Thursday, August 29, 2013

Komodo Dragon Unveiling - New Name Reveal

I didn't make it out there today but just read a news article on about the cute little juvenile Komodo Dragon who came to the Zoo with a birth name of Falcor and through the lack of creativity of the Zoo, has been bestowed the name Big Daddy Bahasa by yet another Donor who obviously thinks the honor of naming awesome Animal Ambassadors is a joke.   Donor Barry Lipman paid $25,000 for his hand at comedy.  I don't take away from the generosity these Donors show, just the lack of sensitivity.

We all know I am against renaming Animals who already have names.  I know all about needing to raise funds, yadda, but there are other ways and myself and those who have commented on this blog, have pointed that out.  ... The Lipman name is a familiar one around the Zoo, so it amazes me that even though Director Peterson does not present alternative ways to support/sponsor Animals, that those who should no better and have some empathy, don't donate and put forth their own suggestion in exchange and allow an Animal with an existing name, to keep its name.

I guess we can be thankful he wasn't named after another ballplayer or ego based name.  It seems the word Bahasa has some relevance, although not as portrayed in the sfgate article which probably contained information in the Zoo's Press Release. The article noted that the word Bahasa is the official language of Indonesia.  Actually the word Bahasa means "language" in many Asian languages, preceding the language name, as in Bahasa Indonesian.  Which I learned with a simple google search.  So while there was an attempt to be relevant, as the Komodo does come from Indonesia,  it wasn't entirely direct.  That said, I could deal with it if the Animal had no previous name AND the name was just Bahasa.  BUT, adding the Big Daddy turns it into a Big Joke and frankly disrespectful. Would this Donor name his Son Big Daddy Lipman?

Welcome Falcor, for that is what I will call you!   Look forward to meeting you!

AUTHOR ADD:   After sleeping on this, I've changed my mind, I would NOT "deal" with just Bahasa, because it just means "language".  So basically this poor Animals name is Big Daddy Language!??? WTH?

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  1. lee "a tigers best friend"September 4, 2013 at 12:11 AM

    Falcor was such a regal sounding name. I hate when people come up with names that aren't serious. Big daddy sounds so low class so haters don't hate me. I too will call him Falcor.

  2. @Lee- Falcor is regal sounding! When he gets bigger we can call him Lord Falcor! lol! I am really enjoying him :) YES you are right big daddy sounds low class, who would even think that was a nice name? Just proves my point that Donors don't give a shit. They think its a joke, not an honor. Just like Tanya, who thinks its no big deal to rename Animals.


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