Sunday, April 6, 2014

My Zoo Outtings Synopsis - Sunday April 6, 2014

>April 6, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today!

Happy 23rd Birth/Hatch Day Edna!

> April 4, 2014 - Coati Ladies Say Hello!
Took this cute video the other day of the Sisters Rosie and Maggie :)

> April 2, 2014 - Trash Update.  My original post to this blog about this issue was March 10. Synopsis, I saw a pile of plastic bags and coffee cups, beyond a barrier that borders the Lake where the Pelicans and other Waterfowl live.  I reported it several times and its never been picked-up. My primary concern was we were due to have high winds and if it got carried to the Lake it could pose a danger to the Animals.  As of yesterday, it was still there.  Ten Weeks later.  Each time I visit I make sure to check on the trash, because, although the weeds have now grown over the plastic and after so many rains the cups are beaten down and none of it poses a threat to the Animals, I'm just pissed at the lack of regard for the grounds.  Frankly, I'm surprised by the complete lack of follow through by the Staff I've reported this to, including Staffer Lamar, who I expressed my disgust to last week.  I know for fact that many Zoo Staff read my blogs, and not one person made sure this trash was picked up. 
That said, I am happy to report that someone finally cared.  After I took this photo, one Staffer came by and I told her about it and she went right over and picked it up herself.    She got in there, picked up the cups, and even searched the over grown weeds and gathered all the plastic bags that were still there. It was a huge pile of trash.  No passing the buck.  She did it because not only did she think my original concerns were valid, she cares about how the place she works at looks.  Thank you!

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