Friday, October 18, 2013

My Zoo Outtings - Weekly Synopsis 10.18.13

October 18, 2013 - Big Cat Pumpkin Catch!  A collage of photos featuring Jacko Pumpkin Enrichment Toys my friend and I made the Cats in 2010.  Photos of how we were able to make the Animals smile, make me smile :)  ... Zoo will start its Halloween Event tomorrow.

October 17, 2013 - Finally saw the Zoo's new Lemurs :)  ... A Male and Female Red Fronted Brown Lemur have been added to the Collection.  Here one is chasing a Black and White Ruff.

> October 15, 2013 -  I recently posted that our Leanne/Skylar became a Grandma when her Son Jae-Jae fathered a Cub at London Zoo.  Sadly that wonderful news is now heartbreak.  The three week old Cub has tragically passed.  I have shed many tears about this loss.  Its just awful.  So, I won't write anymore, you can read about it here:


  1. I love these collages that you make of seasonal events. it is a very happy thing.

    1. @Michael Groob- Welcome back and thank you for your comment. I apologize for the six month delay in reply, no excuse. I'm glad you enjoy the photos. I love celebrating the Animals and these are times when I try to make it happen using photos I've taken. Part of why I take photos is to share them. I wish I had more time to make them for more than just special occasions!

  2. Its so great to know that the animals are getting enriched.
    On the other hand, its so sad to hear the news about the cub. I keep having the feeling that this could have been prevented. The cub wasn't ready for unsupervised time in the outdoor exhibit...

    1. @ellicruu- Thank you again. I hope you are on an auto alert for replies so that you can see even six months later I'm replying. I feel stupid. ... Those Enrichments were from when my friend Lee and I made Enrichments for the Cats during 2010 They hardly get consistent Enrichment of this type, even on Holidays. :( ... Yes I agree about that Cub. I was very sad to hear this news. Big Fail on the part of London Zoo not draining that pool. ... Since this there has been a new litter born to Jae-Jae and Melati. Three Cubs. I just posted about them getting their names.


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