Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Duiker Go-Round

coming soon!


  1. Hello, not to be rude and rush you, but may I ask what the "duiker go-round" is? Is the zoo moving the duikers (Lily, Erik, Houdini, are there any others?) to different enclosures again? Sorry if I am rushing your blog, but I'm just curious about the lives of the yellow backed duikers. (I also commented on the Mt. Ulu post as anonymous, but I will use this code-name from now on so you know who is commenting. Just so you know, I have no relation with the zoo)

    1. @ellicruu- Thank you for your comment, following my blog, and giving me a push on this! I do not take it as rude in anyway! Believe me, if I could write about all the things that I want in a timely manner I would. Part of the issue is that I'm really passionate about these issues and they hype me up sometimes, so I slack. I put the Subjects in because I like things in a chronological order and just leaving them in draft form doesn't hold that space. I apologize if its lame and frustrating to followers to keep checking back and nothing. BUT to answer your question YES they have once again screwed with the living arrangements of these poor Animals. I will try to get to it tomorrow. I try to made my posts as informative as possible, providing back story details and photos when I can, so posting them is time consuming. Will try tho! In short, with the acquisition of two-year old Giraffe Amani and new babie Giraffe, they had Lily and her babie sequestered inside (from what I heard) and have now moved them back to their original home on South Gate. Leaving poor Erik alone on the Savannah. Its heartbreaking to me to even see him, the precious guy. Cheers and thankx for the nudge!

    2. Thank you for replying, I really like reading your posts as they offer constructive criticism for the zoo, only if they would listen more often. Sadly the zoo's elderly animals are the ones in the exhibits with the worst conditions. The zoo obviously needs more funding and support by outside sources, to enhance or build new exhibits for the zoo's inhabitants. But the zoo thinks that new species are needed, as they are funding for their Americas Capital Campaign. Hopefully donors will come around and realize the zoo's inhabitants are more in need of care and should be priority. Back to the duikers, I think it is reasonable to move the duikers around, but to the extent that it is "rotational" and not for too long in one place then another, also they should not lock them in. As you said, the duikers should have their own exhibit, I totally support this as they could be mixed with the colobus monkeys, which have only an insufficient cage in the Primate Discovery Center. That would be better for the duikers and monkeys as enrichment, and a permanent home for the duikers. Thats what I would use the money raised for. Once again thanks for raising the concerns and fixes needed for the zoo.

    3. @ellicruu - Your welcome. I always reply, sometimes not as prompt but always. Thank you for your support. Not everyone gets that I do present things as they are, with my opinion. Its up to the reader how they interpret it. You seem to get it. Your words in regard to the new Americas Campaign echo how I feel and have expressed. I can not say enough how taking care "at home" (current residents) should be the priority. Since I obviously didn't get to the Duiker post today, I didn't get into my thoughts on their rotation/enclosure issues. I do like your idea of the mixed species area with them if that would work with our current Colobus. Those poor things live in a dismal cage that looks out to green grass. Awful. My ears are literally turning beet red just thinking about them. That said, I should probably wrap up my Zoo posting adventures for today so my BP doesn't sky rocket. You sound like you are very intune with the Zoo, its a pleasure to discuss with someone else who sees things can be better at Our Zoo. If you have any other questions before I get to posts, you can contact me via the who i am link.


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