Thursday, May 30, 2013

New Giraffe Girls Are Here, but Where Are The Dukier Girls?

Yesterday the Zoo finally released news that there was a Giraffe Birth.  I knew Carolina (Kristen) was pregnant and had given birth last week, so it was great to finally see photos of the new calf :)   I have suspected the other female Bititi to also be pregnant, but there is no confirmation, because unlike other Zoo's the SFZoo doesn't like to confirm pregnancies, which I find curious.  ... Look forward to seeing the new babie!  Congratulations Carolina!

 Tuesday I spied Carolina looking out of the Giraffe Barn :)  
Bititi had come by to say hi
but I missed the capture of the ladies having a visit.

Welcome Amani! 
This is the new addition, who recently came from 
Albuquerque Bio Park Zoo 
 At two years old, she is a bit smaller now
but once she grows she
will be identifiable by the little marking on her neck 
that to me most looks like a bird :)

You can see photos of Carolina's calf in this news article, but I wouldn't pay much attention to the text as reporter Raji didn't take the time to actually fact check and when mentioning the Tiger Cub refered to it as male.  UG.

SO the BIG question is, since Amani is in the Coral and Carolina is in the Barn, where is Lily (Duiker) and her babie girl?  They had been penned up and separated from Erik the father (another curiosity)  in the corral since the birth, so where have they shuffled them off to now?   ... There was no one around to ask, and even if there was who knows if I'd get a straight answer.  There seems to be a big hush these days where I'm concerned.  Curious since I only write about stuff I see or hear first hand and my own opinions.  It is my opinion, that this shouldn't be an issue if everything is on the up and up.  So, that does beg the ? why is everyone so afraid of sharing information, if its the truth?  If they'd stop being so preoccupied with being so secretive, there would A: there would be signs explaining what is going on and B: be someone to ask,   so that, A: people are informed  and B: assumptions would not have to be made.  The assumptions in this case are that the poor Disrespected Duikers have once again been moved and or separated to other places in the Zoo where they aren't on view.  Like their son Houdini who lives in seclusion alone behind the old Eland exhibit and poor Pokemon (Blackbuck)who we will probably never see again, despite him loving the company of visitors, yet is being housed in an area off the Savannah that is boarded up so his view is of wood instead of other beings.  OK i've digressed a bit, yet its related.

If you're interested you can read more here:

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  1. Thanks for the update. I've appreciated your updates over the past couple of years, so keep up the good work!

    On a related note, have you had a chance to see the zoo's most recent master plan? I have the one from '97... I think. It might be 2000 as well.

    1. @Anonymous- Thank you for your comment. Your interest and support is appreciated. I am trying to not be so involved, while still keeping tabs on the place. That said, my updates maybe a bit inconsisant in the future, but keep following because there will always be something at some point that will push me to post.

      I haven't seen any master plans. I know in doing my initial research in 2008 I read some portions, possibly in full, of one (year of that unknown), but I can't remember where that was. Do you know how often it is updated? For some reason I thought I read every ten years, but now with you dates that thought must be wrong. I would be interested in reading this. Is it online or something you can share via email?

  2. Great to meet the new girl, Amani, the other day. But super bummed that the new baby isn't visible. :( Poor Carolina, looking longingly out at the savanna. And good question about the duikers...seems so odd that with all of the empty enclosures that are "customer facing" why are there so many animals hidden away???? Pokemon LOVED seeing people, seems cruel to not allow him access to the empty side yard at the west end of the savanna...

    1. @divanicachica- Thank you for your comment. YES lovely to see this cute new face :) ... I'm glad you too think it is curious where they have gone. The poor Duikers get shuffled around and separated too much. Its awful. ... You are right, there are alot of enclosures that could be usable that aren't. There are ways to fix things right that aren't done. what about the meadow that used to house the senior female Blackbuck and Muntjacs? Instead of making that a visable viewing area for the Duikers and Pokemon, they kidnap the poor Churro girls and stick them up there. UG.

    2. got sidetracked and YES what about that area off the Savannah? It is the night quarters for the Ostriches but during the day, I'm sure Pokemon could be shifted into that spot. another UG.

  3. Lee (a tigers best friend)June 2, 2013 at 11:47 AM

    Welcome to the new girl Amani, she is beautiful. One tip for her....... hang close to Kristin and Bititi, they know what's going on. I am sick always of the Duikers being disrespected...and Pokemon who loved running along the fence line with people when he saw them. They zoo always said it was aggression, NO IT WAS NOT. and..... being sneeky about info, as the zoo always is...people will assume the worse, and usually with the zoo it is the worse. Thank you for always bringing the animals at the sf zoo into the forefront and outing the many many many wrongs of the cowardly employees (all of them) and the management staff that only care about donors and cocktail parties.

    1. @Lee- Thank you for your comment. Amani is a beauty! Sadly both Zoo's decided to move her while she was bonded to her own new babie Sister. More lack of empathy. The Zoo doesn't even know about the Animals living there. I bet some of us watch those Animals behaviors more than Staff. It is well known that Pokemon doesn't like other Animals because of his Human Imprinting BUT that does not mean he doesn't like company. He loves people. HELLO, did I just say Human Imprinting? Good Grief. Poor guy. ... Thank you for the support. It is tiring to always be on alert with everything at the Zoo and the need to document it all. BUT it is good to have it out there for others to see, and so I don't keep it dwelling inside me. This blog gets alot of traffic, I just wish some of the drivers were those with the authority to right so many wrongs there.


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