Saturday, January 4, 2014

My Outtings Synopsis - Saturday January 4, 2014

Synopsis from the blog

> January 4, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today! 

Happy 17th Birthday Amanzi!

> January 3, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today!

Happy 16th Birthday Monifa!

> January 1, 2014 -  Happy New Year!  January 1st brings us many Zoo Friend Birthdays!  Per usual the Zoo made no mention of their Special Day :(    ... I didn't have a proper photo of Oliver the Anaconda, but wish him a Happy 17th Birthday!

Happy 43rd Birthday Elly!

Happy 32nd Birthday Sureshot!

Happy 11th Birthday Kiona!

Happy 11th Birthday Kachina!

> December 31, 2013 - My Friend captured this wonderful photo of Lion Couple, Nala and Big at his local Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha.  I love this photo!   Big is not only the Father of our Sukari's GrandCubbies, but he is the Brother from another Litter to our Amanzi, sharing the same Papa.  You can see her in his face so much here :)  ... Make sure to read the Poem he wrote for them :)

Please visit his photostream and see his wonderful Zoo Friends!   

> December 30, 2013 - Finally made it to Zoo Lights tonight.  As expected, not spectacular.  The best thing was not even part of the "lights' display, but this Snowflake projection on the ground near the Aye-Ayes. Another good thing, got to see the Aye-Ayes before the rumored closure of that exhibit.  May be the last time ever to see them.


  1. I'm glad I went and saw the Aye-ayes in November, why is the exhibit being closed?


  2. @ellicruu- Welcome back! I've missed your commenting. Thank you! ... Yes, although unconfirmed, I have heard that they will be closing the exhibit and transfering out the three remaining Aye-Ayes :( as well possibly redoing the exhibit. Too bad, I love being able to see this amazing Animal. I was happy a few yrs ago when they reopened it to Visitors after being closed for so long. Was bummed the Bushbaby was no longer there though. Sadly, I do beleive this rumour because they had concentrated on breeding them and after Sabrina's last birth, the Father Warlock was transfered out as well as Dobey the older Male offspring. Right now the three, Sabrina, her son Ventano, and daughter Tsara are separated as it would be that time in the wild. With no male for breeding, it seems that was the long range plan once getting to this stage? ... I do have a problem with them redoing this area, as well I have heard rumor of many "new" areas that are planned, while current residents still need upgrades. .. Will post update if I hear one.

  3. Thanks for replying, I hope the zoo will keep these amazing endangered lemurs...I believe that all Aye-ayes are owned by Duke University (Duke Lemur Center). Similar to your opinion, I also believe that the zoo needs to prioritize on its current residents, which is unfortunately not going to happen. But I am also intrigued at maybe seeing some new faces when these planned exhibits are underway.

    1. @ellicruu- Thank you again. Can you tell I'm checking every post with comments for missed replies? ... Maybe meant to be, since I haven't checked on the status of the Aye-Ayes since this info. .. I too enjoy seeing new Animals, but admittedly, every time I do, I feel the hit for the Chimps.


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