Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New Signs

The sign about Wishbone's (Andean Bear) passing is no longer at his old home, which I call the Killer Grotto.  Leaving him to live exclusively on concrete in my opinion, killed him.    There will be no forgiveness to those who allowed this through the last two decades.  In my opinion there will be a special place in Hell for them, after Karma gets them in this life.   That said, this is the new sign:

Before I move on, note that this type of sign should also be at Orkney's (Grey Seal) old home, as people constantly go by there and look in only to see nothing.  There was previously a sign about his passing, but since its been gone, providing the information is better than not.  Likewise with Bubsy's  (Giant Eland) old home.

I knew that in time, there would be a plan to eventually renovate this Grotto as well as the other two Grotto's that Ulu and Pike the Polar Bears live in.  Now, that time for the Killer Grotto, is of course, after it killed Wishbone.   They couldn't have given poor Wishbone the comfort of a natural surface.  Waiting to upgrade this enclosure is a sure slap in his face, but it is a given.  As soon as Wishy passed I had my theory as to what would happen and it seems like its commencing.

I have no idea what the plans are, but I have a post in draft with photos from another Zoo that a friend of mine took that I think would be an ideal way to make the Bear Grotto's optimum in regards to the current structure.  I will post that the post after next.

New signs I'd like to see include this one, which is at Gauhati the Asian Rhino's exhibit, but should also be at each Bear exhibit and the Black Rhino, if not others.  I have posted this before, but for some reason, people continually dangling their legs over and even crossing the barriers in these spots is still not enough for the Zoo to post this sign in those places.  It remains only at the Asian Rhino, a place where I have never seen anyone hop the barrier?   

Also, this sign (below).  Why is it only on the window at the Pied Tamarins?  Regardless of whether they are the shy ones, don't all the Animals deserve to have some peace?  Or are we to assume they like having people banging on the window of their home?  Would Zoo Staffers like to be sleeping near a window, only to have someone bang on the glass?  Hello is there anyone home?  < That was not meant in reference to the banging on the glass, but to the minds of those at the Zoo making decisions.

And, this sign (below).  Ok, I'm on a roll and can't find the photo, but it says 'not to throw stuff into the Sea Lion pool as it can harm them'.  Why is it that almost every enclosure is vulnerable to people throwing/dropping objects into them, yet this sign only appears at the Sea Lions?  I have reported many times, objects I've seen in enclosures AND I have recently heard that the female Snow Leopard may have ingested a foreign object.

Yes, if someone wants to maliciously throw something into an enclosure a sign is not going to stop them.  Yes, not everyone reads the signs.  Yes, not everyone speaks English.  BUT  in my opinion if you have the signage and its at every enclosure, you are at least taking steps to deter some behaviors that not having these reminders all over could have prevented.

ADDED:  And this one.  Why is it only at Sea Lions?  Things get tossed into other exhibits.


  1. I am in complete agreement with you on the signs and poor Wishbone. I tend to really not believe the zoo's "excuse signs"... because they are merely excuses as they appear in my opinion to just make things up as they go. Looking at the sign situation at Wishbone's old grotto, one would wonder why that is the only bear grotto that will be worked on. (how bout the polars?). It also doesnt make sense, don't know what brainiac did this but... Pike has a ramp on one side of her grotto but not the other. If she apparently has issues, she should have a ramp on both sides when she comes and goes. My wife and I bring our grandkids every weekend. We have found that we have learned as we go and it's a wonderful walk early in the morning before it gets too crowded. Ok, off my soapbox. Thank you for your passion and this tremendous blog. Your blog should be required reading for zoo employees and volunteers !!!

  2. @Hal- Thank you for your comment. Nice to hear from you, haven't seen you and your family in so long. I don't get there that early anymore thats prob why! ... You are right, how about the Polar's? In fact until I started blogging about Wishbone and questioned why Pike didn't have equal access to the Meadow, she didn't have it. They say she did , but she didn't. It clear by the fact that they only had the sign in front of Ulu saying if she's not there she's in the Meadow. The newer sign regarding the rotation was put there after my blogging about it. Still there were some days that I even counted out, that the rotation was not in effect. ... Regarding Pike's ramp. I asked about that and was told that they were trying out modifications as she was having some mobility issues associated with age, but that she didn't like the ramp and wouldn't use it. This was when it first went in as I thought the same thing as you. Clearly that is still a curious thing, as she goes to the moats and such. Similarly with Amanzi the Lion. They were taking down shelves in two rooms and I was told it was because of aging mobility issues with her. But, those were the only modifications made and she still has access to the moats and the shelves in the yard. Go figure.


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