Thursday, January 30, 2014

Happy Birthday Gladys! - Cincinnati Gorilla Turns One Year Old!

Anyone who knows me or has been reading my Zoo related blogs, know I LOVE Zoo Friend Birthdays and HATE that the San Francisco Zoo doesn't Celebrate or even Recognize them.  

I'm behind on some short items I've wanted to post to my other blog, but I'm doing this timely (and here) as yesterday was the Birthday of Gladys the Gorilla who turned One Year Old, at the Cincinnatti Zoo.  Gladys was born at Gladys Porter Zoo in Texas but moved to CZ to be raised by Human surrogates, and to eventually become part of their Troop, with one of the Females taking over as surrogate Mom :)   That all has happened successfully! .. You can learn more about her here:  I started following her progress soon after her arrival, when I saw her and thought, "Wow, that is the cutest Gorilla Babie I've ever seen!"

Happy First Birthday Gladys!

Cincinnatti Zoo Celebrated Gladys Birthday :)  It was behind the scenes, but at least it was recognized and documented, so it could be shared :)

You can view the video here:

So, SFZoo doesn't do a dang thing for the Zoo Friends on their Birthday, except when it suits their Media needs.  I'm pretty sure the last one was the Polars in 2012.  That said, will they have a Celebration for Jillian the Sumatran Tigers First Birthday February 10th?  <cough, hint>  Her Birth provided them with much Media attention, it will be curious to see what happens when that day rolls around.

As well, our own Gorilla Infant Kabibe will turn One Year Old in July.

I will note that sometimes the Keepers at the Family Farm will Celebrate their Animals Birthdays, with a special treat :) 

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