Tuesday, December 25, 2012

News Article - Looking Back at Tiger Event Christmas 2007

I woke up this morning to this article via a Google News Alert email.
I commented on the ABC site:  (Note that my comment was split into parts and ABC deleted all but the first part.  So I requested them delete the full post, since I find censoring public News forums in violation of the Constitution.)
As someone who is a frequent Zoo Visitor I remember this day well.  I was there.  Unfortunately not at the right time, as maybe I'd have seen the Dahliwals taunting the Animals and I would have said something that might have made them stop before this tragedy they allegedly caused.  I went a if route that day and was there earlier, possibly capturing the last photo of Tatiana at 2:48pm.  Happy and lounging in the sun with her companion Tony.  .. Yes the Zoo made changes to the Big Cat Grottos, but there is no such sign to not taunt the Tigers.  As well there are many other exhibits that leave the Animals vulnerable to Visitor harassment and stupidity, the later which could result in an event much like the one last month at the Pittsburgh Zoo.  In my opinion, the SFZoo and Zoo's in general have not made any changes in the past five years that keep up with the mounting acts of misbehavior of Visitors. 
Additionally, I will say in referenece to what is reported in this article, there are no specific signs that say not to taunt the Tigers.  In fact I recently witnessed a kid about to throw objects at one of the Tigers.  There are generic signs that request Visitors "Respect the Animals".   Althought these signs have become more plentiful, they are still not enough both in quantity and in words.  Visitor misbehavior is rampant, both in harassing the Animals and breaching barriers. 
As well, to my knowledge the only tribute to Tatiana at the Zoo is a bench that sits in front of the grotto she shared with her companion Tony.  The bench was purchased by a small group of her friends who were heartbroken that she lost her life defending her home and companion, because of alleged, yet apparent Visitor misbehavior.   That said, neither of the bronze statues at the entrance, are not of Tatiana, they are not even of Tigers.   I'd like to know where this rumor got started, as I've heard this before.  Writers these days do not seem to do any investigative reporting.
There's more I could say but won't.  Its Christmas and I'm sure there are innocent people who were affected by the acts of these three boys. 
RIP Tatiana
December 25, 2007  2:48pm
Two hours later Tatiana was dead.   Remember when visiting any Zoo, Act with Empathy.  Do not harrass, heckle, throw stuff at, mimic, or otherwise taunt that Beings that live there in captivity so that we can enjoy their beauty and learn about them.  As well, please report any misbehavior you witness and if you are able to, tell people yourself not to behave in such a way.  You might save a life.  There was reportedly a woman who saw the Dahliwals harrassing the Lions prior to the Tigers.   Tatiana might still be alive if she had reported this.


  1. Agreed!! (To all of it.) Poor precious Tatiana. :( We miss you!

    1. @divanicachica- Thank you for your comment and support in regards to this. She surely is missed and mostly by poor Tony, who had his spirit trampled when he lost her. It aged him prematurly. Hopefully they are together and enjoying the afterlife with Emily (Tony's sister) and Padang!

  2. Even though I am from out of town, I had been to the San Francisco Zoo and knew who Tatiana was and had seen her being fed so it was shocking to hear about the attack. It still saddens me.
    When I am at the zoos, I am sensitive to the other animal's moods and behaviours. I don't linger too long with the camera if it appears that it is upsetting to them. I am in their home, visiting. As anthropomorphical as that may sound, that is the consideration I give to them.

    1. @Photon Capturer- Thank you for your comment and compassion for Animals in general and your sensitivity to those in captivity. I think the word "anthropomorphical" (ect) are used by people without empathy for animals and should never be used by Animal Care Professionals. Sadly the Primate and Carnivore Curator once used this in conversation with me and I thought it was awful.

  3. The sting of that night five years ago still haunts me. A beautiful Tiger that I knew lost her life because of punks hopped up on booze and drugs. A big part of the problem is that no one speaks up. It was reported that people saw the taunting going on but didnt report a thing. People still misbehave at the zoo, not quite to that extreme and security turns a blind eye to it still. I went to one of Tatiana's memorials and it was beautiful. We held candles and quietly shared our thoughts. Some lady came up to us and started yelling "what about that boy". We just told her to move on and have her own for him because we were here for Tatiana. I remember a police officer coming by and sharing her thoughts on losing this beautiful animal. I don't know what it takes to get the zoo to put up and enforce signs. I don't know what it takes for security and other zoo employees to speak up when they see taunting going on. Beautiful Tatiana, may you rest in peace. You were truly a beautiful girl. I know you are with your precious companion Tony now. I love you and will never forget you.

