Saturday, March 17, 2012

Friday March 16, 2012 - Zoo-ing in the Rain pt one

Rainy Days.  Its been two weeks since I went to the Zoo, I just couldn't after all the recent passings of Zoo friends.  I woke up today after having a dream with my Goobie (Bairds Tapir) and Miss Elly (Rhino) and knew today was the day, even though it was raining.  I have missed seeing Goob and knew he wouldn't be out in the rain but wanted to check on him.  I also had made some St Patty's Day items (some for a few Keepers) that I wanted to deliver before the actual day.  They were intended to be pins, but with the rain I decided to make them magnets.  I think they turned out cute!  Of course they would, Mr Seamus on a Shamrock, come on!  :)

Seamus gettin' his green on :)

 Kudu's braving the rain!

 all Sheeps inside!

three Barbados Sheep, Marina in front

 the ladies were very attentive today :)

 here's Miss Hazel and Salsa I believe
(I used to know all the names, and then I brain faded)

 i will get them all down again soon!

 Miss Margy 

 precious smile :)

 this is just too cute :)

 Peaches and Kiwi
(or vise versa)

 all the Goat friends were in the barn too!

got to spend some time with Nutmeg, 
who is now usually in the time out area ;(

 Ulu Bear was sleeping but when I said Hi, she looked up :)

 smiling girl :)

 Jahari the only Big Cat visible

except Sir Rigel who was brave!


  1. Gosh that precious Seamus,lol...LOVE HIM. Looks like all the barnyard friends were snuggly and warm...and of course, adorable. A couple brave cats (big head Jahari and Sir Rigel)*said with love... and that Uls........ she is a happy girl and was esp. comfy. Great photos!!!!

  2. @andiecattt- thankx for the comment, glad you enjoyed the photos! Those Sheeps were cozy, all huddled together with their big coats on! They were swarming around me, I bet if I sat on the ground they would have let me snuggle with them! The goats were cozy too, but they were also noshing about the place :) Uls is a happy girl. I didn't capture it well but when she first woke up she did the footies on the face thing, soooo cute!

  3. I really like the special items you make for the holidays and your tenacity for venturing out the rain. The coast there can get really cold and that is without rain! Looks like some rain is headed my way soon, possibly after four AM -6 GMT.

  4. @Bill- thank you for your comment and sweet words! i like being festive and doing that in a way that celebrates the zoo friends, is my way of honoring them :) glad you like my craft items :) ... yea i left the house and there was no rain, but when i got there,... i won't melt so i forged ahead! :) so far no rain today and there was a call for it both yesterday and today. very windy tho!


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