Sunday, July 23, 2017

Bear Enclosure Renovation Update

I took a video on Friday of the improvements the Zoo has made to the Polar Bear enclosure, for the arrival of the Black Bear Cubs

You will see that three parts of the concrete areas have had dirt added to them and tree branches have been added around the pool and moat walls, I guess to deter them from going on/falling over.  Looks like some of the railings have been replaced, yet no sign of any deterrent for human's hanging over them.

You will see below the Zoo is calling this enclosure Black Bear Bluff.  Huh.  ... As I wrote in my previous post, I sure hope these Bears will eventually be getting a proper home built to live out the next 20-30+ years of their lives.  ... There has been rumor that the Zoo has plans to build a new Polar Bear Enclosure out to the west side of Gorillas. Considering we no longer have Polar Bears, I hope those plans are now on hold until these Bears get a new enclosure.  Giving these babies a home was a wonderful thing.  Hoping they will be done right by for years to come. 

Interesting timing gave me a chuckle.  I finally got my post about the Cubs out on Friday morning, and then the Zoo finally posts about them on their Facebook late that afternoon.  I only look at the Zoo FB and Twitter maybe once a week, sometimes every two weeks, but I checked it out that night since I had a feeling once I did, they were sure to follow.  What were they waiting for?

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