Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Visit December 17, 2012

Jahari heard our voices and looked up to say Hi! 
Hi handsome, nice to see your face!
 Niya sniffing at the "howdy" window as Shastyuh (Tiger) vocalizes in the yard next to her.   This window was boarded up when the Snow Leopards moved in, but was open for Padang and Tony who were great friends :)

Kai having a siesta his holiday decked out shelter :) 
Visit the Kune Kune Pigs at the Farm!

While I was there, the Christmas Tree arrived.  It was still being adjusted as I was leaving.   I'm told its not a living tree :(  Would have been nice considering the Zoo's Mission for Conservation, as Lee pointed out. ...  I love Christmas Trees, but have always hated how they are dressed up fancy, oohed and awwed at,  then raped of its deco's and tossed out to die on a street corner.  Makes me frown.

Well, I guess this is a start.  Interesting timing <grin>, since I had recently posted text and photos about barrier breaching, including this enclosure where the Black Rhinos live. 
Sadly, these signs (three along the Rhino barrier) are too small and are only at this one exhibit, not at the others I documented being breached.  ... It seems like once again I'm running the Zoo, although this time only Semi, since instead of taking things seriously, Management continues to do things half-assed.   But then, they do advertise Mediocrity.


  1. What a cute kitty! He just woke up. That advertisement! What does it mean?

    1. @Photon Capturer- Thank you for your comment. Yea he was snoozing with Amanzi and heard us as we walked up :) So I ran to the fence to get a snap, and thankfully saying hi jarjar kept his attention long enough. ... RIght? that ad is lame. I got to find the other one. I can't see how these ads get people to come to the Zoo. I can think of much better ways. Like showing photos of the Animals getting Enrichment!

  2. great to see a sign, even if it's small. it's a start, anyway!

    and fun pics of jahari and niya :-)

    1. @hazel- Thank you for your comment. Well, let's hope that it is a "start" and we will see better and bigger signs posted thru-out the Zoo at many exhibits, along with behavior guidelines and modified barriers. ... Glad you liked the pix! I was wondering what Niya woudl do with a howdy fence to Shastyuh? I know it was sealed because Rigel had a big problem at first with it.


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