Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Who is the San Francisco Zoo Educating?

I'm once again behind on posts I'd like to do, as thoughts swirl continuous with each Zoo visit.  

The Saturday before last, my visit was very short.  In and out within an hour.  Why?  There were just too many people for me.  That isn't the point of this, I'm glad Zoo attendance is up, hopefully that will mean extra money for the Animals. 

As I zoomed through visiting all the Friends as quickly as possible, I wondered, just Who is the Zoo Educating?

One of the Zoo's Mission Points is Education, yet beyond their advertised efforts, ZooMobile, Summer Nature Trail and Keeper Talks, the short times the ARC is open, and possibly a few others of the like, what efforts does the Zoo Staff make to Educate Visitors daily?

Many of my posts are words in regards to the Misbehavior of Visitors and the lack of Education, either by Staff/Volunteers (Docents) or in the use of more signage.  In my opinion Educating the people who visit the Zoo on how to Respect not only the Animals who live there, but Animals in general, is more important that Educating them on specific species.

I am a daily visitor to areas where Wildlife live.  With each visit, there is always someone acting the fool towards the Animals who live there.   Whether its ignorant (trying to pet a Duck in the Park) or malicious (everything else), its wrong.  

The issue of Mistreating Animals is rampant, not only locally, but globally.  

As I looked around and saw thousands of people that day at the Zoo, I was saddened that the Zoo doesn't make an effort to try and reach the people who visit the Zoo.  That would be some wide- spread outreach of Education on how to treat and share our planet with the other beings who live here.   I thought about all the people annually who could have been Educated.  Huge amount of people = huge amount of missed opportunity to make a difference.

I have posed many ideas about promoting more Education regarding Animal Respect, but there is still nothing more being done.  

This past Sunday, I noted at least six sandwich boards advertising everything from membership to liquor.  

Why can't the Zoo use sandwich boards for Educating messages?

The Oakland Zoo uses them to remind people that the Zoo is home to Animals and should be a peaceful place.  The message on many of their boards is "Quiet Please".  At the San Francisco Zoo people run all over the place screaming.  There is no quiet there, as people stand with their backs to the "Shoosh" signs.  

The San Francisco Zoo needs to adopt this way of using sandwich boards on the paths to Educate people as much as they do to sell liquor and pimp other stuff.  

Sandwich boards at the entry as well as in other areas, should read, "Respect the Animals" and "Animal Exhibits are Quiet Zones".

The San Francisco Zoo needs to step it up and start Educating people as stated in my highlighted paragraph above.  

Protect the Animals that live at our Zoo and others, while planting seeds of Respect for Animals everywhere.

Read more about misbehavior at the Zoo in several blog posts on my blog:

Read more about misbehavior at the Zoo in several blog posts on my blog:

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  1. I couldnt agree more with your words on education and signage. Those sandwich boards that the Oakland Zoo uses are great. You very seldom see docents around these days and when you do, they arent making themselves available for questions, but then again, they hardly ever give the correct info anyway. but.... on weekends when the crowds are higher, several should be on the grounds. There arent many shooshhh signs about to remind people to keep it down. Also, security is usually just in the parking lot. I guess helping someone find a parking space is priority over the safety of visitors and animals. I am handicapped and the spaces are usually taken up by young families that borrow peoples placards. *strollers/kids are not a handicap people. The beer and wine signs have gotten outta hand. I'm not a stuffy person but promoting that shouldnt be a priority.
    The first sign I saw when I went thru the entrance was the beer, wine and bbq sign. Nothing about respecting animals. Ok, I've said enough,lol.... SF ZOO get your priorities straight.


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