Friday, March 28, 2014

My Zoo Outtings Synopsis - Sunday March 30, 2014

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> March 30. 2014 - Tiger Tummy Tickles!  Silliness just because. 

> March 29, 2014 - Trash Update.  Good Grief, Seriously?  YES people, seriously!  The trash I reported over two months ago, was still there on my Visit this week.  Again, as I questioned in an earlier item, what's everyone so busy doing, that after telling several people, that pile of trash in the Pelicans Lake was still there. FAIL!

> March 28, 2014 - European Zoo Murders Continue. 

> March 26, 2014 - This one is for reader @Ellicruu ...  New Birds!  Well they have been streaming in for a few months now, but we FINALLY have signs for them all!  I just don't understand why it takes so long to get stuff done there. What's everyone so busy doing?  Seems like a whole lot of not much sometimes.  

Well, looks like I didn't upload the videos I had made.  Check back here (or on my youtube channel) and I will post the links.

> March 25, 2014 - Howler Monkey Update!  After losing her Papa, our Precious Bosco, in January, I hadn't seen Sweet Little Baya up and mobile since.   I was lucky to catch her enjoying some Yums :)  Thankfully I am told that the Zoo is planning to get her a mate, and one may have even already been found.  Let's hope.  It breaks my heart to see her alone.  Last year she lost her Mama.  Her Sister and Brother both went to other Zoos.  They were a very close Family, always seen cuddled together.  Hopefully her companion will arrive soon.  

> March 24, 2014 - Brown Pelicans out!  Not sure when this happened, but I just noticed it today!  I was wondering when they would be out, but kept looking in the Lake area where the American White Pelicans are. The Brown ones aren't there, but sharing the Lake area where the Eagles live.  Kudos to whoever built the perch, it looks nice!

> March 23, 2014 - Congratulations to Skylar/"Leanne", who became a Grandma again!  AND to Son Jae-Jae and his Mate Melati at the London Zoo.  Melati gave birth for the second time to a litter of three Cubs on February 3rd!  ... For some reason my notifications for London Zoo got turned off (when Facebook made one of their most welcomed changes) and I just read about this.

See the awesome video of Melati and the Cubs.


  1. Thanks for the pictures! I would love to see the new faces (last I visited the zoo was last November) but haven't had the time...hopefully I can go for a visit after the red pandas move in and the rainforest building is done being renovated. The South American birds will most likely move there. How is the rainforest building coming along?

  2. @ellicruu - Thank you for your comment. I actually just went to comments waiting for moderation and so many that I never got notification on! and just now getting published :( ... There are actually Two new White Pelicans, for a total of Five now! I got some photos but not great, will get more this week. I'm sure since this is a bit back, that you have seen the posts about the Sloth and Toucan. They have also added another Bird Species to the large group opposite Chimps. forget what its called, will try for pix this week as well. Not sure on the Tropical Aviary, but I hope its on target for late Summer as I don't like seeing the Toucan and Sloth cooped up in the LH exhibit.


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