Friday, March 30, 2012

Tuesday March 27, 2012 - Another Rainy Day

Another Rainy day at the Zoo.  I actually like it because there are less people, and for me seeing less people harassing the Animals makes for a better visit.  There's always going to be something that bothers me, either visitor misbehavior or something zoo management related.  Today was no different.  

The TODAY AT THE ZOO sign at the entrance stated "Animals have access to the inside, due to weather."  Not noting an individual Animal, I would assume that meant all Animals.  Not the case.  I was specifically bothered that Elly, the Black Rhino, who is 41 years old, was stuck outside all day in the rain.  I went by her after 4p and she was eating some acacia and then went over to the door and just stared at it.  Awful.  This is a Senior Animal, who has given the Zoo fourteen babies and they force her out on exhibit all day in the rain.  Complete Disrespect.  I also didn't like seeing the new Peccary girls huddled against the fence in what looked like an attempt to get some shelter from the tree branches above.  These are new Animals, who came from Los Angeles (where it rarely rains) and they were stuck outside in the rain.  When I walked up they moved from the fence and stood about staring towards the door.  Gauhati the Asian Rhino was also stuck outside, and Walter the Stork who I've noted about his lack of shelter, is still of course, without a shelter and left to fend off the cold, wet weather day and night.

Elly "Can I come in now?"

 Peccarries unhuddled

Gauhati looking at the door

 Ulu has access and shelter
She was happily rolling about in her hay :)

Even the Peacocks wanted shelter
This was the third one I saw under a tree


  1. The disrespect is a heartbreaker. Zoo management could care less about shelter or updated enclosures. It was a rainy day, less people, let the animals go inside. (they should always have a choice) but esp in the rain and low visitor count. Why is it that the older the animal gets, the less respect it gets? Elly just lost her mate of many years, would have been nice if she had been able to be inside. Guahati's face tells it all. LET ME IN !!! I see the Peccaries are already getting their turn at the disrespect. NOTE TO ZOO...that train doesnt have to blow it's whistle as soon as it hits their enclosure.

  2. The thing that is most heartbreaking with Elly is her age. She has been a trooper her whole life. Giving so many offspring that not only are some in other Zoo's but some havebeen released into the wild, trying to keep the species population from going extinct. Being a senior, as well YES depressed from missing Gene (I have seen her every visit looking to his area for him, often with her head slumped on the ground), should be the "given" factors, but bottom line, she deserves the option. Good grief until I got Animal Control involved they weren't even oiling her regularly, instead letting her skin get chaulky and develop sores. It does seem some Animals get different treatment. I was pissed to see Goober (Bairds Tapir) "forced" out on exhibit considering his health issues. He should have always had the option to go inside and lay in bed under his heat lamp if he wanted to. When I asked a Keeper about this a couple years ago, I was told to "Tell Management, as they said they wanted him on exhibit at all times." I was appalled by this and damn straight I told Management. They would even leave him out in the rain. An Animal with already compromised health. Disgusting. Do these determinations come from the individual Curators or higher up? I don't know. What I do know is that I complained to Director Peterson everytime I saw Goober out in the rain, and finally he was allowed 24/7 access to his night quarters. What I do know is all these Animals, Tapir, Rhinos, Peccaries are all Hoofstock Animals. Let's not forget the disrespect Tucker (Hippo) got when he first got here. The Hippo, a Hoofstock Animal. I will note that All the Primates and the Polars have constant access to the inside. So, why are some Animals allowed access and others not? ... YES why does the train whistle have to sound only when its near the Animals? Those poor little Peccaries freak out and run about every time they hear it. It was bothersome to the Sea Lions when they first came as well. The Sea Lions are blind, so having a loud sound like that come out of the darkness was probably frightening, but hey, who cares as long as the humans are having a good time and dropping 4 bucks to ride the damn thing, guess that Animals will just have to suffer.


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