Saturday, July 15, 2017

No News Update

It may seem like I have dropped the ball on updating about my Membership Crime, I haven't, there is just no news to report.   I still have no Membership in my name and I still continue to visit the Zoo regularly.

I never recieved a responce to my request to have my Membership fees returned via mail along with a detailed letter of reasoning.  One might think, there is no letter because there is no valid (or truthful) reasoning.

Aside from the two weeks following the "denied membership" news, I have visited the Zoo at least a couple times a week.  I had other life stuff to take care of, so took that opportunity those two weeks to do so and avoid any possible drama.  Aside from no Membership, nothing has changed for me.  I'm not conducting myself in any different manner. I haven't done anything wrong. I go there for the Animals.  Visiting them feeds my soul.  When I'm there, I keep an eye on things and if I see something that's not right, I'm gonna speak out about it.  There is nothing wrong with that and anyone who thinks there is, doesn't care about the lives of the Animals that are in the Zoo's care.

I do want to note a few things about behavior, not mine but that of some Staff.  This of course has nothing to do with any Staffer that I know and talk to (they know who they are), but about the Cowards who flip back and forth with their behavior towards me.  When Director Peterson revoked the memberships of myself and my friend Lee in 2011, a very small percentage of Staff still spoke to us afterward.  Most of those who did, I still speak to today and I've always appreciated their support and ability to keep their eyes open despite the adversity they deal with there.   The others treated us like criminals and we were followed while there.  These were people who believe lies, and/or were threatened with termination.  It was interesting, rather disgusting, that once we got our memberships back, there was a complete turn around in behavior towards us.  Its been six years, one would think the added years and my dedication to the Animals would make a difference, it doesn't.  I have again felt the chill by some.
I understand if someone doesn't want to become Tanya's target by associating themselves with the apparent controversy that is Me, but I have a real problem with anyone who works in Animal Care that doesn't put themselves on the line for the Animals in their care.  I am sorta digressing here, but I have heard things that have been upsetting.  I know there are Keepers of strong character, who will stand up for the Animals.  Most recent Dayna, who made the plight of Jesse-Patrick, the young Patas Monkey in her care public.  I will always admire her for that, because I know she made herself vulnerable by doing so.  I know there are Keepers there who did not support her and because of that, I know they would not do the same, and that disturbs me.  That there are Keepers, so afraid to say anything that goes against what management says, that even an Animal's health would be in jeopardy, is a real problem for me.  I find it disturbing and unethical.

I mention the above, because I care about the Animals. That is why I will continue to be a voice for them.  That said, I guess I will continue to be a thorn in Director Peterson's side, because I Advocate for the Animals. Caring shouldn't be a bad thing, but apparently in San Francisco Zoo Management circles it is.  That is the only thing they can pin on me.

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