Friday, October 18, 2013

Chimp Exhibit Inside Barrier Still Accessible

Update on last weeks Chimp Barrier story (post before last).  On Monday, one week after I saw three kids hanging over the inner barrier at Chimps,  I was able to check and see if any signage or attempts to extend the barrier off the Party Room have been made.  That would be a Big Fat NO!  In fact, it was a Holiday and the Zoo was packed and the Party room was open allowing overflow Cafe seating.  AND the Party Room door leading to the Chimp Exhibit was unlocked allowing anyone who opened the door access to the inner barrier.  SFZOO FAIL!  ... In my opinion the Zoo basically plays "Russian Roulette" with alot of the Animals lives by their lack of attention to barrier safety.

YET, it seems that the Zoo can make decent sized signs for their past weekend Event.  I saw several of these type signs around the Zoo.  Bigger and more eye catching than any sign the Zoo has posted about Barrier Breaching.  Proof of what is priority there and its not the Animals safety.   Shameful.


  1. Heartbreaking what a lack of Respect for the Animals.
    If you put an animal in a encloser you must make sure it feels safe at all times. In the Wild an Animal can back off and walk away from the threat, in a encloser an Animal must charge as would all animals. (also the human would charge if there is no were to run away to)
    We place Animals in situation which are harmfull for their soul and if they react out of instinct and harm a human because of it they get shot. The animal stays the same as before the attack the human changes towards the Animal.
    It is a shamefull thing that human Fun in the Zoo is more a priority then keeping the Animals safe in their encloser!

    1. @Miss Dani- Thank you for your comment. I apologize for not replying sooner, seems I dropped the ball on many replies during this time frame. Your comment is much appreciated! AND well stated. You make the key points. In my opinion it seems that there is more regard when building and securing enclosures placed on keeping the Animals in rather than an equal priority to Keeping Humans out.


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