Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Inaugural Zoo Lights - Member Night

Had a great time at this event.  Unfortunately half the event was ruined by the weather.  The rain cleared by showtime, but Entry Village activites were still moved into the Great Hall.   I did hear that a big lighted display in the area by Penguins and Reindeer,  was knocked out of commission but would be in full swing once the rain cleared after Christmas.  
Bummer that the Christmas Tree lights were blown by the storm, I looked forward to seeing it lit as a kick off to this event.  I heard it looked beautiful during the test run.  Hope to see it lit soon and that the Zoo keeps it up even past the duration of this event.
Note the sign.  This was awesome!  The graphics were projected onto a blank white cut out.  There was a whole light show eventually projected as planned on to it.   It was shown initially inside on a screen, but once the mist cleared I was able to video it as it was intended!   I spoke to the guy who made this and donated his time and efforts as he told me "Its for the kids".  I think his name was Justin N.  Thank you, it was wonderful!

But the effort put forth by the decorating Staff deserves a kudo.  Some stuff that was viewable was out (half the Candy Cane Lane) but these awesome Lighted Animal Topiary were beautiful and the handiwork of Staffer Deb Howe.  I missed the Giraffe when I left because it started to rain and I forgot.  Hopefully I'll see the whole event before its run is done and I'll post more photos.
Rhino and Lion :)
I'm not sure what the costumed Christmas Trees did, I dind't see it, but I enjoyed their look and got Santa to pose behind them :)   Also on stage was Bob Weir and Jamie from Mythbusters.  Outside the Great Hall was a gal with live Bats!  They were gorgeous little things.  I love Bats!  Thank you to her for all the info and bringing her little friends out in the rain.   Also to a sweet Staffer (oh yes I did say that!) who gave us some complementry Hot Cocoa :) 
Cocoa in hand we walked up to the Primate Center and perfect timing to see our friend Dave, Keeper of the Squirrel Monkeys.  While chatting with him, his charges were very active and cool to watch as they ran back and forth thru their little heated huts and all you saw was their silohuettes against the orange background!   Check out the video :)
Gotta say, got nothing to complain about :) 
Fun time was had by all!

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