Sunday, June 2, 2013

Joint Zoo Committee Meeting Information

I have long had it planned to post this link for those who are interested in learning more about the Zoo.  When I first started researching the Zoo to learn all that I could, this was one of the resources I used.  I read every monthly entry, which dated back many years.  I want to say ten, but I'm not sure now and actually upon checking for the purpose of this post, I see it only goes back two years now.   I started in 2008, and at that time there was an extensive archive.

At this link you will find three tabs, Agenda, Minutes and Documents.

Note that although information is supposed to be posted to this promptly, it sometimes takes time and even if you contact them, it doesn't happen in the 24 hours it says it will.

Agenda:  I believe is submitted prior to the Meeting, as it sometimes posted even when a Meeting is postponed or cancelled.

Minutes:  They tend to cover what is discussed only in part.  I have found this to be incomplete, as I have been to Meetings.   I wish there was a Stenographer or better yet a Video taken, much like what is done at the City Hall Commission Meetings.  

Documents:  These tend to be the more lengthy presentations by Zoo Staff, that are presented using a Power Point Presentation.

Posted in the Agenda and Minutes you will find a list in regards to Animal Updates.  Each month a list of Acquisitions and Dispositions is provided.   It is for the previous month than the Meeting.  These details are very important to anyone who is invested in the Animals.  I find this most useful because there are many Births and Deaths you don't hear about.  Since the Zoo itself does not note some of these events, (in my opinion for fear of scrutiny), having this information is valuable.  As well, even when I have known about events, the info I get these days is not confirmed because many of the Staff doesn't talk to me anymore.  

That said, one must also keep in mind that all information is provided by the Zoo Staff.  In regard to Deaths, there are no outside autopsies done, so we are at the mercy of the Zoo Staff for cause of deaths.  It has been my experience both in person at Meetings and via stuff I have read online, that information presented to the Commission has at times been questionable in accuracy.  But at least this provides general information.  ... In regards to Deaths, there never seems to be a follow-up on the ones noted as "pending".

Since this post was to provide the public of this resource, I will leave you with the latest Animal Update as an example.    This update is included in the May Agenda.  

 The notes for the May Agenda are:

Note that if certain Staff wasn't so paranoid and secretive, or full of vitriol for me, I would just ask these and other questions, although even then the information I'd probably get would be the "formed" story, which may or may not be the truth.

So, in reading these two items,  the things that are curious to me are that the Female Lion Tailed Macaque passed away (RIP Suana) in April, so now in May they have made the decision to transfer out the Male?  What's wrong with that you may ask?  Well, this species of Monkey has a life expectancy of twenty -thirty years.  This Animal was born at the SFZoo in 1989, so at nearly Twenty-Four years of age (considered a Senior) and the only place he's ever lived, I think he deserves to live out his life in the only home he's ever known.  If they want him to have a companion, bring in a Female.

The other entry of interest is that yet another Fishing Cat Kitten has died after only days after being alive.  I use the word yet, as this also happened in November (2012).  The anticipation of the first birth was evident with the cameras positioned at the nest box. I had seen her as a Kitten and looked forward to her being a Mama.  Very sad outcome.  I feel awful for Goldfish (Female Fishing Cat) and hope for her sake the Zoo does not keep trying to breed her and, if they do try again, they give her some time.

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