Today" sign, that says "New".

- New At The Zoo

*Greater Kudu Birth

*Yellow Back Dukier Birth - Congrats Lily and Erik!

*Wallaby Birth

*Aquisition of Wrinkled Hornbills  (Male on exhibit/Female in quarantine)
*Navajo Churro Sheep females moved from Family Farm to old Reindeer exhibit.

.....  In light of the Churro girls move, there needs to be a sign outside the Reindeer exhibit, noting that the girls are there.  Its ridiculous to take them out of the Farm in the first place, but to put them in an area with little foot traffic and not let Visitors know they are back there is awful for them.  These girls are used to alot of activity at the Farm and now they just sit there bored with almost no Visitors in addition to no hands on contact which they usually get.   .... Let's hope this "holiday adventure" is temporary and they can go back home.

....  I've noted this before but it seems like it needs to be noted again.  The Lion House needs more signage in regard to noise.   "Shoosh" signs at both entrances AND what would be the most effective is painting above the caging some words like "Quiet in the House".    There is what looks like at least four feet of space, so large letters would be very eye catching.  All areas within the Zoo where the Animals live should be Quiet Zones, but now with the possible pregnancy of the female Sumatran Tiger, keeping the Lion House a Quiet Zone should be a priority


  1. Good luck getting the births/transfers. We don't have that at the Phoenix Zoo either. Occasionally there'll be a sign about a birth at the entrance, but more often than not there isn't. I wish there was signage at the Phoenix Zoo like you are suggesting for SF.

    1. @Brenda- Thank you for your comment. I apologize for the delay in replying. I am finding thismorning that there were several I missed. Please know that all the comments are appreciated, so I hope to see more from you! ... Luckily the Zoo answers to the Rec and Park so the "official" albeit allegedly according to the Zoo info, is posted online. Not as prompt or in full as it should be but there. BUT having a more detailed "alert" on the daily boards would be a plus for Visitors, not just at our Zoo but every Zoo.

  2. The Lion House should always be a quiet zone as it echos loudly and cats don't like these loud noises. The signage at the zoo is so behind the times. They have a graphics dept that doesnt know graphics I guess. Maybe instead of producing signs they are just sitting around surfing the web. If they don't know about a specific animal to make a sign, they need to ask someone. Oh wait, no one knows about animals there,lol..... well kinda lol. As for the Churros.....GET THEM BACK TO THE FAMILY FARM, THE PLACE THEY HAVE KNOWN THEIR ENTIRE LIVES WHERE THEY CAN ENJOY THE PETTING AND TREATS THEY GREW USED TO. I miss the personal interaction with them and I am sure that there are visitors that miss them too!!!!

    1. @Lee - Thank you for your comment. Apologies again. ... Yes I too don't understand the signage mystery at the Zoo. Between all you said and what I've said, its a throw your hands in the air situation. ... YES on the Churros, read my new post!


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