Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday March 25, 2012 - Happy Birthday Wakoda!

Today was my barnyard boyfriend Wakoda's 11th Birthday!  

I went to the Zoo today just for Wakoda's Birthday :)  I love this guy!  It was supposed to rain, but regardless I would have been there to wish my sweet friend a Happy Birthday!  Lee and I sang Happy Birthday to him :)  I gave him tons of hugs and some treats!   Then, lucky for all, me being there (with my party hat on!) reminded his keeper Tracy (thank you!) that it was his bday and she had the volunteers make Wakoda a cake :) and we all sang Happy Birthday to him!  Wakoda loved his cake and his hugs :)  Glad I could be there to help celebrate and make your day special my sweet friend!  XO!

Check out his Birthday video

Happy Birthday Wakoda!  

Cutest Sheep Ever!

 yum, all done!


  1. I loved being in on the birthday fun for precious Wakoda. He is a great big love bug!!!
    Happy Birthday precious boy and many many many more!!!

  2. @andiecattt- YES it was much fun for all, especially him! He knew it was his day, he was talking alot :) He is lovey dovey :) Just wants to be hugged all the time :) He's a special boy.


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