Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sat. 6.30.12 - Dupe a Docent & Liquor up Visitors

Stupid stuff happening at the Zoo again lol!  Honestly, the lack of knowledge from some of the Docents is sadly comical.  

While waiting for Lee, I thought I'd use my time wisely and take advantage of the Docent "Ask Me" booth aka Dupe a Docent.  

Docent Helen was in the booth.  I've never talked to her before, but I hear my blog is well known, so I didn't know if she knew me.  She asked if she can help me.  That's like inviting a Vampire in.  I asked, "What kind of Tigers do you have?"  She paused a second and said, "Sumatran."  I said, "Is that the only kind?"  She replied, "Yes", followed by, "We have a new one."  I said, "Only the one?"  She answered, "Yes."  I asked, "Where are the Warthogs?"  She replied, "In the back."  I said, "Thank You", and walked away.  

Since Docents and Zoo Staff read this blog, take note:

1- This is Taymor (aka Larry), he is a male Sumatran. 

2- This is Skylar (aka Leanne), she is a female Sumatran.

3- This is Shastyuh (aka Martha), she is a female Amur (aka Siberian).

San Francisco Zoo Tiger Tally 3

2 Sumatrans
1 Siberian

FYI  The last senior Warthog, passed away last year.

NOW, didn't I just write a blog post titled, San Francisco Zoo Docents Don't Know Jack?  Well, YES I did!

Why is it the Zoo still hasn't educated these representatives on Who's Who at the SFZOO?  Seriously, its embarrassing.

They had a presentation for Docents last week on their new Wellness Initiative.  In my opinon educating them on something that they are supposed to (read should) know versus something supplemental should be priority.  OR don't have them in a booth that invites Visitors to ask questions!  OR put one of the few Docents who do know facts.  They even wear "Ask Me" buttons when they are out walking the grounds!  It is apparent that the Zoo really does not care whether the correct information is getting out.  No one would ever question it, because no one knows any better.  Well, I know its BS and I think that having Education as part of your Mission Statement and having Zoo Representatives not know about the Animals that live at the Zoo is Lame and Misleading.

The Zoo is evidentially more driven to get Visitors liquored up.

The sale of liquor at the Zoo I think is irresponcible and ridiculous.  There is no need for it.  There may be an audience for it, but not a need.  Its a Zoo.  Most people are there with children, do they really want to be supplying the parents?   In fact I saw a school group a couple months ago and one of the Father's who was chaperoning, was standing there holding a Beer!  

 AND there is enough misbehavior that we don't need to supply an accelerant to further stupidity.

Additionally, it appears the Staff also thinks creating signs to line the paths to where the liquor is sold,

is more important than creating signs to deter misbehavior.

Don't get me wrong, I think the food, music and face painting is fine, the point is the Liquor issue and how there are more new signs for this kind of stuff and not to address the misbehavior issues towards the Animals that live there.  I will add that the music was too loud (it always it.  Just like those Lion Dancers for Lunar New Year).  I don't think loud noise is something the Animals want to hear.  I was visiting Inti when the music started and I think it startled him.

Not much done at the San Francisco Zoo makes any sense.

On a good note, I finally saw Inti (Bobcat) out in his exhibit!  He was cautious and hid under a log, seemingly alittle scared at surrounding noise (When you're done making "Beer Here" signs, can he get a "shoosh" sign please?  He's still adjusting, the sign is an obvious necessity.) ...  Later when there were less people, he was lounging in one of his hammocks :)

 Lovely to see you out Inti!

Two new vid clip from today
Peccaries and Peacock
Plus a few from the week!
check them all out @


  1. I simply can not agree with you more on all points given. The zoo seems to be promoting alcohol more than education. I have seen under age kids drinking also. So, who monitors this? I think the signage is so ignorant. I am waiting for next week when they just have a sign up saying "booze"... I was so glad to see Inti out but there needs to be a shoosh sign. Maybe they can take one of the alcohol signs and change it so "shoosh". The docent thing is really ignorant these days. I know that some that read this but that are afraid to comment think "well, lee used to be one", she is jaded. That is intirely not true. I studied and made a difference. I quit because a higher docent complained that though I did more than expected, I should have gone thru protocol. So, no, not jaded, disappointed and sadly there are few docents there that cared as I did. They need to be testing these docents on the animals.
    Visitors see them, ask questions, and take their word because they have a vest on. On a high note, so glad to fianlly see that adorable Inti out and comfy. He is adorable!!!!

    1. @Lee- Thank you for your comment. As well people (Zoo Staff) probably read this and think just because we are friends we think alike, but we have individual opinions on things. As well there are people reading this blog that do not comment. ... Thank you for bringing up that you used to be a Docent. We should be clear that what you did as a Docent that time was something that was ok'd by Education and for the Visitors. What do thee Docents that don't even know anything about the Animals do for the Visitors? Give them wrong info that's what. ... Booze lol! The last thing they want is us liquored up and walking about the place muttering out loud. But, seriously, this is Vegas or New Orleans, I'm not even sure this is legal in guidance with the open container law. And, the sign thing, next time someone goes into an Animal enclosure, I guarantee they will have been drinking there and will drunkenly say, "There was no sign!"


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