    1. @Lee- Thank you for your comment and sharing your wrods about Tatiana. They made me tear up. I remember coming home at near 6p and turning on the TV and the news was on. I immediately thought it was due to Visitors misbehaving. AND at that time I wasn't as regular a Visitor as I became post that. I still knew she didn't just up and jump out. There were things left out of the report. Everyone knew that. It sickened me that she became the Villan. It sickened me it took three years to prove the wrong. Another thng about the initial news story was that they said they didn't know if more Tigers were loose. That was curious, since they could go in the Lion House and count them, but then I found out they have access to yards at night. That said, in 2007 the SFZoo did not have any outdoor emergency lighting. Approaching 2013, the SFZoo still has no outdoor emergency lighting. Things may never change, until its too late.

    2. Sylvia Stewart
      Former Head Elephant Keeper
      San Francisco Zoo
      Nursery Herd of Mae, Penny, Tinkerbelle, Taji

      Hello my wonderful zoo goer.
      I discovered your blog yesterday. Wonderful read.
      I must add the info....Tatiana was being systematically starved by the vet, plus Monday fasting day. This info was made known on the radio by investigative reporter. The lion house was created for lions...not tigers, this is why it is called the lion house.frantic for food." Tatiana grabbed a keeper's arm because she was being tortured with hunger by the vet. The keepers wrote reports, "frantic for food." The vet said that she liked the cats to be eager eaters. Sit back a ponder....DAMAGE CONTROL
      The AZA jumped all over this with ,"It was the evil boys, we the AZA and zoo are not to blame. (will put this through as a test)

    3. Sylvia Stewart
      Former Keeper
      San Francisco Zoo

      anthropomorphic is a word made up by animal exploiters and put with authority into our collective consciousness.
      I am so pleased @Photon Capturer- that you are respectful If you go to other zoos please red chapter 6 in the Elephant Foot Book. Google Carol Buckley Natural Habitat Husbandry techniques. Ask why the zoo is not using it.
      Back to S F Zoo and the PATTERN OF SYSTEMATIC STARVATION. This zoo has a very "dark cloud" over it. I first discovered this "energy" 1974 when the keeper was starving the wolves. I fed them and got it stopped. It then showed up with the sea lions, a Kudo died with rocks in it's stomach...no food...the musk ox and rhino, then baby orangs, we got a letter from Galdikas stating so and then the elephants.
      When you hear damage control always look for something behind it.. Our tiger had TWO STRESSES... Zoo management and AZA tiger species manager neglect and no zoo security. In the 80's I prayed on the steps of city hall for zoo security.
      Please look at your self as a light worker in a dark energy place. Keep going and light up our zoo.
      You have me working on a project for the chimps...Mr. Cobb and the Ladies. I worked for them for a while. They are very beautiful people and were always protective and kind to me. I was Maggie's pet.
      Will keep you posted and will be asking for help. Remember the qjuot from Captain Watson Sea Sheperd, "My greatest fear is doing nothing."

    4. @Sylvia- Thank you for your comment and insight. I have heard this theory about the under feeding of the big cats, but have not had anyone who works there, come right out and say such. AND there was a time I was friendly with a Keeper who was there at the time, although I didn't know her or any other staffers at that time. I got to know staffers about mid 2008. ... Everything there is damage control, I learned that when I became their scapegoat. AND its evident since then with all the threats and hush hush so to keep info close to vest and not within my ear range. This all said, whether or not Tatiana was hungry at the time, I do not think her rampage was hunger based, as she didn't eat any meat, and went after those boys specifically, by passing other staff members. ... If you are interested in communicating more, I'd really appreciate more of your insight. You can contact me via the link in the about me area. Cheers!

  4. Sylvia Stewart
    Former Keeper
    San Francisco Zoo

    I did not say hunger based and she was not on a rampage. I want you to study the investigative report ...google was tiger frantic for food. Relax my beloved zoogoer, breath, put on soft music, protect your BP as I have to protect mine. Say a prayer of connecting with Titiana and the 17 year old boy...... for their contract in this life was made to uplift our collective consciousness.
    I want you to look at the deeper truth of this situation:
    would you like zero tolerance of taunting in your zoo and have it become a beacon of light , a shining example to the rest of the world?
    Our Beloved Planet has now moved us into Forth Density...Dec 21 2012. We now have great energy to work to clean up the mess we made in Third Density. Study Google Mathews Messages.

    google systematic starvation.
    You will see this violence has been carried out all over our planet. This pattern must be cleared at the zoo. In my files I have several documents that this pattern has been done to. All crazy reasons that make no sense.
    Got to get to work


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