Sunday, July 7, 2013

Polar Bear Notes - Bear With Me

I know, total pun, but just, since I will probably be posting about the Polars a few more times, as I observe Ulu in her new home for extended periods of time.

When I got to Mt Ulu on Friday, there was ice all around, in varying stages of melting.  Some of the ice was icee treat size, a couple were just huge blocks.  Its always great when the Bears get treats, sadly Pike did not have any.  I get that they were celebrating Ulu's new home, but the treats should be equal. Always!   ... Thankfully Keeper Sandy came round and gave Pike a live fish in her pool.

So, the ice.  Its not a secret I hate the loose dirt.  So, I hated seeing some of the ice in the loose dirt.  Seriously, besides making the predicted mud when it melts, what the heck is Ulu supposed to do with it?  Is she expected to play with a big block?  Eat the dirt covered icee treat?  As well I don't like her food being thrown in it either, so that she has to eat dirt along with it.  

 Another small icee treat
in the dirt
that Ulu ignored

You can view Ulu being fed thru the new feeding fence.  Something I actually love about the Mt Ulu Grotto.

Additionally, like Wednesday, I never saw Ulu in or on the dirt mounds.  Each time she walked into the Mt Ulu Grotto, she walked around the mounds.  

Like I noted in my previous post, it doesn't matter that she has a pool to clean off, she will always have dirt grit on her feet anytime she walks on that loose dirt.  ... Also even after just being in the pool, once she walked around the dirt, and shook, a spray of dirt came off her.

Since the brainiacs who designed this craziness apparently (since Ulu doesn't go to those doors) didn't think of it, I'll note it here.  To avoid this and so that Ulu can can clean footies at the very least when she goes in for the night, her doors should be through the Concrete Grotto.  Planting grass/sod instead would have avoided this completely.

Also note that I haven't seen Pike in the Meadow.  Poor girl is probably confused since she was rarely rotated regularly on the every other day basis that she was supposed to be.  That said, she probably never knows when its her turn.  She should be using the doors to the Meadow so she can get used to knowing she has permanent access.

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