Saturday, December 14, 2013

My Outtings Synopsis - Saturday 12.14.13

Synopsis from the blog

> December 14, 2013 - Monkey Day part two.  Going thru my Facebook feed and Kudos to the Los Angeles Zoo who posted all day photos of different species of Monkey and Monkey related Animals.  Our Zoo, per usual didn't even give it a mention, YET they have three posts in the past 24 hrs about how Visitors can come spend money there.  Way to go SFZoo!

> December 14, 2013 - Happy National Monkey Day!

> December 13, 2013 - The Big Cats were vocal this morning!  See my video :) 

> December 8, 2013 - Contender for stupidest sign placement.  More people will cross at an opening, than across the roped off train tracks.  I'd have a sign at both points, but that's just me.  ... I saw a guy enter from the open end the other day to take photos of the Macaws.  There shouldn't be any question regarding access points.  Note to Zoo - A sign and extended rope fencing needs to be along that area at train track crossing.

> December 3, 2013 - New sign at the entrance to the parking lot.  This sign is about 3 x 6 ft.  YET the signs telling visitors not to cross barriers are about 4 x 8 inches and only a handful of them.  San Francisco Zoo, why don't you get some decent sized signs about how to respect Animals and not cross barriers into their homes?  Oh yea, that's because you don't care about that.  The Zoo has always had a misguided preoccupation with the parking lot, where most often the only Security Guards can be found.  That said, the last 6 visits over the course of  two/half weeks, I have not seen one Security Guard on the grounds the whole time I was there. WTH??!

> December 1, 2013 -  Recent replacement of windows in Big Cat Grotto A, did not include the extra "bar" barrier.  I get how awesome it is to be face to face with the Animals and in a wonderful world where People didn't take advantage of that by banging and kicking on the windows, that would be great.   We don't live int hat world :( .   .. and Yes, the Animals have the option of not coming close to the window, but the annoyance just shouldn't be an issue in their home.

> November 29, 2013 - WTF?  Who wears Fur to a Zoo?  This Ahole that's who!

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