Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Welcome! Three New Additions :)

There have been some new additions to the list of Zoo Friends :)

A few months ago the three Female Chacoan Peccaries got a boyfriend :)   I wanted to make this post with a photo, but I still haven't been able to tell which one he is to accurately capture him  ;(   I can tell you, his name is Habenero!  I got his info when he arrived, so I hope I remember correctly (if not I will update), but I believe he is ten years old and came from the Hogle Zoo.   Hopefully he will be spicing things up and there will be babie peccaries at some point!   Welcome Habenero!

I don't think I did a welcome for the Male Greater Kudu who has been here at least the nine months it takes to gestate a calf, since he is the Father of the next welcome :)   This is Jack!  Jack came to the Zoo from Safari West.

On November 18th a female Greater Kudu gave birth and last Friday it ventured out of the barn for the first time! Yesterday I got some pretty cute captures of the little thing with its Mama and meeting new friends on the Savannah!    Welcome Kudu Calf!

 Babie and Mama
 Meeting a Marabou Stork

 Meeting Bititi the Giraffe


  1. baby peccaries would be so much fun! i do hope habanero gets along well with them - and what a cute name. makes me smile.

    thanks for posting the pics of the new addition - what a cutie! great pics of this new little one meeting the giraffe and stork - very sweet :-)

    1. @hazel- Thank you for your comment. Habanero is a cute name. Hopefully he will get to keep it! ... glad you liked the pix. i like them too :) lucky to catch these interactions!


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