Friday, August 10, 2012

RIP Balboa - Barbados Sheep Passes

Forever Loved
Forever Missed

Sadly I learned today that
we lost another precious Zoo Friend.  
Beautiful Balboa passed on Wednesday.
RIP Sweet Precious Girl  XO!

You and your wonderful smile 
will be greatly missed :(

Check back in a few days
I should have her Memorial Video done.


  1. she has the best smile in the whole wide world - rip balboa

  2. @hazel- thank you for your comment. it made the tears stream again. i feel so bad about losing her. and yes she had one of the best smiles. always a happy girl. :(

  3. I have been crying off and on since hearing of this loss yesterday. I loved my precious Balboa so much. She was friendly, beautiful and I bonded with her. I can't even believe she is gone. I'll miss all those nips she'd give me, it was special and silly. I never could figure out why she felt she needed to constantly nip me,lol...she never nipped anyone else,lol.... I love you Balboa and will miss you terribly. That smile of yours will never be replaced. You were one in a trillion. Rip precious baby, tears are flowing again. I love you. I will always love and always miss the best animal panhandler ever!!!

  4. @Lee- Thank you for your comment and sharing what Balboa meant to you. She was a special friend and hard to believe we won't see her smile greeting us anymore. She was the ultimate in silly lol! I loved her and am still shedding tears.

  5. I am stil missing and crying over losing my precious Balboa. I know now that's she is in a safe place with the Barnyarders that have left us. She is smiling that beautiful smile. I will never forget you Balboa.


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