Sunday, August 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Goober! - Bairds Tapir Bday!

Goober turns 18 today!
~ August 12 ~

Happy Birthday Goobie!
My Wonderful Friend and Fellow Leo!

You are My Sweet Happy Boy!
I Love You!

Goob gets three Birthday photos since I couldn't decide which was the cutest because they all are!!!  All of which will also adorn my festive wear for Goob's special day!  I will be there to sing you Happy Birthday! my sweet (zoo) boyfriend :)   I hope you get special treats and pats!  You are very special to me!  XO!


  1. Happy Birthday precious Goober!!! You are just the most precious critter at the zoo. I am glad that I was able to share the morning with you and got to sing Happy Birthday on your special day!!! You are adorable!!! I love you Goober and wish you many many many many many many many more birthdays to come!!!

  2. @Lee- Thank you for your comment. I can't believe I missed replying to it! ... It is always bittersweet to see pix of my Goob and seeing this, remembering how happy he was to see us and hear us sing to him, a memory to cherish.

  3. I'm glad I have finally found someone who has as much love for Goober as I do! He was my whole world and meant everything to me. I am sad to say that he passed away exactly two weeks after his birthday. His keeper had alerted me and my mother after a long day at work when we went to see him. I basically couldn't stop crying for a whole week. At least he will live on in our hearts. Rest in peace Goober! I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. Thank you for being there with him just like i was!

  4. @Claire Zoology- Thank you for your comment! My apologies for being tardy in my appreciation. ... I'm so glad to hear from another one of precious Goob's friends! My heart still breaks over losing him. I am tearing up just writing about it. I have to try not to think about him being gone or I will just sob. ... Check out my other posts about Goobie, especially the most recent in which one of my photos of him is featured in World Tapir Days 2013 wall calendar! The honored him by putting him in August, his birth month :) Thank you again for commenting and sharing you love for Goober :)


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