Saturday, June 1, 2013

Questions for Friday (May 31st, 2013)

So as I sit here attempting to finish replying to all the appreciated comments recently, and finish some posts in the works, there are a few things swirling that don't require their own post, but I need to purge.  Another post is born.

So, yesterday I went to see the new Giraffe Calf.  You can read about the two new girls in the post

With this set-up, the question still begs,

Where is Lily the Mother Duiker and her Calf?  

I have posted this question three times now to the Zoo's Facebook page and have yet to get an answer. 


While on the subject of the Disrespected Duikers, which ofen goes hand in hand with Why can't we see Pokemon (Blackbuck), I wonder why can't this space be used during the day for Pokemon?   He is rumored to be behind the wall of this area which is the Ostrich night quarters.  If that is so, why can't he be visible during the day in this area?   Pokemon has lots of Fans!  Give us some Pokemon face-time!


The Zoo continues its trend of not educating the people who work there.   As I stood and watched new girl Amani, a Visitor posed a question to the Staffer there observing.   She asked about Reticulated Giraffes (the kind that SFZoo has) and if there were other kinds.  The Staffer fumbled for an answer before just saying, ".. they have different patterns".    It amazed me that someone who works at a Zoo doesn't even know there are other types of Giraffes and at least the name of another species, such as the Masai, which are also kept in captivity in North American Zoos.

Bititi and Amani, becoming best friends :)

I was surprised to see this being constructed.

It looks nice, and note I know nothng about the reason behind it or what its final state will be, but I will go on record saying I sure hope its an - Enclosed Viewing Area -  by this I mean that the sides that border the exhibits are going to be barriered with plexi/glass, that also extends along the existing "fencing" barrier.  This barrier is about waist high and allows Visitors to hang over into the exhibits of both the Patas Monkeys and the Mandrills.  I have posted about issues I have with many barrier breaching incidents and other breachable spots.  Too many Animals are vulnerable to Visitor misbehavior and in my opinion perimeter additions made to exhibits should be to benefit the Wellness of the Animals and deter this behavior.  So, I certainly hope that this "hut" is not just a - pretty thing for Humans - .


  1. Lee (a tiger's best friend)June 2, 2013 at 11:40 AM

    One of the last things I wanted to hear, where is Lily and baby? Now what has the zoo done and why won't they fess up? The Duikers have always been disrespected. They are put together, then torn apart, and back again and then missing. When Houdini was a baby he was always visable so I doubt the new baby is just shy. Pokemon has just been put into solitary confinement for the rest of his life, not seeing people or other hoofstock, if he is still there he is only seeing Ostrich. Doesnt anyone else see this stuff as animal abuse at it's finest? and.... the zoo doesnt need that damn hut.

  2. @Lee- Thank you for your comment. Have to say, the hut opinion is making me laugh! lol! Gotta love honesty, I live it, I promote it, and I encourage it. Yea, maybe tomorrow we will find out where the Duikers are. It breaks my heart as I've written before about how the Zoo uses them and could care less how they feel. AND I doubt Pokemon gets to see any other Animals and his only view is the wood walls. Disgusting.


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