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My Outtings Synopsis - Saturday December 28, 2013

Synopsis from the blog

> December 28, 2013 -  I take photo's all around the grounds, sometimes not knowing what I'll use them for.  I've had a post for my "long" blog in the works for almost a year, about signs I'd like to see at the Zoo. While going thru my photos from last week, I came across this one and had this thought.  ... FYI this blank board is used for the Zoo Lights even exclusively.  Last yr was the first and its been in storage all year. A waste.  If they need it for this purpose again next year, it wouldn't cost much in $ or energy to make a duplicate and use it as I've got here, which I think is a grand idea!  ... Right now its located in the ideal spot at the Gatehouse (Entry).

> December 27, 2013 - Again I saw Hasani with Little Kabibe :)  Got some decent pix, here is one, more at link :)  ... If you want to catch this action, it seems to be in the late afternoon.  They all go in and then after a bit, Hasani comes running out with the Babie! 

> December 26, 2013 - Our Sukari's GrandCubbies Celebrate their First Birthday this weekend!  Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo values recognizing Birthday's and will not only throw a Party for the Cubs on Sunday, but had a pre-party today!  Two Celebrations!  Check out the link to the photos on the Facebook Page :)  ... I am so happy to know of these beautiful Cubbies because of my research of our Sukari's Family Tree. Watching them grow in photos and video has been wonderful and seeing them big and healthy makes me cry.  Precious babies!
ScreenCap from the link

> December 24, 2013 -  Well, still no mention on the Zoo's Website or FB Page about any Holiday (Toy/Presents) Enrichment for the Animals.  I guess the Polar Bears aren't getting any Snow this year either :( First time in four years.  BUT  they do post that they are having Snow for the Humans at their Zoo Lights event.  :(  FAIL again, doing for Humans and not for the Animals.  While other Zoo's and Animal Facilities gave their Animal Residents Holiday Fun, apparently the San Francisco Zoo did nothing special for theirs.

> December 23, 2013 - Saw Kabibe the Gorilla babie today for the first time!  Adorable :)  The whole Troop was out and keeping close eye on her, especially when Big Brother Hasani snatched her up and made off with her!  He played keep away from the Adults for sometime, but always carrying her securely and stopping to gently handle and hug her :)  He loves his Little Sister!

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