Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Cobby! - July 10th

Cobby turns 54 today!

Happy Birthday Cobby!

In 2009 when I was doing Animal Resident Biography posts for my goober's sf zoo friends blog, I was researching the Chimps and saw that Cobby's estimated Birthday is July 10th, 1958.  Since he was wild born his age is estimated at +/- two years.  Most Studbooks list wild born Animals this way.   At the time I didn't know this and was very excited that it would be Cobby's 50th Birthday!  Yes, in hindsight I realize I was so excited that I obviously couldn't count either ;)   Anyway, I emailed the gal who was in charge of Member's Mornings which at that time were focused on celebrating Birthdays!  I asked if there would be anything for Cobby and she said she would check with Primates and see if they had anything planned.  A couple days later she said Yes there would be something, so my friend Lee and I proceeded with our idea to make Cobby a Birthday Card.  She did the card and I did the balloons on the photo :)  

You can read more about the festivities here

In hindsight, I believe that the only reason Cobby's Birthday was recognized was because I inquired about it.  No Chimp Birthday has been recognized since.  We made gift bags and mache items  (by Lee) for all the Chimps in April of 2010 and gave them to a Keeper the day before Chimp Girls Birthdays and the day of there was nothing put out.  It really is awful how the Animals special day is not celebrated, especially ones who make it to milestones and even surpass expectancy.  As well Birthdays are a celebration of ones life.  

See the video I made of his 2009 Birthday Party!


  1. Happy Birtdhay precious Cobby!!! I just adore seeing you every Saturday and wished I could be there today to wish you many many many many many birthdays to come!!! You always make me smile and you are such a special guy. I love you Cobby.... I loved seeing the photo of the poster card I made, wished we still had those opportunities.... I hope you get treats to share with Miss T, Maggie and Minnie!!! Love You Cobby!!!

  2. @Lee- Thank you for your comment. These Chimps are special! and that poster card, like the others we made are reminders that we love these Animals and celebrate them everyday.


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