Saturday, September 28, 2013

Zoo Hippo's Unfortunate Namesake - Ballplayer Brian Wilson, Typical Human

I had another post in queue, but someone just posted this on Facebook and their comment prompted me to write this post now.  The person who posted this is not a Zoo Visitor, but knows that the Zoo did name one of its Animals (one that already had a Name) after former San Francisco Giants Ballplayer Brian Wilson.  I don't follow sports and didn't even know he wasn't with the Giants anymore.

Allegedly, yet apparently, BW isn't a stand-up guy, which prompted the Facebook poster to comment:

"I think the Zoo should rename the animal that was named after him"! This is a good reason ANIMALS at the ZOO should not be named after celebrities!!!!"

All I have to say is A-Friggin'-MEN!  

Everyone knows my opinion on the Zoo's naming processes, if not you can search this blog for references. That said, in regard to this particular naming travesty,  at Eight years old, Tucker the Hippo came to the Zoo with a name he had his whole life.  Then at Zoofest, the Zoo auctioned off his name and Board Member Mark Roberts decided to name him after the Giants Ballplayer.  Not just Brian, not just Wilson, but the whole stupid thing.  FAIL!

I not only hate the name change game the Zoo plays, but really take issue with the Ballplayer Names. In my opinion the Zoo allows this and does it themselves because they know they will get Media attention from it, since SF has been on a winning streak with Sports Teams.  It makes me feel like they are raping Animals of given Names just to pimp them out.   If an Animal is without a Name, as in a newborn, and its appropriate, I may not have a problem with a Celebrity Name, but the keyword is appropriate!  Not like the gal who wanted to name the Female Penguin Chick after Male Comedian Russell Brand.  

This all said, the problem is that Celebrities are Human, and in my opinion, should not be put on pedestals, as they fall off, just like anyone else.   I'm not a fan of Humans at all, but regardless of my bias about that, this is a proven fact.  Unless they are going to be named after Humans who have proven to have done great things in their lives, especially for Animals, then it just shouldn't be done. I don't see an Animal named after Leonardo DiCaprio who has done alot for Animals.  Yea, that's what I'll be looking forward to, an Animal (that's born there) being named Leo or DiCaprio.  

In the case of Brian Wilson the Human, this guy has never even acknowledged that poor Tucker now bears his name.  I even read once that he was at an event across the street from the Zoo and didn't bother to even visit Tucker.  This is clearly not even a guy who likes Animals.  

The Zoo named its newborn Female Francois Langur (Monkey) after another Giants Player, Sergio Romo.  He at least came to the Zoo, BUT he was also quoted allegedly saying the Langurs weren't his favorites!    What an Ass!  

So, YES as the Facebook poster suggested, that awful moniker BW should be removed from our precious Tucker and he should be allowed to keep his given Name.

Zoo seems to really be blowing smoke up 49er Alex Boone's bum, so I think poor Rhino Belozi will never get his Name back.


  1. Lee (a tigers best friend)September 29, 2013 at 5:08 PM

    I have to say that I can hardly add to your commentary because I feel exactly the same way. These ballplayers usually always mess up. I have no idea why the zoo is so hooked on ballplayers. It's not like they come and visit. In my opinion, the ballplayers of today are not like the ballplayers when I was growing up. Now it's all about money or steroids, etc. They usually always mess up. I am way against changing names of animals when they arrive at the zoo but I think we need to get Tucker's name back and rid the name of Brian Wilson that was forced on him. Tucker is a wonderful animals that brings joy to all that visit. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he becomes Tucker again. I love Tucker!!!

    1. @ Lee- Thank you for your comment. ... Of course I agree! AND Yes! Tucker's name should be restored, yet because there is money involved it mostly won't be. Although I wonder what they would do if one of these Ball Players committed a crime? What comes to mind is how awful I feel when I hear them call Jonesy, O.J. While Oscar Jonesy Is not named for a Ball Player, I stil think calling him by those initials is disrespectful. Use his full name or one or the other. That said, and Yes what of these Donors who pay money or liek with Belozi, the Zoo kissed their Giant Bums, do they ever come to visit these Animals past the initial Media photo op? My guess is a big fat NO!

  2. The zoo is always in need of money. Thus, the nameing of animals will go to the ones that can provide the funds. I remember when people
    submitted names and one was chosen for the animal. Animals that are born at our zoo should be named accordingly.The changing of names when animals arrive from other zoo's is down right JUST NOT NICE! The animals should retain the name they came to the zoo with. It is an insult to the animal to be given another name. When the African lion cubs were born , there was a naming contest for chilldren to partisipate in. Preferably an African name. Jahari and Kimona were perfect names. Another name for the baby gorilla was a world wide naming event. Hasani was chosen, a wonderful name that means hansome in Swahili. Brien Wilson and Alex Boone are off the charts
    for beautiful animals. It is an insult.

    1. @ Charlene - Thank you for your comment. ... You are right, regardless of everything else, its just not nice! BUT we are dealing with people who aren't nice, so there's not alot we can do, but be a Voice for the Animals. I think we should start calling Staff by other names and see how they like it. Its awful, disrespectful and become an epidemic. All the Lions, luckily have been named appropriately and gotten to keep their names. Although I once heard that Jahari was refered to as Carl and I have hear Curator Debbie Marin call him that. Bullocks I say, no wonder Jahari charges the fencing when he sees her. She thinks he loves her, I think he's warning her, Don't call me Carl!


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