Tuesday, July 25, 2017

I Sure Am Popular! - Membership Crime Update

This could all be uninteresting to the masses, but I need to document certain things, so I'll make it as interesting as possible!

Today's Zoo visit was entertaining.  I spied a Security Guard following me.  The reason I know this is because I rarely see Security, and this guy sat there while I stood watching them build a climbing structure for the Bear Cubs.  So Ridiculous and a waste of time, when Security should be watching for people harassing the Animals and misbehaving, like hanging over the barriers and putting the Animals lives in jeopardy, but oh my bad, more important to tail me.  That said, at least it gives them something to do. Usually they speed by and don't even look at what visitor's are doing.  The last few visits I've seen multiple guards standing around shooting the shit, while someone's hanging over the barrier.  Oh, and I'm being literal on that.  The other day I saw two guards outside the Lion House, yucking it up, and a few minutes later when I walked up the path to Hippo, someone had their kid sitting over the barrier.  

Anyway, I'm sure this could be called harassment since I have done nothing to warrant this, but good on them if they want to follow me.  I'm usually spotting visitors misbehaving, so instead of calling Security and waiting for them to get there (which is often never),  they will be right there with me and I can just point the offenders out to them. 

Speaking of not doing anything to warrant the harassment and denial of Membership, Zoo Management must be working hard to find something to pin on me, whether truth or lie.  I've heard whispers of alleged scenarios involving me.  Apparently I'm becoming quite a Legend!

Maybe I'll use the GoPro as a hidden body cam to document all the action?

Anyway, like in 2011 when I was slandered by San Francisco Zoo Director Peterson,  many there got obsessed with me and what I was doing, saying and posting.  For someone who is not liked by some, they sure are interested in me.  Recently I've been hearing whispers of the same. All I can say is, if the Zoo Staff spent as much energy on important things as it does on me, maybe the Animals would have better Barriers, more Enrichment, and other necessities and the Zoo in general would have less Turmoil and Scandals.

So yeah, entertaining, comical, ridiculous and pathetic.   That's ok.  I just keep on loving the Animals and watching out for them.

Caring about the Animals might be a Crime in the Eyes of the San Francisco Zoo Management, but in My Eyes, its just Doing the Right Thing.


I got home and had a FedEx delivery from the Zoo.  An envelope with my refund check.  Its only been near four months since I paid and almost two months since I requested it.  But hey, par for the course, the Zoo does whatever it wants to maintain its position of dictating all situations.  And, of course there was no letter of reasoning for denying me renewal of my Membership. Didn't expect one, as they don't feel they need to provide that.  They didn't in 2011 and again not now.  Bottom line, it's because they got nothing valid.


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