Monday, July 30, 2012

Speaking of Tigers ...

Sadly, Sunday at the San Francisco Zoo, there was no hint that it was International (World/Global) Tiger Day :(   ...  The Zoo continually misses out on wonderful opportunities to have "Days" at the Zoo.  They don't celebrate Birthdays, as well have let International Rhino Day and World Tapir Day pass each year without fanfare.  Events that would both Celebrate and Educate.  

It was Taymor's first Tiger Day 
as a Resident of the SFZoo 
and he seems to be 
expressing his disapproval.


Sadly, while the World is facing the probable extinction of these and so many other wonderful Animals, at the hands of Humans,  I found this video posted to the Jackson Zoo (the Zoo Taymor came from) Facebook.   Here is the link from its original youtube posting.

The video shows Taymor "playing" with a Seagull that landed in his yard.  I didn't watch the whole thing because this kind of "nature" makes me uncomfortable, but I did listen through the whole thing once I heard some of the comments coming from the crowd.  There was some laughter, which I find sad.  Granted I see people bullying and tormenting the Animals all the time, so I shouldn't be surprised. I just think if you are going to go to an Animal Park, you like Animals.  That just doesn't seem to be so.  I have witnessed many times people getting joy from harassing an Animal, smiling and laughing while doing it.  Its very sinister to me.  ...  If you listen towards the end, it sounds like the Staffer says she 'kinda mentioned to people they might not want to see it' and then she says, they (Visitors) said, "That's why we're here."   These are probably the same people who go to the Circus and enjoy seeing the Animals get whipped.

On youtube there is also a link to a video of the SFZoo female Tiger in a like situation.  The comments on her video are really awful.

In this one, people seemed to really enjoy seeing this poor Seagull being hunted and almost killed as they were watching. Much like I described that I witness when Visitors harass the Animals.  What is most distrubing, is one young girl said, "Get it!" and then "Eat it, Eat it!"  Continuing the chant, "Go Go Go! Eat it!"  Like she was cheering it on!     What kind of child says such things?  A child that probably already harms Animals, that's who.  Even worse, you don't hear the parents say anything to her.  How about, "Its not right to say such things."  So, what you have is a household where there is no respect for Animals or any such, being taught.  Then they come to the Zoo.

I didn't even have to listen to the whole thing, it sickens me that these are the kinds of people I have to breathe the same air as and hurts me that they are allowed anywhere near any Animal.

I get that there are certain Beings that people view as pests,  but there's some serious brain defect to get Joy from their Pain and Demise.

The other night I wrote a post on this same subject on another blog of mine.  If interested you can view it here:


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  1. I feel exactly as you do about the zoo not taking advantage of World Tiger Day,etc.... They really lack in marketing techniques. AND they esp lack in Education of visitors. The seagull videos were disturbing. The tigers act as they should but the public, esp. kids thinking that was awesome upsets me. How will these kids grow up? Bad... Bad...Bad... not respecting wildlife.


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